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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Love it or Leave it: Whimsical Bedrooms

{This gorgeous bedroom by David Kaihoi marries the classic and whimsical looks beautifully. It was recently featured in House Beautiful.}

When it comes to bedroom, what look do you typically gravitate towards: whimsical or classic? I usually favor classic, tailored rooms with a few glamorous details. However, I think there is something to be said about whimsical rooms with yards and yards of printed fabrics. Do you thrive in this type of space or are you a little more Type A, like myself? The dilemma for me is that while I love the fun, whimsical look of rooms like these, I don’t think I could fully relax in such a space. So, when it comes to whimsical bedrooms, do you love the look or would you rather leave it?

bedroom swans scandinavian chic {Image Source}

elaine griffin

{Bedroom by Elaine Griffin}

 domino miles redd bed {Miles Redd via Domino}

{Gene Meyer and Frank de Biasi via House Beautiful}

{Kathryn Ireland via House Beautiful}

10 Things I Can’t Live Without: Daniella of Dress, Design, Decor

dress, design & decor

Daniella is the talented woman behind the beautiful and inspiring blog, dress design decor. Daniella writes about a variety of things including interior design and fashion. She works as a designer and is on a continuous search for inspiring new things. I love the tone of her blog which always comes across as rather serene. Every time I leave Daniella’s blog, I feel inspired.


1_alicia_bock_photography {Image via Alicia Block Photography}

1. Travel - Every couple of months or so I always seem to get the travel bug, whether it's a vacation in Europe to visit family, jetting off to Paris, or even a little local weekend trip, it's so much fun to just head out and experience somewhere new every now and then...

2_design_sponge_blog {Image via design*sponge}

2. The Country - There is something so relaxing and simple about the country that I absolutely love, especially during late Summer, early Fall... there's so much fresh produce at the market, local festivals, weekend trips and warm sunshine to enjoy! I love all those moments of slowing down a little...

3_fromkate'spaperie.com_G.Lalo_BorgheseCards {Image via Kate’s Paperie}

3. Cards & Stationery - I am a huge fan of sending out cards or little handwritten notes. I'll spend hours to find the perfect card for someone special. I have a quickly growing collection of all the beautiful stationery I've been collecting over the years too. Snail mail goes a long way these days...

4_via_honeyandjam{Image via Honey & Jam}

4. Books & Coffee - I could never, ever give up walking into the bookstore, grabbing a coffee, and perusing the aisles for hours. It's such a relaxing activity for me. I just love the smell of paper and coffee intertwined, as odd as that sounds!


5. Olivier Soaps - A new found love of mine, Olivier Soaps is Canadian-based and so lovely to use! Their bars of soap don't leave you with that "filmy" feeling and they smell absolutely wonderful, without being too overpowering. My favourites are "Her" and "Lilac"...


6. J.Crew heels - A little while ago I tried on a pair of heels at another shoe store and remembered again why I buy my heels from J.Crew, lol... so, so comfortable and I can wear them all day long! There's no way I could wear any other pair of heels now. Loving the latest "Clara" pumps!


7. Pearl Earrings - Be it my precious pair of pearls from my boyfriend, or the pairs of costume jewelry I've collected over the years, I love wearing pearls with practically anything. They're just so simple and classic - perfect when you're in a hurry to dress in the morning!

8_viaflickr_byABeachCottage{Image via By A Beach Cottage on Flickr}

8. Magazines - The obsession started as soon as I could read and magazines eventually took over my whole bedroom! I love picking up a brand new glossy in the anticipation of the beautiful design and photographs inside. There's nothing like it!

9_viajuliablog {Image via Julia Blog}

9. Blogging - How would I ever get by without my daily dose of inspiration? There's so many wonderful bloggers out there, I love catching up on them all. There is so much to share and I've connected with so many wonderful people. I love our little design blog community, don't you? :)

10_FRYD   DESIGN_viaeverythignfabulous {Image via Everything Fabulous}

10. My boyfriend - Of course I wouldn't be able to live without my wonderful boyfriend Rick! I love spending as much time together as we can (living in two different cities and all)... and I'm so proud of him as he's just about to enter police college! It's an exciting time for us both :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fashion Favorites: The 2010 Emmy Awards

emmy lea {Lea Michelle looked fabulous in a gorgeous navy Oscar de la Renta gown with Lorraine Schwartz jewels}

I am so glad that I decided to forgo my usual Sunday night line-up (True Blood, Mad Men, Hung, Entourage…don’t worry, they’re on my DVR) in favor of the Emmys. Jimmy Fallon did such a great job hosting. He was so funny and engaging and I absolutely loved the intro that he did with the cast of Glee, Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, Betty White, and Tim Gunn. It was a thoroughly entertaining show and I was so glad to see so many of my favorite shows represented. Mad Men, Modern Family, Glee, Nurse Jackie, and Top Chef all walked away with awards last night.

But now on to more pressing matters, like red carpet fashion! Did anyone else think there weren’t very many stars on the red carpet? Anyhow, my favorite look of the night goes to Glee star, Lea Michele who wore an elegant Oscar de la Renta gown in navy, which happened to be the color of the night. I thought her hair and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry complemented the dress beautifully and kept the look youthful. She looked so lovely!

emmy claire {Claire Danes had my second favorite look of the evening. She looked stunning in this perfectly-fitted Armani Privé gown in a shimmering gold color. She has just enough of a tan to complement the dress and her hair and make-up look great. Angela from My So Called Life has come rather far, hasn’t she?}

emmy jayma {Jayma Mays, the actress who plays the conservative Emma Pilsbury on Glee had one of my favorite looks of the evening in this ruched, navy Burberry gown. I love the gold jewelry she paired with it. The sexy look is quite a departure from her character!}

emma tina

{Oscar de la Renta was well-represented at the Emmys this year. I thought this Oscar gown looked fantastic on Tina and I love her hair this way.}

{I was so glad that Top Chef won for Outstanding Reality Show! I have followed it since it’s first season and it is still my favorite reality competition. Padma Lakshmi looked stunning in this navy Carolina Herrera gown. I love the ethnic-looking necklace she paired with it. Does this woman ever look bad? She’s so gorgeous!}

{I’m not Kristen Wiig’s biggest fan. She seems to do the same annoying character over and over on SNL, just in different costumes. Having said that, I really liked her gown last night. The print is beautiful, as is the shape, and I don’t mind the shoulder detail. Does anyone know who designed this dress?}

emmy january {So, on to the leading ladies from Mad Men. I must confess, I didn’t love January Jones’ or Christina Hendricks’ looks last night. I appreciate January’s gusto for making such a big statement in her electric blue Versace gown, but I didn’t like it. For such a pretty girl, I feel like she seldom gets it right on the red carpet.}

emmy christina

{Christina Hendricks opted for a dusty lavender Zac Posen gown. Again, I don’t really like the look. The color is sad and the fit looks a lot more flattering here than it did on camera. Did you like January’s or Christina’s red carpet looks last night?}


Image Credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty via People Style Watch and

This Week’s Quote


kelly cutrone quote

{image source}

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fabulous Room Friday 08.27.10

kitchen tommy smythe2

I am seriously head over heels in love with this gorgeous kitchen designed by Tommy Smythe. Tommy is Sarah Richardson’s design sidekick on her show Sarah’s House which airs on HGTV. I might be the only design blogger out there who really doesn’t watch HGTV, but I just may start after seeing this kitchen. It is so incredibly chic, yet it feels completely attainable. Of course, I love the black and white palette and the use of classic elements like the carrera marble, black and white cabinetry, timeless hardware, and the oversized lantern. The addition of built-ins is also fabulous. Who wouldn’t love all of that storage for wine and cookbooks?

kitchen tommy smythe phot michael graydon

{The elements of the kitchen are rather simple, but the style is in the details. I’m planning to do a budget renovation of my kitchen in the next few months and this has me seriously contemplating white upper cabinets and black lowers. I know I definitely want a carrera marble backsplash since I won’t be able to use it for my counters.}

kitchen tommy smythe

{I love the window. It must be old, don’t you think? The sink adds a modern touch and seems really practical. Also, look look closely in the pictures and you’ll notice that the entire countertop from the stove to the microwave is stainless steel.}

kitchen tommy smythe photo michael graydon

{How gorgeous are the herringbone-patterned slate floors? Camila mentioned them on her blog the other day. I think she may be right about reproducing this look fairly easily, thought the labor may be pricey.}


Image Credit: Michael Graydon via Tommy Smythe

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Style Files: David Jimenez


David Jiménez is one of my personal style icons. His beautiful, inspired work has resonated with me since the first moment I laid eyes on his portfolio. His style is the perfect combination of classic, tailored, and modern design elements. All of the spaces he designs exude a sense of charm and warmth, which is only natural considering the fact that he is, in my humble opinion, one of the nicest people in the style industry. He carries himself with complete grace and class and has been so kind to me since the first post I ever wrote about his work a few years back. It is an absolute pleasure to feature him in the Style Files series. I can’t say that I was surprised to find that I completely agree with so many of his answers. I guess there’s a reason why he is one of my style icons!


david style

Name: David Jimenez
Occupation: VP Visual Merchandising and Store Design, Hallmark Cards 
Hometown: New York City 
Current City: Kansas City, MO

Copyright 2006 ML Collis Photography & Design

{Kansas City Living Room}

LDV: What inspired your career in visual merchandising?

DJ: Ever since I was old enough to move my parent’s living room furniture around in the Bronx, I have been passionate about interiors. I launched my career in New York City at Gap. Later, I became VP of visual merchandising at Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, playing an important role in developing their aesthetic and style. Six years ago, Hallmark Cards called. I moved to Kansas City from San Francisco to help evolve this legendary brand.

Copyright 2006 ML Collis Photography & Design {Kansas City Sun Room}

LDV: What do you love most about what you do?

DJ: Every day at work is a little like creating theater--setting a stage with each new season.

Copyright 2006 ML Collis Photography & Design

{Kansas City Sitting Room}

LDV: Where do you find inspiration?

DJ: I travel often with work, locally and abroad. Its a great way to spot trends, tap into new styling details and see where design is headed.

Copyright 2006 ML Collis Photography & Design

{Kansas City Guest Bedroom}

LDV: Who are your personal style icons?

DJ: Thomas O'Brien for his classic and effortless American style. Kelly Wearstler for her theatrical point of view. David Hicks for all things retro and chic.

{Kansas City Carriage House}

LDV: How would you describe your own style?

DJ: Layered, collected, comfortable and warm.

{Kansas City Carriage House}

LDV: What trait do you most admire in a person?

DJ: Honesty, loyalty, and sincerity.

davidapache_0022{Palm Springs Regency}

LDV: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

DJ: There was a saying in Spanish my mom would tell me as a kid growing up in New York, "Como te tires, asi te tratan". Loosely translated it means, "How you present yourself, is how you'll be treated." They have been words to live by for me.


{Palm Springs Regency}

LDV: What do you consider your greatest achievement?

DJ: Making it to work on time.

davidapache_0014{Palm Springs Regency}

LDV:  What is your idea of living “la dolce vita”?

DJ: A lazy Sunday morning that starts with a delicious cup of coffee from my new 
French press, and Henri Salvador on heavy rotation in the background.


david faves

david jimenez kc {Kansas City Living Room}

Bloom: Pink Coral Peonies. They have a wonderful scent and the shot of color
adds punch to my mostly neutral-color living room.

Food: An order of the classic Caesar Salad, Chicken for Two, and Mound of Fries from Zuni Cafe on Market Street in San Francisco. Its one of my favorite haunts in the city!

Drink: I just started drinking Vodka gimlet martinis and I love them!

david psmc {Palm Springs Mid-Century}

Thing to Wear: I recently walked into an eyeglass shop and asked for 70's looking Ari Onassis glasses. I walked out with the hippest looking pair of specs that have become my favorite new accessory

Season: Winter in Palm Springs. Its a beautiful time of year to be in the desert.

Musician: Amy Winehouse (I'm holding hope that she makes a comeback), Carla Bruni (always sultry and seductive), Lorez Alexandria (she's not as well known as Ella, Dinah or Sarah but she has all the chops of those greats).

Copyright 2006 ML Collis Photography & Design

{Kansas City Attic}

Artist: Henry Moore is a modern master. We have a sculpture garden at the Nelson Art Gallery, here in Kansas City, and it's a treat to see so much of his work in one place.

Film: Cinema Paradiso--a romantic classic.

Television Show: Madmen. A smart, well-written show with trendsetting style.

david apache_0017 {Palm Springs Regency}

Book: I recently sold my house and downsized to a condo in a historical part of town. I unpacked a slew of great books from my move and started re-reading A Room With A View. It's as good as the first time around!

Magazines: Its sad that we have lost so many good ones recently. I always enjoy Vanity Fair, Elle Decor, House Beautiful and Kansas City Spaces among others.

Fabric or Pattern: Ikat, flame stitch, zig zag patterns, zebra prints in fun bright colors and retro-looking geometric prints.

david ps_mc_1 {Palm Springs Mid-Century}

Color: I chose a color scheme of light and dark grays, and taupes for the new condo, then punctuated the rooms with accessories in bold colors like citron yellow, kelly green, orange and turquoise

Extravagance: Veuve, Tiffany cufflinks and Gucci loafers.

Quote: Ever since moving into the condo, occasionally I run into a chic, eccentric neighbor that dresses to the nines and packs a stack of vintage Louis Vuitton to go gambling every weekend. "Life is not dress rehearsal!", she asserted, the last time we visited together while waiting for her driver to pull the car around. Boy, does she have it right!


All Images Courtesy of David Jiménez

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Currently Loving: Kimberly Ayres’ Modern Chic Style

Kimberly Ayres is a brilliant interior designer based in San Francisco. She also happens to own Kimberly Ayres Home, an interior design studio and home furnishings boutique. Kimberly was lauded as one of the Top Ten Young Designers to Watch in 2009 by Domino magazine and has been featured in several high-profile publications. Personally, I love her work because it combines so many of my favorite elements:bright and elegant colors, bold prints, and timeless furnishings with a modern, glamorous twist. These elements are what make a space feel completely classic. Let’s not forget, classic and traditional are not necessarily synonymous. While there are traditional elements present in Kimberly’s work, every room feels fresh and exciting.

{The color of these walls is pure perfection! Any idea what it is? It looks like the perfect combination of grey and mocha. Notice how each element within the room could fit into a completely different category: industrial, mid-century, traditional, yet it all works so well together.}

{I love this combination of gold and icy, pale blue. So glamorous! Kimberly will be having a Tastemaker Tag Sale on One Kings Lane this weekend. She sent me a sneak peek and some similar pillows will be available along with many fabulous items.}

{This gorgeous dining room features so many elements that I love: bamboo Chippendale chairs, a beautiful table with clean lines, the coral chandelier, and zebra rug. I think these items have gone beyond the realm of being trendy and at this point can be considered classic design elements.}

{This little study looks so luxurious. The color palette is so rich. Both the gorgeous desk and lamp will be available at Kimberly’s Tastemaker Tag Sale this weekend!}

{Is this not the most glamorous utility room you’ve ever seen? The color palette and design elements are gorgeous! Be sure to check out the ceiling.}

{I love the California vibe of this room. You have bright, yet chic colors and furnishings that could as easily pass for vintage. I think I may be living in the wrong state. My aesthetic is much more “California” than “Texas”.}

{This room is decidedly more traditional than the others, yet it maintains a modern feeling. Of course, I love the La Fiorentina pillows!}

{This classic kitchen is given a modern touch through several elements including the shape of the hood, the plain, blocked edging of the marble, and the beautiful blue subway tile. I also love that she used two lanterns over the island.}


If you are a fan of Kimberly’s work and would like to infuse some of her style into your own home, be sure not to miss her Tastemaker Tag Sale on One Kings Lane this weekend!