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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Closet Case: Glamorous Dressing Rooms

closet jenna lyons

{Jenna Lyons’ Covetable Dressing Room}

I think that everyone woman dreams of having not just a closet, but a glamorous dressing room. I am fortunate in that my husband and I have separate walk-in closets, but a little part of me dreams of having an entire room to convert into a dressing room. It would have wood floors, a graphic rug, a couple of pretty setees, a glamorous chandelier, and of course, some fabulous mirrors. It would be fun to style it like a boutique, much like the bananas amazing dressing room of J.Crew Creative Director, Jenna Lyons, whose home was featured in Domino.

Now clearly, I know that there are much more pressing issues in the world than creating glamorous dressing rooms rather than utilitarian closets. They are a complete luxury and as such, are fun to look at and dream about for a little while. So please think of this post as your dose of eye candy for the day!

katie lee joel t&c3

Katie Lee’s (I think she’s dropped Joel now) beautiful dressing room was featured in Town & Country a couple of years ago. It was part of the gorgeous Greenwich Village townhouse that Nate Berkus designed for her to use while she was in the city. To this day, that house is one of my all-time favorites. The dressing room is nothing short of spectacular and was painted with gold leaf!katie lee joel t&c2

{Katie Lee’s Dressing Room}

closet jonathan adler

{Nanette Lepore’s Eclectic Dressing Room Designed by Jonathan Adler}closet elle decor may 092 {The sheer architecture of this room is truly beautiful. The turquoise Kelly bag is pretty darn fabulous, too! Image Credit: ELLE DECOR May 2009}

closet domino6 laura vinroot poole so haute

{The Dressing Room of Designer Laura Vinroot Poole as featured in Domino

Image via So Haute}

closet domino5 {Another Look at Poole’s Dressing Room}

closet domino3

{I love the tufted ottoman, gilded mirror, and boutique style of this dressing room.

Image Credit: Domino}

closet domino2

{This space looks equally romantic and inspiring. Image Credit: Domino}

closet domino{I like that the majority of the clothes are hidden away in this dressing room. The window bench makes for a great place to pull your boots over your skinny jeans! Image Credit: Domino}

ellen rakieten2

{I featured this amazing dressing room in a post about Elle Rakieten’s gorgeous home last week. I think this room and Jenna Lyons’ are tied for my favorite!  Image Credit: William Waldron for ELLE DECOR}

Nicky Hilton

{We’ve all seen beaucoups of celebrity closet posts over the years, so I chose to leave those out, but I couldn’t resist posting Nicky Hilton’s. First things first, that door is fabulous! I love the regency look as well as the sharp contrast between the black door and dark floors with the white built-ins. Image Credit: InStyle}


By the way, I am guest blogging over on Peppermint Bliss today about my inspiration for Spring and my first post as a Contributing Editor for Circa Lighting is also up now so please stop by if you have a moment. Merci!


Nicki's Notebook said...

oh so gorgeous. this would be the ultimate present to myself - i have always dreamt of having a luxurious, big closet.


great post!


Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

simply heaven!


Averill said...

I actually really like Nikki Hilton's entire pad (which totally shocked me, I'll admit).

I'm currently sharing my closet with Dave and I definitely need to get some extra shelving in ASAP! Once that happens, maybe I'll consider switching out the lighting (we have horrendous, very office-y flourescents in there).

Embodying Fashion said...

I adore that boutique style dressing room with gilded mirror. Amazing post!

Rachel said...

oh i need a dressing room soo badly
i have a 6ft recessed nook in my bedroom (an old victorian turned into a duplex apt., its awesome!)
anyway right now its functioning as an office space, but who needs an office when i could have a vanity and little dressing area there. :)
love all your gorgeous postings.

Unknown said...

So flippin' gorgeous!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Any ideas or pics for jewelry organizers! There's mini-dresser in one of Laura V's pics. I wonder where she got it from?

Susie @ Maddie G Designs said...

With everything going on in the is nice to have something to dream about. I am with you on Katie Lee's room....TO DIE FOR.

/carolyng said...

Yes, Elle Rakieten's dressing room should be mine. In fact, I should look like her, too....definately dreaming....

Jennifer H. said...

Jenna Lyons is definitely my fav. But I love all of the pictures!! Inspires me to get a little more creative with the small space I have...

Unknown said...

Obsessed with that Katie Lee closet!

a blonde and a brunette said...

oh wow, what beautiful closets, shoes, jewelry - amazing post, love it!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

I have a soft spot for the orange hermes boxes I must admit. These are all dreamy

Celeste said...

Alright, I absolutely cannot live another day without my own dressing room. Perhaps I'll renovate the kitchen; I never use it anyway!

That Girl in Pearls said...

I've been drooling over Jenna Lyon's dressing room ever since I saw featured in Domino. Nicky Hilton didn't do too bad either! Wow!


LiveLikeYou said...

Most people like to hang out in the kitchen I prefer the closet. I'd much rather organize my clothes than clean up the kitchen!!

Emily A. Clark said...

That gold closet is pretty amazing; although I'm not sure I would be willing to marry Billy Joel to get it :)

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll!

coolpillow1111 said...

Glad Katie Lee dropped the Joel- and hope it was part of the divorce settlement.

That's the only reason you'll see her golden closet - or anything else.
She's a gold digger.
Wonder who her next prey will be?

Now that she's "out of the closet" -I'm sure all OTHER rich men will have second thoughts about hooking up with her and her Loganburgers.

saint honoré home said...

i prefer to hang out in the closet as well;) and i love that first image of jenna lyon's closet - it's simplicity is perfection.

Unknown said...

so gorgeous. thank you for the eye candy!

One Fifth Avenue Princess said...

amazing...i luv closets