Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spanish Style: Sfera


{A Chic Look for Going Out}

As excited as I am to explore the beautiful city of Barcelona along with its architectural masterpieces and artistic treasures, I must admit that I am just as excited to do some shopping at some of my favorite Spanish stores. One of my favorite discoveries on my last trip to Spain was Sfera. It’s similar to Zara in that it covers all of the current trends and if I recall correctly, it’s even more affordable, while the quality is pretty great. Like Zara, they carry items for women, men, and children. I was perusing their website to see what they currently have in store and came across these fabulous looks.


{I love this flirty skirt and the great shape of the blazer, which, let’s be honest, I would be more likely to wear than the fun skirt!}


{Imagine all of the ways that you could wear this dress! It’s the perfect canvas for fun accessories.}


{A Pretty, Feminine Summer Dress}


{I love the tailoring on this trench. Very chic!}

 sfera collection3

{These last three looks are from Sfera’s “Collection”, which I assume are a little more high-end. The model reminds me a bit of Tilda Swinton here.}

sfera collection

{Another Great Trench and a Lovely, Draped Skirt}

sfera collection2

{I love these pieces, though I probably wouldn’t wear the shorts. The jacket has a fabulous Chanel vibe, the striped tee is a classic, summer staple, and who doesn’t love a nice ballerina flat?}


Image Credit: Sfera


Jade @ Flip Flops + Pearls Design said...

You have to do a post on all your great finds while you are there! I am loving the clothes from Sfera!

*** said...

These looks are all wonderful. I was just in Barcelona at the end of May and I did so much shopping - didn't see Sfera (or maybe I did but didn't pay attention to the name) but they have so many nice stores and everything was so affordable. To be honest I was a little bit disappointed with Zara. I thought that would be the highlight of my shopping experience with all of their flagship stores but their collection failed to excite me. They have Zara Home stores too.

Have a great time in Barcelona! You are going to love it!


Sarah @ Couture Contessa said...

Great post! I always love some cute outfit inspiration. I love the blazer and the fun skirt. I would definitely sport that.

- Sarah

Jami - XOimagine said...

I love that first cream colored dress! Yes - perfect canvas! Have a blast in Spain, you little jet-setter!
xo - jami
i m a g i n e

Lauren said...

Very European. Looks just like what I see daily on the streets in Italy. White is huge this summer. A nice fresh change from black!

Carpe Diem said...

This is a great find. Timeless! Maybe, just like Zara, Sfera will also find its way to the U.S.

Piper Larson said...

Love the fun skirt and the Chanel-ish jacket. Hope you have fun on your shopping trip!
XO Piper

Sabrina said...

Love all of these looks!