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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We’re off to Barcelona!

blogger vacation

Fabian and I are off to Barcelona for a week to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary! We are so excited to explore a new city and to get a little rest and relaxation in. I’m sure I will have lots of exciting things to share with you once we get back. In the meantime, I am leaving you in very good hands. I have some fabulous girls guest blogging on La Dolce Vita while I am away and they have some fantastic posts in store for you. ¡Hasta pronto!

Spanish Style: Sfera


{A Chic Look for Going Out}

As excited as I am to explore the beautiful city of Barcelona along with its architectural masterpieces and artistic treasures, I must admit that I am just as excited to do some shopping at some of my favorite Spanish stores. One of my favorite discoveries on my last trip to Spain was Sfera. It’s similar to Zara in that it covers all of the current trends and if I recall correctly, it’s even more affordable, while the quality is pretty great. Like Zara, they carry items for women, men, and children. I was perusing their website to see what they currently have in store and came across these fabulous looks.


{I love this flirty skirt and the great shape of the blazer, which, let’s be honest, I would be more likely to wear than the fun skirt!}


{Imagine all of the ways that you could wear this dress! It’s the perfect canvas for fun accessories.}


{A Pretty, Feminine Summer Dress}


{I love the tailoring on this trench. Very chic!}

 sfera collection3

{These last three looks are from Sfera’s “Collection”, which I assume are a little more high-end. The model reminds me a bit of Tilda Swinton here.}

sfera collection

{Another Great Trench and a Lovely, Draped Skirt}

sfera collection2

{I love these pieces, though I probably wouldn’t wear the shorts. The jacket has a fabulous Chanel vibe, the striped tee is a classic, summer staple, and who doesn’t love a nice ballerina flat?}


Image Credit: Sfera

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Season 2 of Man Shop Globe Starts Tomorrow!

Have you ever wondered where the unique and inspiring home furnishings and accessories at Anthropologie come from? I’m sure that many of you watched the first season of Man Shops Globe last year, in which Anthropologie’s Buyer-At-Large, Keith Johnson travels the world in search of new finds to bring back to the Anthropolgie stores. It is fascinating to see where things originate from, where he finds his inspiration, and how some items evolve from the original prototype to what we find in the stores. Man Shops Globe returns with its second season on the Sundance Channel tomorrow evening. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek!

10 Things I Can’t Live Without: Brooke Giannetti of Velvet and Linen

In addition to writing the beautiful and inspiring Velvet and Linen blog, Brooke Giannetti also works as an interior designer. Her soft aesthetic and immense talent have produced some incredible interiors. Brooke and her architect husband, Steve are the proprietors of Giannetti Home. Can you imagine having all of that talent in one family? Their style is classic, quintessential California living, beautiful, elegant, and inviting. I think Nancy Meyers should seriously consider giving the Giannettis a call for her next movie! Their interiors would be perfect!


Family: I know this is obvious, but having  children was the best thing I ever did. Having a family has made me a better person and designer. No one understands how to design a family home more than a parent!


 Kitchen Gardens: This is the latest addition to my list. A couple of months ago we decided to pull out all of the grass in our front yard and replace it with a kitchen garden. It's a delicious project that our entire family is enjoying. It's amazing to see how much it has grown in just a couple of months.


 Time with Steve: Whether we are in Venice Italy or  we are designing a home together, I cherish my time alone with Steve.


Morning Walks with Steve and the Pups: Frasier and Bebe definitely look too comfortable for a walk in this picture, but as soon as I say "let's go for a walk" they are running toward the door.  I've taken walks every morning for more than 20 years rain or shine. I used to walk alone with my music, but now Steve and the pups join me. It's a wonderful way to connect before the craziness of the day begins. It also makes me feel good that I have done at least one healthy thing for myself during the day!

6a00e554d7b82788330133f1db2879970b-500wi[1] Home: Some people are nomads and feel no need to have roots. I'm the opposite. My home is definitely my nest. It's also my design laboratory where I can experiment with different design ideas like using wood floors in my bathroom and kitchen (which look great even after 8 years).



and having windows behind my stove...


Most importantly I couldn't imagine living without a place for my family to feel comfortable and to create wonderful memories together. I couldn't live without this, and I am grateful to be blessed with a beautiful home.

6a00e554d7b827883301348502ad9d970c-500wi[2] Fantastic Colleagues and Clients: When designing, I love collaborating with other creative people. Without amazing clients and the help of our design team: Jessica, Lisa, Ryan and Rosy (pictured above) and Gwendolyn (a fantastic new member to our team!) , my Design Online Design Team, Angela and Jon, and…


…Kelly and Kate helping out at the store, Steve and I wouldn't be able to do what we do!

6a00e554d7b82788330133f1db3ed9970b-500wi[1] Steve and I had so much fun designing this home with our clients. I can't imagine living without the opportunity to design and create!


Design Blogger Friendship and Inspiration: Design blogs have changed my life. I know I could live without them, but the inspiration and the friendships that I have developed over the past two years have added so much pleasure to my life.

When I'm in need of some design inspiration I hop on my computer and visit Greet at Belgian Pearls (her library, above, is stunning!)....

6a00e554d7b827883301348502be5b970c-500wi[1] or Joni at Cote de Texas (her latest project, above, was just beautiful!)....

6a00e554d7b82788330133f1dd4ddf970b-500wi[1] or Lauren at Pure Style Home. I love the freshness of her designs!  As you know, there are so many inspiration filled design blogs out there, and I couldn't imagine a life without them!

6a00e554d7b827883301348502fa3a970c-500wi[1] A Beautiful Place to Work: Although I have a wonderful workspace at Giannetti Home, I also do a great deal of work at home. I used to work at this small desk in my kitchen.  Although it was a pretty space, it was too cramped, and I hated facing the wall.


About six months ago I moved my office to the sunroom. This location still allows me to be in the main part of the house so the kids can find me, but now my office is spacious! My desk is large enough to spread out all of my paperwork, and I have my huge cabinet for storage. I also get to look out at my back yard instead of looking at a wall. Because I spend so much time at my desk, this change has improved the quality of my life tremendously.


Time to Relax: Between the demands of three kids, a design business, a store, and a blog, my life is pretty hectic, but I have found that it's important to carve a little time out each week to be quiet. I've tried to create places in our home to just sit, relax and appreciate the blessings in my life.


Gratitude: This one is connected to "Time to Relax". In order to appreciate my life I think it's important to always be grateful.

Speaking of gratitude, I want to thank Paloma for asking me to do this post. It was actually a great experience to take some time to think about what I really couldn't live without!



Monday, June 28, 2010

Domino is back!!

domino_convex {Tori Mellott’s Apartment}

I am elated to share the news that our beloved Domino Magazine is back! Though it won’t be in the way we may have all hoped, I just heard through ShelterPop that has acquired all of Domino’s archives and they will all be available online! What do you think? Is it better to have Domino back in some capacity or should they have just let it rest?

This Week’s Quote

peonies design lovely

 emerson travel quote


Image Credit: Design Lovely via Mary Ruffle

Friday, June 25, 2010

Barcelona Recommendations

Fabian and I will be heading to Barcelona next Wednesday to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. We are both super excited and I can’t wait to share Spain with my husband since he has never been. I have been doing a lot of research and think we have most of the big sights covered.  I know that we’ll visit Gaudí’s masterpieces, Sagrada Familia, Guell Park, and La Pedrera or Casa Batlló followed by shopping on the Passeig de Gracia. We’ll spend some time wandering the Gothic Quarter and visit the Picasso Museum. We’ll of course, visit La Boquería Market and ramble on Las Ramblas. Then, we’ll head up to Montjuic to check out the wonderful views and the fountains that everyone is crazy about.

We have selected a Lázaro Rosa Violán-designed hotel, naturally, but I would love any suggestions you might have regarding restaurants, shops, sightseeing, as well as any tips you might have on day trips. When we were in London last September, I had a couple of day trip options planned, but we loved the city so much that we didn’t want to leave. I have a feeling that this might happen to us in Barcelona as well, but I would like to have some options in case we decide to explore another town for the day. Has anyone been to Montserrat, Sitges, Figueres, or Zaragoza? Which would you most recommend for a day trip? Thank you!!

Fabulous Room Friday 06.25.10

estudio lazaro2

{Violán’s gorgeous kitchen features a vast island, chevron-patterned wood floors original to the building, and a beautiful, antique Chinese screen. Everything is so different, but it works together beautifully.}

In honor of our trip to Barcelona next week, today’s “Fabulous Room” features the gorgeous kitchen and dining room of one of my favorite interior designers, Lázaro Rosa Violán, whose 6,2000 square foot house/studio houses these amazing spaces. Technically, they are two separate rooms, but the kitchen opens onto the dining room. Violan’s gift of being an urban archaeologist of sorts, is evidenced in his amazing, eclectic work. I am beyond excited to be staying in a hotel that he designed and look forward to visiting more of his projects while I am in Barcelona.

estudio lazaro {The dining room is separated from the kitchen with French doors that were salvaged from the Ritz Hotel in Barcelona. Violán designed the beautiful white leather chairs and has used them in several of the restaurants he has designed. Notice the Picasso on the mantel and the extraordinary Murano glass chandelier. I love the unexpected whimsy that the floral rug adds.}

estudio lazaro3

{Violán and his beloved dog, Bosco show the rooms off from a different angle. Aren’t the doors magnificent?}


To see more of Violán’s amazing work, click here.


Image Credit: AD España and Woman Magazine

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Style Files: Melissa Warner

{The Lovely and Stylish Melissa Warner}

As a style blogger and interior design enthusiast, I am constantly faced with inspiring spaces. Naturally, I like some more than others, but if a room is well-designed, whether it is extremely modern or completely traditional, I can certainly appreciate it, even if it is not my style. However, every now and then, one comes across the work of a designer that is perfect in one’s eyes. That is the case for me when it comes to Melissa Warner of Massucco Warner Miller. Her designs are exactly my taste. Melissa’s style is at once sophisticated, fresh, modern, and  glamorous. She has an amazing ability of mixing styles, colors, patterns, textures, and new pieces with vintage ones. One of the things that most stands out to me when I am admiring Melissa’s work is her ability get the balance between traditional and eclectic styles just right. Her work never feels stuffy or impersonal, nor does it feel overly trendy. Melissa’s spaces are as chic and timeless as they are inviting.



Name: Melissa Warner

Occupation: Interior Designer at Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Current City: West Hollywood and San Francisco


melissa warner hb shelter

{Melissa’s Apartment as Featured in the May 2010 issue of House Beautiful}

LDV: What inspired you to begin your career in design? 

MW:  Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved design. I was forever rearranging my bedroom, styling my bookshelves, and having disagreements with my mom about wallpaper (I REALLY wanted a tulip print!) After getting a degree in business, I immediately started design school and haven’t looked back since…. It was one of the best decisions I ever made!


{This bedroom is part of a gorgeous home that Melissa designed for a San Francisco family. It was recently published in Traditional Home. Aren’t the colors lovely?}

LDV: What do you love most about it?

MW: I love working with our clients to make their house a home. Each client is different so we get to work in a variety of different styles which always keeps things interesting and fun. I’m a detail person so I really enjoy working out the specifics of custom pieces with local upholsters, seamstresses and furniture makers.


{How gorgeous is this vanity? I feel like it is the embodiment of my design personality. Melissa is a girl after my own heart!}

LDV:  Where do you find inspiration?

MW: From everything! Travel, fashion, nature...inspiration is all around!


Jackie in trench[1]

{The Ultimate Style Icon: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis}

LDV: Who are some of your personal style icons?

MW: Jackie O, Dorothy Draper, Audrey Hepburn, Miles Redd


melissa warner hb2

{Melissa’s own bedroom is bananas! There are so many fabulous elements in this one room: the Dorothy Draper Chest, gorgeous custom headboard, Chippendale bamboo bookcase, and pops of orange.}


LDV: How would you describe your own style?

MW: Classic with a modern twist


{I honestly think Melissa designs the best bedrooms in the business. So maybe this room (from the same gorgeous San Francisco home mentioned earlier) was intended for a three year old. I’d still take it!}


LDV: What is the trait you most admire in a person?

MW: Sincerity and honesty


{The dining room plays host to bold orange chairs and gorgeous hand-painted de Gournay wallpaper, which you might recognize from the cover of the Domino book.}


LDV: What is your principal weakness?

MW: Anything with truffle oil.



{Melissa’s gorgeous apartment graced the cover of House Beautiful in May.}


LDV: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

MW: Stay in the moment.


melissa warner hb3

{Melissa’s closet features black and white pictures of her style icon, Jackie O. Such a brilliant idea!}


LDV: What do you consider your greatest achievement?

MW:  Amazing friends and family


{This ultra-chic bedroom was designed by Massucco Warner Miller for the 2008 San Francisco Decorator Showhouse.}


LDV: What is your idea of living “la dolce vita”?

MW:  A dreamy vacation with lots of pampering



cheese randi brookman harris

{A Delectable Array of Cheeses}


Bloom: Hydrangeas and Peonies

Food: Cheese…I can’t resist it!

Drink: St. Germaine Cocktail


francesco lagnese3 {Wandering the Streets of Italia… Image by Francesco Lagnese}


Thing to Wear: Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress

Destination: Florence, Lake Como, Paris…anywhere in Italy or France

Season: Fall—I love the crispness in the air

Meal: Pasta


{A Strking Image Captured by Massimo Vitali}

Musician: Elton John

Artist: Massimo Vitali

Film: Sliding Doors


{The Hilarious “Family Portrait” episode of Modern Family}


Television Show: Modern Family…I can’t stop laughing!

Book: Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing

Magazines: House Beautiful and Elle Decor

Blogs: Style Saloniste and La Dolce Vita of course!


melissa warner hb4

{Tangerine meets Charcoal in Melissa’s Home Office}


Texture: All things knit

Fabric or Pattern: This is an impossible question! Too many to choose from!

Color: Tangerine or Coral paired with Charcoal or Ivory


 Chanel Chance[1]

{Chance by Chanel}


Scent: Fresh basil and Chanel “Chance”

Extravagance: Long lunches

Quote: “Keep Calm and Carry On”


To see more of Melissa’s fabulous work, visit the Massucco Warner Miller website and become a fan on Facebook.