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Friday, February 28, 2014

Fabulous Room Friday 02.28.14

As I perused the pages of the March issue of House Beautiful, I stopped dead in my tracks when I got to the feature on Boston-based designer, Nina Farmer's stunning home. While I love every room that was featured, I ultimately decided that the master bedroom is my favorite with the kitchen and dining room coming in right behind. I love the color palette of warm mocha with pops of yellow. The room feels warm and luxurious thanks to the Philip Jeffries Manila Hemp wallcovering. It adds a great dose of color and texture to the room. The warmth of the wall covering really allows the saffron-colored velvet upholstery on the headboard of the chic, modern Room & Board bed to pop, doesn't it? The chic Matouk bedding, yellow tile inlay on the original fireplace, and chaise further cement the chic color palette. It is such a gorgeous space! What are your thoughts? Do you like the color palette?

Have a great weekend! 

{Image via Nina Farmer Interiors Blog}

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Currently Obsessed: February 2014

TV Show: The final episode of the season just aired last night, but I have really enjoyed Ovation's "The Fashion Fund" which follows the 10 finalists in the CFDA Fashion Fund during the four months in which they have to prove themselves for a chance to be named Fashion Fund Designer of the Year. The judges and mentors include Anna Wintour, Diane von Furstenberg, Ken Downing, Jenna Lyons, and last year's winners, Marcus Wainwright and David Neville of Rag & Bone. The contestants are designers who have been working in the industry for years and need a little mentoring and a bit of a push to take things to the next level. Among them are the girls from Veronica Beard, Nonoo, Juan Carlos Obando, and Public School. Quite frankly, I enjoyed this more than Project Runway because of the focus on people who have already established brands but are looking towards the future and figuring out how to take things a step further.

Song: "Adore You" by Miley Cyrus-- I don't know whether she's brilliant or out of her mind, but the girl can sing. There's no denying that and the song is really sweet. I just wish I could shake her and say "I know you think you're all grown up at the ripe old age of 20 and want to prove that you're an adult, but you don't have to shock people for the hell of it and resort to some of your antics because you're actually really talented. Let your work speak for itself." But I doubt she'd want to hear my thoughts, so I digress!

Instagrammer: Nathan Turner is just adorable. I have admired his work as an interior designer, curator, and tastemaker for years now and am fortunate to call Nathan a friend. He is beyond talented and has a huge heart. Sometimes, when people reach a certain level of success, they let it go to their heads and start believing the hype. Nathan is one of the most down to earth people I know and makes me feel happy any time I'm around him. I'm glad that he's on Instagram because he shares snapshots of his travels, happenings around L.A., and most importantly, photos of his darling dog, Nacho.

{Angie recently pinned this photo a chic, modern dining room featuring a Lindsey Adelman chandelier.}

Pinterest User: I like a lot of the things that Angie Helm pins. We have similar taste and she often posts fabulous photos of interiors.

Inspiring Designer: I have loved Windsor Smith's work for a long time, but hadn't looked at her portfolio until GOOP sent out that email about Windsor a few weeks ago and I was instantly reminded of why I love her work. Her work is chic, tailored, and beautifully layered and never, ever feels stuffy.
{A Suite at the Ultra-Chic J.K. Capri}

Color: Purple is usually far from my favorite color, but I have been loving really pale shades of purple such as lilac and lavender lately. I am planning to do a client's bedroom in this color scheme and am excited about how beautiful it is turning out. For the record, I still don't like Radiant Orchid.

Inspiring Quote: "Make your passion your paycheck."-- Anonymous 

{Boards for a Client Presentation via my Instagram}

Triumph: I had a client presentation that went so well this week! I knew she would like everything because I really listened to the things she wanted and had a good handle on her style, but was so pleased that she absolutely loved everything. It makes me so excited to see the project come together. This one is going to be SO good!

Excitement: I will be speaking on a panel about the business of blogging at the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta on Monday and am so thankful for the opportunity to share some of what I've learned over the past six and a half years as a blogger. Also, I feel like possibility is in the air and the idea of things that are yet to happen is absolutely thrilling.

{Tate Inspecting a Vintage Kilim Rug that arrived from Turkey | Photo via my Instagram}

Greatest Blessing: I feel so lucky everyday because I really love my life. I have a wonderful husband who happens to be my favorite person on earth, the sweetest pup, and even though it feels like I am always working, I love what I do so profoundly that it makes it totally worth it. Sometimes, I feel like I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop because I think it isn't normal to be this happy. Don't get me wrong, my life isn't perfect and I certainly have my share of stressors, but overall, I really feel happy most of the time.

{The Kate Somerville Clinic in L.A.}

Guilty Pleasure: I am newly obsessed with Kate Somerville's skincare products. This is not at all sponsored-- I literally can't wait to slather my face in her products morning and night. I plan to do a post on my go-to skincare products soon, so I will be sure to include my favorites from Kate Somervile. I literally want to get on a plane to Los Angeles and spend a day getting treatments at her Melrose Place clinic.

{Fabian and I with our friends, Jeni and Robbie in San Francisco}

Favorite Accessory: I don't know if a coat is technically considered an accessory, but I love the new Ali Ro coated anorak I got at A Bientot. I opted for the long sleeve version and am so glad that I did. I wore the jacket nearly everyday on our trip to Napa and San Francisco because it's lightweight, chic, and goes with nearly everything!

Trip being Planned: I'm heading to Atlanta on Sunday and after that, it will be High Point at the beginning of April for Spring Furniture Market. I'm really excited about seeing new products, shopping for clients, and spending time with friends.

What have you been obsessed with this month?

Design Decoded: Lavender Bedroom

Hello LDV readers, it's Dominique from Comfy Cozy Couture back with my third "Design Decoded" post! If you remember...this series is about inspiring and chic spaces and all of the ways you can achieve a similar look! So let's get started. In addition to lavender ("Radiant Orchid" to be exact) being the Pantone Color of the's also one of my favorite colors. I love using it in a monochromatic way and layering it with plenty of textured + printed fabrics. It adds a touch of sophistication and charm to any space and well if we are being honest here...I can't get enough! Here is an example of how to create the look in your home! Comfy Cozy Couture: Design Decoded | La Dolce Vita Guest post
Oly Studio Marco Bed || Redford House Fiona Nightstand || Madeline Weinrib Mandala Chenille Carpet (similar here) || Aidan Gray Herstal Fragment Lighting || Serena & Lily Lilac Shams || Ro Sham Beaux Fiona Chandelier || Zentique Furniture Crescenzo bench || Serena & Lily cabin quilt | Frame Stripe Pillow- Aubergine || Zhush gold urchin object || CB2 Tork Brass Mirror

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pretty Presidio Heights Home by Palmer Weiss

{Sitting Pretty: The living room features a neutral palette paired with bold pops of color and a mixture of clean lines-- the Parsons coffee tables and armchairs juxtaposed against the feminine curves of the wooden chairs and tufted sofa.}

Have you been keeping up with all of the shelter publications lately? I feel like 2014 is off to a really great start! As a designer and blogger, I am entrenched in design all day, everyday, so sometimes, it can feel challenging to feel inspired by the magazines because from time to time, things can start to just blur together. Luckily, the editors have had some amazing projects in store for us so far this year and I am feeling so inspired by several of the projects I have seen recently, including this pretty home in San Francisco's Presidio Heights designed by the talented, Palmer Weiss

The decor is a modern take on traditional style-- my favorite-- and features beautiful, thoughtful details in each space along with some unexpected statement touches. I am currently working on designing a house for a client in which we have fully embraced bold colors throughout, with a few recurring colors to make everything feel cohesive, so I was really pleased to see that Palmer had done something similar in her client's home. While some rooms, such as the formal living room (pictured above) revolve around a neutral color palette accented with pops of color, other spaces, such as the dining room (pictured directly below) embrace a saturated, tone-on-tone use of color which feels super fresh and ultra-chic. I am so inspired by this home and hope the inspiration keeps on coming in next month's issue of ELLE DECOR!

{I am in love with everything about this dining room. I adore the use of one saturated color. The look is so rich and provides the perfect backdrop for the dramatic art, chandelier, and klismos-style chairs.}

{While the formal dining rooms feels dramatic, the breakfast room is a breath of fresh, sunny air. You can never go wrong with the classic combination of a Saarinen Tulip Table with Chippendale bamboo-style dining chairs. It is timeless, preppy perfection.}

{The kitchen is rather classic, but does feature the modern touch of a chevron marble backsplash.}
{The den is filled with earthy colors and organic shapes that invite one to sit and stay for a while.}

{Palmer opted for a rich, monotone palette again in the master bedroom featuring mostly shades of green along with the pop of robin's egg blue in the form of the curtains. Again, the furnishings are a stylish mix of traditional and modern.}

{I love the playful nature of the little girl's room. What could be more fun than loads of pink, bunk beds, and a big, oversized hanging pendant?}

Which room is your favorite? How do you feel about mixing styles? Do you like the idea of choosing one main color for a room?

{Photography by William Waldron for ELLE DECOR}

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Design by the Details: Faux Bois

1. Kevin O'Brien Woodgrain Jacquard 2. Global Views Faux Bois Dining Table 3. Martha Stewart Layered Faux Bois Area Rug 4. Duralee Chun in Charcoal 5. Ross Sveback Dinnerware 6. Oly Studio Faux Bois Floor Lamp PRONOUNCE: foe bwah WHAT: In French, faux bois, literally mean false wood.  Items can be made to look like wood as in the lamp and table above or could be printed with a wood grain pattern. HISTORY:  Not too long ago, a French gardener by the name of Joseph Monier created something called ferrocement or reinforced concrete.  Using concrete, sand and metal rods Monier could construct a relatively strong structure with layers of concrete that were much thinner than the usual at the time.  In 1875 Monier made the first bridge out of reinforced concrete and sculpted that concrete to look like…you guessed it: wood!  But it wouldn't be proper to mention faux bois without also mentioning trompe l'oeil, which is the art of creating a optical illusion and making a two-dimensional object appear that it has three and is real.  Trompe l'oeil means "to fool the eye" in French and has been around for centuries.  I would speculate at some point someone decided to paint an object so that it appeared to be wood, but was in fact, not wood, long before Monier crafted his concrete.  So while the term faux bois can refer to both the printing and sculpting of something to make it look like wood the techniques have different origins. USES:  Faux bois is widely used now for textiles and wallpaper -- things that can be printed, rather than the sculpted materials from which it originated.  Faux bois can be used to give depth to a two dimensional surface and can act in place of a animal print.  Its a hint at nature and not as trendy as say, chevron.
Floor in William Diamond's Hampton House in Coastal Living July/Aug 2010
Rug in Dining Room by Ashley Golforth in Luxe
Don't miss the previous installments of this series: Chintz & Cloisonné. How would you most likely use faux bois?  Wallpaper, furniture, an entire sofa?

Monday, February 24, 2014

On my Radar: J.Crew Spring 2014 Shoe Collection

Over the weekend, I was doing a little online shopping and felt like I'd hit the jackpot when I cam across J.Crew's new Spring 2014 shoe collection! It pretty much includes anything you could need in your shoe wardrobe. There are chic sandals, timeless pumps, and several fun flats in versatile neutrals, glamorous metallics, and playful prints. With warmer weather just around the corner (here's hoping!), it's time to start thinking about the season ahead and what better place to start than with your shoe wardrobe? Which pair is your favorite?

This Week's Quote

{Image via Steve Maraboli}

Friday, February 21, 2014

Fabulous Room Friday 02.21.14

luxe report

We were really lucky to return to beautiful weather in Houston when we came back from California. It’s been pretty warm with highs in the 70’s all week, which has me looking forward to spring. I’m sure those of you in colder climates can definitely agree considering the brutal winter you’ve been dealt this year!

I came across this beautiful sunroom in Palm Beach the other day and it catapulted me further into my yearning for spring to officially get here. Designed by Luxe Report, an interiors and event styling firm, the space is tailored, elegant, and glamorous. I love the neutral color palette with a few bright pops of color from the art, flowers, and Hermes tray. The crisp white upholstery on the sofa and chairs looks fabulous paired with the black tape trim of the sofa cushions, leopard throw pillows, and gilded frames of the Louis XVI arm chairs.The vintage chandelier and flamingo print are the perfect tropical touches honoring the home’s Palm Beach location.

luxe report2  {I love the juxtaposition of the earthiness from the wooden beamed ceiling, brick floors, and seagrass rug against the glamorous fabrics, finishes, and accessories.}

luxe report3 {Glamorous Details on the Coffee Table}


{Images via Luxe Report Designs}

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chic Combinations: Lavender + Cream

Hi everyone! Arianna here, with a new installment of 'Chic Combinations.' Today I'm spotlighting spaces that combine lavender (and it's variations like lilac and mauve) with creamy whites and beiges. As you'll see in the inspiration images below, this combo exudes grown-up femininity and feels very graceful and serene.
Chic Combinations: Lavender + Cream //  by Arianna Belle for La Dolce Vita Blog

Below, a few pieces for creating a similar look in your own home:

Chic Combinations: Lavender + Cream (Get the Look) //  by Arianna Belle for La Dolce Vita Blog
1- sheets, 2- wallpaper, 3- bed, 4- pillow, 5- throw, 6- ottoman, 7-lamp

image sources: 1- unknown, 2- design by meredith heron | photography by Stacey Brandford via style at home, 3- jed root, 4- vanessa jackman blog, 5- coco cozy, 6- studio annetta blog, 7- atlanta homes mag

Art in 5: Julius Shulman

Case Study House #22 by Pierre Koenig, photographed by Julius Shulman, 1960
"...One of those singular images that sum up an entire city at a moment in time..." -- New York Times architecture critic Paul Goldberger
Hello, it's Erika from small shop with our third "Art in 5"! Since we've covered a painter (Ellsworth Kelly) and a sculptor (August Rodin), today I thought I'd discuss a photographer: Julius Shulman. I actually had the immense honor of meeting Shulman at his house in 2007 through a family friend. At 96, he was as sharp as ever, and quite a spitfire. One of the questions he brought up during our encounter I still ponder to this day: What's more famous: the architecture, or Shulman's photograph of the architecture?

I remember he seemed to say with both pride and a hint of bittersweetness in his voice that he was still at that time making a living off of work by mid-century architects like Neutra and Lautner who had all passed away decades before. But in a symbiotic kind of way, these same architects became famous initially because of his photography. Would we even know some of these structures if it wasn't for his beautiful photography?

If you're not too familiar with him or his work, but have seen a few of his images, here's what you should at least know (and two little fun facts about two of his most famous photographs that he revealed to us that day!)...
And here are some of his photographs that you may or may not know:
The Spencer House Malibu by Richard Spencer, photographed by Julius Shulman, 1955
The Booth House by architects Smith & Williams, photographed by Julius Shulman, 1956
Convair Astronautics by architects Pereira and Luckman, photographed by Julius Shulman, 1958
The Chuey House by Richard Neutra, photographed by Julius Shulman, 1958
Case Study House #20 The Saul Bass House by architects Buff, Straub & Hensman, photographed by Julius Shulman, 1958
Case Study House #21 by Pierre Koenig, photographed by Julius Shulman, 1961
Case Study House #22 The Stahl House by Pierre Koenig, photographed by Julius Shulman, 1960
"Chemosphere" by John Lautner, photographed by Julius Shulman, 1961
"Chemosphere" interior by John Lautner, photographed by Julius Shulman, 1961
Silvertop House by John Lautner, photographed by Julius Shulman, 1980
One of my favorite quotes about his work comes from Newsweek magazine's Cathleen McGuigan who wrote that Shulman's photographs of modern glass houses in Palm Springs and Los Angeles "are so redolent of the era in which they were built you can practically hear the Sinatra tunes wafting in the air and the ice clinking in the cocktail glasses."
Cin cin.