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Monday, April 30, 2012

Closet Confidential: Sandals

Hello again! It's Liz with another installment of Closet Confidential and this week I want to talk about shoes. Specifically I want to talk about sandals, because with the weather warming up across the US my eyes are burning with so many pretty styles popping up over the internet. Normally, I would only rely on a good pair of heels to take your outfit from casual to dressy, but this seasons sandals have completely changed my mind.
{images via My Style + Fashionable Pinboards}
Because heels are not always ideal, here are a few of my current favorite flat sandals to put a little chic in your step:
Clearly these would be perfect with any outfit, but I love the idea of a sweet feminine dress and pretty sandals, don't you? Which pair would you choose?
Until next time, have a stylish week!

This Week’s Quote

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{Image via Pinterest}

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fabulous Room Friday 04.27.12

trad home vendome

This week’s fabulous room was designed by Christina Murphy, one of my favorite young designers. I love the modern traditional approach she used in this New York apartment. A neutral palette is dotted with kelly green accents. I love the chairs pictured above—finished off with vibrant green lacquer and nailhead trim. The Vendome Triple Sconce from Circa Lighting abstract paintings, and Barcelona-style bench dressed in Windsor Smith fabric add a modern influx of style.

trad home vendome2

I always love to see rooms in which the use of seating is maximized. The layout of this room is just as ideal for an intimate conversation between friends as it is for a cocktail party as it has plenty of seating options. I especially love the rich chocolate sofa with its contrasting white base and the beautiful kelly green ikat pillows and vintage lamps in this shot. What do you love most about this room? If you could have one item from this space, which would you choose?


{Images via Trad Home}

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Color Dose: Neon Yellow

Hello, everyone!  Kelly of Fabulous K here with another issue of Color Dose.  It seems the neon trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  It's one that I resisted at first, thinking it would be a one season trend.  After seeing it all over the fashion world, neon yellow is making its way into home decor, which has me thinking of ways to incorporate it into my own home.  Here are a few ways to easily add a dose of neon to your space.
Inspiration image by Lucas Allen
(1) Earth Sea Warrior Neon Pendant Light Cord with Silver Globe Bulb  (2) Twisted Twig Neon & Silver XO  (3) Crate & Barrel Architect Green Lamp (4) Freshly Picked Leather Mousepad in Neon Yellow (5) Table Tonic Neon Cushion (6) Acapulco Chair in Neon Yellow  (7) Shop Ampersand Neon Yellow Ampersand Print 

How do you feel about the neon trend? Do you prefer it in fashion, decor, both or neither?

Global Architecture: Connecticut Classic 1
Hello LDV readers! Brendan here of (BAD) Blog About Design. I'm so excited to share with you some of my favorite traditional styled homes and elegant looks... Greenwich, Connecticut has some of the most magnificent homes in the world. I love homes in Greenwich, Connecticut because, each home has its own unique style and look. Home I: This wonderful Normandy style estate in Greenwich, Connecticut is surrounded by colorful grounds and greenery making it perfect for a spring getaway. Applying Ivy onto the front facade is a great way to soften brick or stone. In addition, Ivy adds a touch of classic glamour. A great way to give the entrance of your home some sprucing up for the spring is by adding flowers. I always love yellow flowers in front of my home as they are very inviting. 2
Home II: This wonderful estate is set on eleven acres of well landscaped grounds. The estate looks as if it is set in the European Country side. What fascinates me about this home is the large windows. I love home's with much natural light. The home is very stately and speaks volumes on its own, therefore, I like how simple the landscaping is. 3
Home III: This 1930s Georgian colonial is set on over eight acres of land. Whenever I think of estates in the Northeast I always think of home's that look like this, classic, with beautiful detailing. The estate has a very warm and inviting look, despite being so large. To achieve this, the landscape architect applied much greenery both on and around the home. This estate also features a wonderful pool and tennis court, I wish I knew the owners so I could invite myself over! 4
Home IV: This home is another example of Georgian architecture. The home was built in 1927, by the acclaimed Twachtman brothers. The estate features many impeccably landscaped gardens in the English park style. I can just picture myself laying on the grass, reading a book here. It feels like such a magical place.
The Fashion: For the above looks I was inspired by classic pieces with a modern edge. Whenever I think of classic pieces with a modern edge I always go Halston Heritage. The Halston dress features a wonderful stripe pattern. It's the perfect dress for an evening on the town. The Alejandro pumps are very elegant, but do not go overboard. The color works great with both dresses, the Juliet & Company necklace, Elizabeth and James sunglasses and vintage Chanel clutch. Which piece is your favorite? 5 6
Home V & VI: Home five has wonderful views of the water. I can just image how beautiful the property must look during the fall. Home six was designed for the heiress of Hibernia Bank in 1930 by noted architect, David Adler. Unlike the home's above, this home was built in California. The pool deck is my favorite part of this home. It's wonderfully landscaped and has sweeping views. Which estate do you want to live in?
The Fashion: For the above looks I was inspired by purely classic elegance. The Thread Eleanor gown is absolutely amazing and captures the whole feel of classic elegance. It's the perfect dress for a formal event at any one of the above homes. The second dress has the most wonderful beading. It's simple and can be dressed up or down. Pair the dresses with a Diane von Furstenberg clutch to add a little flare. Which piece is your favorite? 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dream Home: Jessica Amento of The Zoe Report

Today’s bohemian chic “Dream Home” comes to us from Jessica Amento, the Editorial Director of Rachel Zoe’s wildly popular, The Zoe Report. Jessica’s fabulous style is definitely reflected in her dream home. Enjoy!

Hi La Dolce Vita readers! As a daily devotee of Paloma’s blog for over a year now (I was a late bloomer!), it is beyond a pleasure to partake in the Dream Home series. I will say that it was much more challenging than I anticipated, but in the best possible way…a crash course on what I would love to do for real some day! Without further adieu, please take a tour of my humble abode. Being that I am a West Coast girl through and through (disclaimer: I am truly a Midwest transplant), my ideal residence would definitely be nestled somewhere in East LA or the Hollywood Hills. Something Spanish style with plenty of greenery and a palm tree or two.



I am always drawn to bold entryways in the homes that I visit—I think it is such a great opportunity to make a memorable first impression. I envision my foyer to look a little something like this (how cool is the giant sunburst mirror?), though with a console table instead of built-in drawers, and an added fresh vase of peonies, please!



Next, we will step into the living room, which is the prime spot for reading, lounging, and hosting game night with friends. I love the variety of prints and textures in this space from the floral print pillows to the horizontal striped rug and wood coffee table piled high with inspiring tomes, just how I like it.


Photo: Domino

Of course, game nights inevitably turn into movie nights (cue the popcorn!), so my home theater would be just a few steps away…this is also where I’d watch all episodes of Mad Men and Lakers Games. While my guests are getting cozy, I would right away conjure up some delicious eats for them to devour, which brings us to my favorite room of all, the kitchen!


The pièce de résistance in any home, the kitchen is where the magic happens. While I am still a very beginner cook, I think a workspace like this would be all the motivation I needed to get into my apron. It reminds me of a Nancy Meyers set—and that woman knows her kitchens! I love every last thing about it, including the giant island, marble countertops, subway tile detailing, long wood table with varied seating, and splash of chalk paint.


Photo: Commune Design

And the only thing better than dinner with friends is an outdoor dinner with friends! Living in beautiful California, this is something to take advantage of year-round, so an open-air setup is a must! Al fresco dining, coming right up….


Once the sun goes down, getting toasty by the outdoor fire and roasting marshmallows seems like the perfect dessert plan. You’re never too old for S’mores, right?


Photo: Domino

Post-mallows, I would invite my guests back inside to check out the bedrooms. Follow me upstairs, but please take your time to admire the cool photo gallery full of snapshots from my travels.



Now, let’s take a peek into my room…how bohemian chic is it? I love the minimalist feel with thoughtfully placed details, like the canopy over the bed, statement yellow wall and single multicolored artwork. Pretty close to perfect!



If you’re sleeping over, you’re of course allowed to borrow whatever you want (I hope you wear a size 9!)—mi closet es su closet! I think closets are a perfect place to make some bold choices, especially if you are weary about doing so in other areas. The one shown here demonstrates this concept beautifully with a patterned rug, sheeny curtains and metallic trunks, which I am obsessed with.



Now, my dream bathroom truly has only three requirements: 1. A free standing tub. 2. A waterfall shower. And 3. Plenty of counter space to hold the cornucopia of beauty products I hoard. This bathroom meets all of those things and then some with cool tile flooring and lots of natural light.



On the way to the guest room, we’ll pass by my office space, which you can make yourself right at home in too. Clearly, every nook of the Amento residence is wi-fi friendly! Notable mentions in this room are the bulletin backdrop and printed seat cushions—I could definitely see myself spending focused hours writing in here.



Finally, we have arrived at the guest bedroom. I chose this one because it felt cohesive with the rest of the house and equally cozy with the added bonus of a fireplace.


The guest bathroom of course connects and also comes complete with its own free standing tub. I love the natural wood shelving and striking chandelier, but think this room would benefit from a little color, so I’d add a vibrant printed rug or hand towels to the mix.


Before you go, there is one more room I want to show you on your way out…a sound studio! Surprised? I have been learning to play piano and would love to practice in a sound-proof spot like this. Plus, I have plenty of musician friends who would take total advantage of a backup rehearsal space. Rock on!

Well, that is all for now! Thank you very much, Paloma for having me—the La Dolce Vita community is truly a special one to be a part of. Next time, I’ll showcase my Venice beachfront digs…and New York City townhome…and Midwest farm haven. Sigh, a girl can dream!

Beautifully Organized: Glasses

Hola! Arianna of Arianna Belle Organized Interiors here! Do you have a designated spot for your glasses/sunglasses? While you can certainly just store them in their cases and in a drawer, for those of us though who tend not to use our belongings when they're hidden away, a good option is to keep them corralled in a tray, which allows them to be out where you can see 'em and easily accessible. This works whether you have two or three pairs (like me)...
or you have several pairs...
Another option is to hang them. A simple sturdy hanger works great.

Or you can attach a chain to the back of a door, like in the photo below left:

Or you can create a DIY organizer (above right and below) using a frame and wire. Find out how to make your own here and here!

Til next time my dears!


image credits: 1- photography by tinywater via the glitter guide; 2- via lonny blog, 3- photography by anh sunstrom via the glitter guide; 4- via apartment therapy, 5-via pretty stuff tumblr, 6-photography by Kim Jeffery for covet garden, 7-cupcakes and cashmere,

Monday, April 23, 2012

Photo of the Day 04.23.12

Pinned Image

I saw this image on Pinterest and unfortunately, I could not find the original source. All I know is that this is a Parisian hotel room, so if anyone knows the provenance of the image, I would sure love to know! Anyhow, let’s get down to business. The bones of this room are stunning—classic Parisian mouldings, high ceilings, a balcony overlooking a glamorous boulevard perhaps. I love the mirrored bed and the screen behind it. It’s such a fresh take on styles we’ve seen before. The classic linens are gorgeous and would look beautiful in any bedroom or hotel room. But can we talk about the elephant, or in this case, giant lamp in the room? The enormous floor lamp definitely makes a huge statement! I think the only place something like this could work might just be in a glamorous hotel room with very high ceilings, but I’m still not 100% sold on the idea. Is this essentially the same as some of what we see during Fashion Week every February and September—fabulous on the runway, but doesn’t quite work in real life? Is this a case of style over substance? Is this over the top fabulous or just plain over the top? Let’s hear it!

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Vintage Remix Fete

Hello it's Erika from small shop! I was so fortunate to have been able to attend a lovely book party on Wednesday night, in Paloma's place. Guests gathered at the treasure trove RUMMAGE in West Hollywood to celebrate the launch of owner Kishani Perera's book, Vintage Remix. A gorgeous setting and only the most supportive collaborators and fans were there to sip, chat, have a few laughs, and get their very own autographed copy of Ms. Perera's exquisite publication. A recap:
Bottom right photo (L to R): Lauren Frederickson and Sara Sugarman of Decorative Carpets, Christian May, Richard Morales, Jill Seidner, and me.
When I got home I had a chance to flip through my very own copy, and was completely blown away by the stunning imagery on every single page. Not only is it completely MY style (and for those who know me, you'll agree) but it is visually rich, thoughtfully laid out, beautifully photographed, and carefully curated. Cannot recommend highly enough. A peek:
I know Paloma was really disappointed she couldn't attend. But don't fret, I picked up her very own gem that she can pour through and be inspired by just like me!
Cheers to the charming and talented Kishani Perera!

Fabulous Room Friday 04.20.2012

Pinned Image

This week, I am loving this beautiful bedroom featured in Better Homes & Gardens. It feels like such a serene respite which is exactly what I’m craving after a busy, busy week. The color palette and gold is accented with pale blue. If you look closely, you’ll notice the blue canopy on the bed is lined with pale pink chevron fabric—a fun and unexpected touch. The pink piping on the trim of the chair in the foreground makes for a nice surprise as well. The mid-century bubble lamps and Lucite table add a fresh, modern air to an otherwise traditional space. Could you see yourself in this room?

Have a wonderful weekend! I will be in High Point for Market until Tuesday, so I’ll “see” you soon!


{Image via}