Monday, February 3, 2014

New York's Most Expensive Rental Apartment: Look Familiar?

{A Photo of the Master Bedroom from the Real Estate Listing}

The other day, I came across an image on Pinterest which linked back to an article on the Huffington Post website about New York's most expensive rental apartment clocking in at a cool $165,000 per month. I immediately recognized it as the same apartment Steven Gambrel decorated at the Waldorf Astoria, the Astor Suite, which was published in ELLE DECOR last year. Coincidentally, the master bedroom was my favorite space published in ELLE DECOR in 2013! It's always fun to see professionally-shot photos for a publication versus images from a real estate listing. I find that the spaces usually look better when they are shot for publications because they aren't flooded with artificial light. 

The apartment is 5,087 square feet and blends all of the modern amenities that even the most discerning person may come to expect, as well as a storied past. It has been the home of John Jacob Astor, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor {aka Wallis and Edward), and John F. Kennedy. I don't know if this apartment still holds the title for most expensive rental in Manhattan, but it is a truly posh and pedigreed residence either way. I just can't imagine spending that much on a home that I did not own. To each his own!

{The Master Bedroom as seen in ELLE DECOR}

{The Beautiful Canopied Bed}

{The Sumptuous, Marble-Clad Master Bathroom}

{This is such a great use of a flexible space. It can function as a study/guest bedroom or as a TV room/guest bedroom, which seems to be the intended use from the furnishings.}

{This dark, gray marble bath is masculine, yet glamorous.}

{The living room features two distinct seating areas.}

{The library features a beautiful, original fireplace.}

{I love the clean, pared down elegance of the kitchen.}

{Frankly, I don't love the furniture in the dining room, but it's a rather large space featuring a beautiful fireplace with a marble mantle. The oversized portrait of a young Queen Elizabeth is fantastic.}

What are your thoughts on this space? Are there any particular rooms that you like? If money were no object, would you ever spend $165,000 per month on a rental rather than buying a place?


Sam W said...

The ceiling in the dining room is absolutely gorgeous! I am not digging the marble bathrooms though.

Emma said...

Wow, what a gorgeous space. I'm with you, though--I'd want to own it outright, especially at a price like that.

I do love the guest bedroom arrangement. The bed looks so snug. Also, the kitchen is beautiful.

Unknown said...

Wow! What a space. That master bedroom is absolutely gorgeous and I love that kitchen. I can't imagine ever spending 165k for a monthly rental, but it sure would be fun to walk through in person:)

Thanks for sharing!

preppylove said...

Wow it is absolutely stunning! I love the marbled bathroom, especially for a "his" bathroom!

Unknown said...

Funny how a little bit of lighting makes a space look soo different. I really like the masculinity of the place but still with feminine touches.

Maggie A

therelishedroost said...

THat is gorgeous!! Done so well and what a view!

Lori said...

Frankly it's not one of my favorites. Most of his work is just, well, so much more interesting. For having such a storied past this home seems to lack character and substance. There aren't as many textural layers, unusual finishes and interesting colors - something that draws me to to all of Gambrel's work.

Daily Cup of Couture said...

such a gorgeous space! love that kitchen! xx

Style to Move Blog said...

Great space - I love the grey built-in bed and the ceiling in the dining room. said...

Gambrel's designs tend to the masculine side, but who wouldn't love climbing into that luxurious bed and watch the snow fall? I love how the tufted armless sofa in "Irish Setter" brown strikes a warm note amidst the cool grays. For the price of a month's rent you could have at least one Gambrel room of your own!

Anonymous said...

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Rasute said...

Hmm, dining room. I don't care for the furniture either but I do LOVE the curved windows in the corner and the ceiling. I think I really like that the best.