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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do Tell: What is your favorite flower?

flowers polly wreford

This week, I’d like to know which bloom is your favorite. I like many different types of flowers, depending on my mood. I adore white hydrangeas, brightly colored roses, orchids, tulips, but my absolute favorite flowers in the world are pink peonies. What is your favorite flower?

Sponsor Spotlight: La Nova Tile


{Residential Project by La Nova Tile}

La Nova Tile is Houston’s premiere source for mid to high end contemporary porcelain tile and natural stone including Tiger Travertine and two types of Carrara Marble. Founded by Erick Calderon and his father in 2003 after seeing a void in the American market after a visit to Spain where the majority of their inventory is manufactured. They carry a large inventory, most of which are available for same day delivery. La Nova Tile prides itself in excellent customer service and attention to detail. Specializing in both commercial and residential projects, La Nova works closely with architects and designers until each project is completed.Through their innovative techniques, vast assortment of Spanish and Italian tile selections and sustainable practices, La Nova has proven to be on the cutting edge of tile design. To learn more about La Nova Tile, be sure to visit their website and check out their digital brochure (take a look at their Amazzon Series Flooring on pg. 4- I’d like that in my home!).


{La Nova Tile’s Showroom}


{Commercial Project: Restaurant and Houston Hot-Spot, RDG + Bar Annie}


{Residential Project- Isn’t the fireplace amazing?}


{A Beautiful Backsplash in another Residential Project}

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Metropolitan Home: Design 100

Design 100 cover

{Photo by Linda O’Keefe}

Filipacchi Publishing was kind enough to send me a copy of one of their newest titles, Design 100: The Last Word on Modern Interiors by Michael Lassell. The book reads as somewhat of an anthology of the best interiors featured in Metropolitan Home. The book features interiors designed by Kelly Hoppen, Vicente Wolf, Jonathan Adler and Jamie Drake, homes designed by accomplished architects like Hugh Newell Jacobsen, Steven Shortridge and Maya Lin and photographs by renowned photographers like Nathan Kirkman, Armando Bertacchi and High Gloss favorites, Grey Crawford and Jack Thompson.

HK2091 P004

Although the title includes the word “modern”, the spaces featured in this wonderful book are anything but stark. The homes featured in Design 100 run the gamut from true contemporary and sophisticated European to glamorous rooms and crisp projects that highlight the unique architecture of the home. There were so many pleasant surprises for me within this lovely design tome- unexpected spaces, rooms that I remembered loving in the dearly departed Metropolitan Home and the work of some of my favorite designers, architects and photographers. All in all, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who was a fan of Metropolitan Home and appreciates modern design.


{Photo by Erik Johnson}


{Photo by Armando Bertacchi}


{Photo by Sara Essex}


{Photo by Nathan Kirkman}

Love it or Leave it: Imperial Trellis

{Blount Design}

Last week, I introduced a new feature, “Love it or Leave it?” in which we discuss whether a particular ubiqutous item has achieved its popularity because it is a classic or because it is on-trend. Either way, I ask you to decide whether you love and embrace the look or if you’d prefer to see it go away all together. Last week, we discussed bone in-laid pieces and the overall verdict was that it is a classic look that we want to see more of.

Today, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Kelly Wearstler’s iconic Imperial Trellis pattern, available as both fabric and wallpaper. The pattern has been exceedingly popular over the past three or four years. In fact, I even have it in my home. Imperial Trellis has been loved by bloggers and blog readers alike in its many colorways. The pattern has even spawned quite a few look-alikes. It makes a very bold statement and features a whimsical geometric pattern. I can’t help but wonder…have we seen enough of it? What’s your take on Imperial Trellis…love it or leave it? Like last week, I will share my opinion in the comments section later on.Kate Spade Green in Imperial Trellis

{Canadian House and Home}

domino trellis2


{Jennifer Dyer}

kwid rug

{Kelley Wearstler}


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Honey, I’m Home: The Study

7512 creekwood library

Yesterday, I posted about this amazing home that I recently fell in love with while browsing the Houston real estate listings. The home is gorgeous without anything in it, but I felt so inspired by the space, that I decided to create some design boards for each of the rooms. You know, since I can’t actually buy the house and move in. A girl can dream, right? Needless to say, the bones of the home are conducive to a variety of styles, but I would definitely decorate it with a touch of glamour. First up, my plan for the study.

creekwood study

creekwood office

{Clockwise from Top: Devon Mirror from Z Gallerie, Ruhlmann Sconces from Circa Lighting, Sophia Sofa from Z Gallerie, Ikat Pillows from Madeline Weinrib, Stone Bolster Pillow from Jayson Home & Garden, Small Mykonos Chandelier from Circa Lighting, Cotton Steel Brooke Rug from Madeline Weinrib, Chinese Chippendale Chairs from Wisteria, Cococozy Cane Throw, Kate Lamp from Circa Lighting, Jett Desk by Z Gallerie, Eddie Chair from Z Gallerie}

I work from home and my husband is very kind and generous, so naturally, the study in “our home” would be mine and it would have a decidedly feminine feel. I adore the woodwork in this space. The paneling and built-ins are so beautiful and the walls of windows make the space feel so large and light, though it does limit how much you can hang on the walls. Speaking of the walls, I love the paint color chosen by the window. It is such a creamy, light taupe.

The first order of business for me was finding a modern sunburst mirror to hang above the fire place. Then I moved on to a desk. I knew I wanted something white and fairly simple. After that, I knew I wanted to incorporate some color and found this amazing peacock blue chair from Z Gallerie, which I would swathe with the cane printed throw from Cococozy. By the way, Coco was sweet enough to send me the same throw in navy and I LOVE it. The quality is amazing and it’s reversible. On the other side of the desk, I would add a pair of black lacquered Chippendale chairs.The sofa is both modern and glamorous, but I like that it has sharper lines, lending a bit of a masculine sensibility to the room. It would go on the right side, between the desk in front of the fireplace and the wall of windows. The rug and ikat pillow are both from Madeline Weinrib. Next, I felt that the room needed a little more sparkle, so I added the bolster pillow from Jayson Home and Garden. Lastly, I added the jewelry of the room: the lighting. I knew I wanted something warm, so I decided on antique, hand-rubbed brass for my fixtures, all of which are decidedly glamorous, wouldn’t you say? The sconces would go above the fireplace on either side of the mirror. I would fill the bookshelves with art and design books along with fun accessories like agate bookends.

creekwood accessories2

creekwood accessories

{Clockwise from Top: Dabney Lee Desk Accessories, Eduardo Garza Rose Quartz Bookends, Vogue March 2010 Contributors by Lauren DiCioccio, Louis the Third by Jessica Snow, Tini Table by Oomph, Hermes Boule Clock, Iomoi Sandy Cay Paperweights, Matador Print by Happy Menocal}

At the risk of tooting my own horn, I have to say that I love the way my design board turned out for this space. It has the perfect balance of masculine and feminine shapes, just enough color and glamour for days. If only I could move in!

Dream Home: Peppermint Bliss

You guys may know Bailey, of the blog Peppermint Bliss for her fabulous taste or for hilarious sense of humor. You may have even seen her beautiful Chicago home, aptly named, “Clifford, The Big Red House” in the newest issue of Rue. Regardless of how you know her, chances are, you probably love Bailey as much as I do. Her dream home is a mix of traditional, classic design and a few eccentricities, natch.bailey blog

When it came time to do my dream home post I was at a loss. I have quite an array of diversified dreams and lifestyles I have designed a home in my mind for and choosing just one to declare unto the universe and internet world was daunting. But then I submitted to the unbelievably powerful nesting desire coursing through my preggo veins, and so here is my dream perfect family home.

First of all, it must be white.

And dripping with homey charm.

I love the formal layout of more traditional homes-

Where you walk in the front door and have a proper entry hall.

With a formal living room to one side...

Via Miles Redd

And a dining room to the other.

Via Sara Gilbane

But then in the back I would love a more open kitchen,

Family room situation.

(Tory Burch's has always been a favorite, love those bright colors for les bebes.)

You know, business in the front... in the back.

Basically mine would be the mullet of dream homes.

via The Zhush

And I am completely ok with that.

I would also enjoy several bonus rooms.

Like a man study for The Man.

And a lady study for myself.

I would want our master bedroom to be many things.


A calming sleep factory.





Our bathroom would be white marbly bliss.

With a tub I could lounge 'till I'm pruney. And would be attached to my gold walk in closet.


I'd give Pete a closet too, I am very generous like that.

I would also need some rooms for the millions of adorable babies I plan to birth.

First for the petite lady nugget in my tummy right now.

And gentlemen babies as well.

I might even give the babies their own playroom, because, you know. Bailey The Magnanimous.

Then i would like a charming vegetable garden to feed my brood.

A fire pit for pow wows.

And a magical pool oasis for Momma and her Margaritas.

It's good to have dreams. It's important. Oprah told me that when I speak my dreams, so they will be. So look for me, coming soon to the most charming house in a neighborhood near you. If your neighborhood has perfect weather year round because I am O-V-E-R this nonsense, Chicago. Done.

Thank you Paloma for giving me the opportunity to indulge my fantasies. Hope y'all liked it!