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Artist Profile: Lindsay Cowles

Lindsay Cowles has been a sponsor on LDV for quite a while now and it has bee so fun to see how she has grown as an artist over that time. A self-taught artist, Lindsay works mainly with oil paints, creating vibrant, abstract paintings evoking a variety of emotions. Her work has quickly garnered the attention of bloggers, editors, and interior designers alike, so I was thrilled when she shared some photos of recent installations of her work with us. Lindsay’s background in the fashion industry—she honed her skills in both New York and Los Angeles, has certainly contributed to the unique way in which she applies color and texture to her works. Lindsay is currently based in Richmond, Virginia, but her works have ended up in spaces around the country, as you’ll see here.

I am especially drawn to Lindsay’s paintings for her mastery of bold, saturated color. Her paintings also feature a great deal of movement in texture, making each piece completely unique. Lindsay’s collection is comprised of stunning original oil paintings, a new line of beautiful prints on canvas (mounted on 1.5” frames either museum or gallery wrapped), and a fabulous line of vibrant wallpapers and fabrics, allowing you you to use Lindsay’s inspiring work in multiple applications. I recently had an in-depth conversation with Lindsay about her oeuvre, her sources of inspiration, and her advice for living with abstract art.

      Paloma Contreras: Did you always know that you would be a professional artist?

Lindsay Cowles: I have always been an artist at heart.  From my earliest memories, I was always creating—whether it was drawing, painting, making pottery, building things.  If it was art related and creative, I was into it.  My parents enrolled me in art classes at a local college on the weekend when I was very young and I took every art class I could up until I graduated from high school.  But, never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would grow up to be a professional artist.  Despite my creative inclinations, I was brought up thinking that I should be a lawyer, doctor, teacher, etc.--something safe and stable. 

After going to school at the University of Virginia, I moved to New York and immediately broke the mold.  I began working in the fashion industry. I was on the sales side of the business—working with and selling to major department stores and specialty stores in North America.  It was there that I learned the fundamentals of business & marketing.  Fashion also fueled my creative soul.  The fabrics, colors, textures and endless possibilities of creating “looks” were inspiring.  It wasn’t until I started working for Alberta Ferretti, an Italian designer who is very involved in the art world, that I learned that art could be made into beautiful fabric and that fashion is art itself.

When I moved from New York to Los Angeles, I tapped into creating art again.  During a trip home to Richmond from LA, my sister, an art major at Furman University at the time, was working on her senior art project.  She was experimenting with different paints and mediums on canvas.  I went to her studio to spend time with her and I immediately felt a gravitational pull towards the canvas.  It was from that moment on that I realized what was missing in my life.  Art.  And more specifically—painting.  From that day on, I haven’t stopped painting.  It is my passion, my heart and my soul.

During my days in LA, I painted smaller paintings.  I didn’t have a ton of space to spread out, so I painted in my kitchen.  I worked on my painting at night after work and on the weekends.  Business slowly grew to the point that I decided to quit my job and devote myself full time to my art.  So, I moved back to my hometown of Richmond, VA and continue to paint here full time.

      PC: Where do you turn for inspiration?

LC: Inspiration comes from everything around me—from places that I have been, to things that I see on a daily basis.  I am inspired by art, interior design and architecture—specifically color, texture, shape and form. I try to immerse myself in everything that I possibly can to stimulate my creativity.  I constantly read magazines, go to museums, attend lectures, research art & design online and travel to different places.  Learning is constant and inspiring.

            PC: What do you love most about abstract art? How can people feel more comfortable living with vibrant, abstract art? Do you feel it works in most environments? 

           LC: The beauty of abstract art is that it can hang anywhere.  It works in any environment—from traditional, to transitional, to contemporary.  You name it, it works!  My clients have a range of styles and tastes—bold, abstract paintings work perfectly in all of their spaces. 

           One piece of advice when choosing art is—don’t be afraid of size.  Large paintings create a statement and impact in a room.  I went to hear Amanda Nisbet speak a few weeks ago and this is one thing that she preaches.  Her large-scale installations—from light fixtures to art installations—are breathtaking.  She creates impact with scale.  Now, of course, you don’t want everything to be large scale, but to choose a couple of key elements in a room.

There are two ways that you can choose to install abstract art in your space:

1.    Subtle & Soft- where the colors of the painting are similar to the colors in the room.  This is serene and peaceful.  The texture, dimension and size of the painting are what makes the piece stand out.

2.    Bright & Bold- where you choose colors that are complimentary to the colors of the room.  This creates a bright, bold pop!  The art is complimentary to the colors of the room and can make a statement both in color and size.
     Figure out what style you are most comfortable and make sure that you love the piece of art that you are purchasing.  Whenever I meet with clients in their homes, I always bring more than what they request to see, because you never know what might end up working best.  It could be something that is completely off of your radar when looking at art online, but when you see it in the space, it could be the perfect piece.

PC: Who are your favorite artists? Have they influenced your work in any way?

LC: I have quite a few—de Kooning, Frankenthaler, Motherwell, Richter, Klein—among many others. 

I had the pleasure of going to Art Basel to walk the fairs this past December.  It was amazing that from across the room, without knowing whom the artist was, that I was drawn to works by all of the above artists.  They stimulate a gut reaction within me.  The colors, movement, shapes, and brilliance of their works evoke a strong emotional response.  To me, their paintings work in any environment.  They create a feeling and emotion in a room.  They draw me in without hesitation. 

That is my goal with my art--to evoke emotion, stimulate thinking and creativity, promote happiness and inspire.  The brilliance of these artists constantly pushes me further in my work, to evolve and teach myself something new every day.

PC: What can we look forward to next from Lindsay Cowles Fine Art?

LC: Over the past year and a half, I have launched a collection of prints on stretched canvas, wallpaper and fabric- all created from sections of my paintings.  Many of them can be viewed on http://lindsaycowlesfineart.bigcartel.com.  What I love about creating these other forms of art is that it makes my art accessible to everyone.  I am always coming up with new prints, new patterns and new colors.  And I am happy to work on custom originals, prints, wallpapers and fabrics to fit my client’s needs.

I love thinking outside of the box.  Painting doesn’t have to be just a painting. Many different things can be created from it.  So, the sky is the limit. 

Follow me on facebook (www.facebook.com/lindsaycowlesart), twitter (@lindsay_cowles), instagram (lindsaycowlesfineart) and/or my blog (lindsaycowlesart.blogspot.com) to see what I’m working on next.  For more information on my work, please email me at lindsaycowlesfineart@gmail.com.

Spring Closet Refresh: 25% off at J.Crew

Last weekend, I cleaned out my closet and couldn’t believe how much I got rid of. Admittedly, I hadn’t cleaned out my closet in years, so it was a lot of work, but I feel so much better now. The pieces that made the cut are things that I truly love and know that I will wear for years. I am making a conscious effort to buy less, but buy better meaning fewer prints, classic silhouettes, and items of quality that will stand the test of time. J.Crew’s current sale—25% off full-priced styles for women and me and up to 50% off sale items with code GOSHOP could not have come at a better time, just as I am freshening up my wardrobe and planning for upcoming trips. Don’t miss out!

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Sponsor Spotlight: Lacefield Designs


{Vibrant Turquoise Hues}

We are so pleased to welcome Lacefield Designs as a new sponsor on La Dolce Vita! Many of you may already be familiar with Lacefield, as their line of textiles, pillows, drapery panels, and art has become a go-to resource for designers and design lovers alike. Founded in 1995 by Beth Lacefield who felt there was a void in the marketplace for high-quality textiles and accessories with a hand-crafted feel, Lacefield Designs has grown to become an all-encompassing lifestyle brand, partnering with various manufacturers to license their tabletop, art, and lighting designs. Lacefield is headquartered in Atlanta and all of the products are made nearby. You’ll find everything you could want through Lacefield Designs as their broad assortment of textiles spans ethnic batik, ikat, and hand block-printed fabrics to crisp classics made of solid velvet or linen with beautiful decorative trims. Their website is beautifully merchandised and easy to shop by color or collection. I am personally a big fan of their beautiful pillows, high-quality (very reasonably priced!) fabrics by the yard, and am excited to learn that they offer stylish drapery panels as well—I love the broad stripe on the Southampton panels.

lacefield3  {I love Lacefield Designs’ Signature Pillows Velvet Pillows with their Amalfi Tape Trim.}

lacefield4 {A Great Mix of Coral Pillows and Handmade Blankets}

lacefield5 {I don’t think I’ll ever tire of chocolate brown and white in interiors. It feels fresh, yet classic. Aren’t these patterns fantastic?}

lacefield6 {Beautiful Blue Hues in a Mix of Ethnic Prints}

lacefield {Notice the great linen drapery panels with Amalfi tape trim in the background. Love them!}

For more information, please visit LacefieldDesigns.com.


{This post is sponsored by Lacefield Designs. All opinions are genuinely my own.}

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Fabulous Room Friday 04.18.14

luis bustamante dining elle decor

I have a feeling you’re all going to love this week’s “Fabulous Room”. I have featured the home of Spanish designer, Luis Bustamante in the past and was so happy to see his gorgeous Madrid apartment featured in the May issue of ELLE DECOR. His home and body of work are so chic. I am just crazy about his style. He marries modern and neoclassical elements with the greatest of ease and creates the most striking, yet simple color palettes.

While I love every room in his house, I’d say my favorite would have to be the dining room/bar. The first time I featured it, I thought it was a kitchen and was a little confused about the lack of appliances aside from the matching refrigerators, but after reading the ELLE DECOR article, I understand its true purpose is for entertaining rather than cooking.

Luis Bustamante Dining Room & Bar via La Dolce Vita

While Bustamante’s love of crisp white is evident in the room, he’s chosen to accent the space with red ticking stripes on the walls, custom tufted banquette, and black Chippendale chairs. Symmetry is a must for me and I prefer things in pairs so this room makes my heart sing. The light fixtures, gorgeous, marble-topped island, abstract art, and furniture are sheer perfection. I love all of it.

Luis Bustamante Dining Room & Bar via La Dolce Vita

The last time I saw this space, Bustamante had an abstract painting placed where this elephant is now. I have to say, it really makes quite a statement and adds a sense of humor and whimsy to an otherwise very classic space. The red ikat lamp shades also add a fun touch---as I am sure all of that liquor does when he entertains! The room is so elegant, with beautiful finishes and exquisite taste in every detail, but the thing I love most about it is that it does not feel stuffy or pretentious. It is an unassuming, yet ultra-chic room.

For those of you who celebrate, Happy Easter! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


{First Image by Fernando Labougle for ELLE DECOR  | Second and Third Images Courtesy of Luis Bustamante}