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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Do Tell: Which trends should go and which should stay?

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When much of your life revolves around design, whether through work or through personal interest, it’s hard to ignore when new trends pop up. I am not someone who is averse to trends, though I am selective about the ones that I embrace and I usually pair them with classic pieces, whether in my wardrobe or in my décor. However, this week, I’ve seen some comments in the blogosphere about people who are completely against trends or who find it contrived to use too many at once. I think personal style is about knowing what to pick and choose, not being a slave to whatever the fashion and shelter magazines are deeming to be on trend. At the end of the day, you should buy what you love.

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Anyhow, this all leads to a question-- I would love to know which trends you’ve had enough of and what you would like to see more of. As I head to High Point tomorrow, it will be interesting to see what is new in interior design, furnishings, and accessories and what feels like an old record being played over again. I’d love to hear your perspective on trends in both interior design and fashion. What are you over and what are you wholeheartedly embracing that you don’t think you’ll get tired of?


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Unknown said...

I totally agree with you- just go with what YOU love! It's so easy to get swayed by what's 'in' according to the blogosphere. That being said, I love that polka dots are having a big moment right now :)

xoxo, Emily


very much love the trend of abstract art right now....i know it's always loved but seems to be the art of choice these days over landscapes, still lifes, etc. also loving overscaled lighting...large interior lanterns, large scale drum shades, etc....loving the trend of gray-ish colored kitchen cabinets.....loving painted furniture more than ever now....and loving gold "ring" pulls!

Unknown said...

can't tell you how much i love this question. can't wait to see the responses.

i'm like you - like to use them sparingly, paired with classics.

but i do love a good trend.
i love all of the watercolor i've been seeing lately from paper to prints.

though i still love a good print... i use chevron occasionally, but see it being over quick.

Life Abroad said...

I'm very over those "keep calm and carry on" posters (or any variation of them).

In fashion, I'm loving cat-eye sunglasses.

Unknown said...

I think fashion differs from interiors - fashion is much more seasonal so it's easier to go with the trends. With interiors, I totally agree, buy what you love, and that often changes over time too. For example, I used to be much more into the colorful Hollywood Regency style, but now it feels old to me. But that just's me!

All in all, too much of one trend is well, too much, no matter if in interiors or fashion! I love to mix it up, both style wise as well as high and low, and new and vintage. To me the best stylists or designers are those that can master that mix!

So perhaps my answer would be: not bored of any trends as long as it's mixed with others. Eclecticism at its finest!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

I'm drawn to clothing and interiors that look as though they've been collected over time. Interiors with lots of trends all at once gives me a headache. Give me classic with a few trends that really respect the existing interiors and give a room a little sizzle any day!

Squeak said...

I enjoy embracing the trends that I love and that suit my decorating style. That said, the trends I'm tired of seeing are:
(1) Books with their covers torn off, books facing backwards, books covered in white paper and books tied up with string. Books are beautiful - quit messing with them.
(2) Suzanis and ikats.
(3) "Keep calm and carry on" in any of its numerous incarnations.

Margaret said...

I am loving te eclectic spaces I am seein lately. They look much more "lived in" than one specific style.

I terms of fashion trends, I love the Lennon-esque sunglasses that have exploded onto the scene.

xo, Margaret

Anonymous said...

I am over imperial trellis wallpaper!

Unknown said...

Can we just hang on to stripes, dots, and gorgeous color combos forever?! Also, I have a weakness for bows and all things belted or tucked in to show off a defined waistline. Femininity at its finest!

Great {First Grade} Expectations

Anonymous said...

Tired of the Swedish look and reclaimed furniture everywhere...

And also everything geometric- I think it is overused

Anonymous said...

Soo sick of every bright geometric. It's everywhere , and overdone.

L.A. in the bay said...

I love to know what is going to be trending before it happens, and then also love to participate in the trend as well. BUT, I just feel like no one is unique anymore. EVERYONE is wearing floral pants, pastels, neons, etc. I love them all individually, but when everyone is doing it, it isn't as much fun!

The Peak of Tres Chic said...

I am not completely against trends, but I do try to stick to what I know I love and what works for my body when it comes to fashion. It's fun to follow the trends and perhaps even blog about them, but at the end of the day, there is only so much that I will implement in to my own life.

cindy hattersley design said...

Totally agree with Sara of Saras Fab Day. Whenever I do something too trendy in my own home I regret it. Is anyone getting tired of gray or is it just me?

Anonymous said...

Please keep pops of neon (for furniture and clothes)It makes me happy!!

Hug said...

I don't think I really have something I'm tired of when it comes to interior design. Because like everythingvin life everything has to be in moderation.
Thar being said, I love that we see more and more color in interior design, mainly in home accessories.
And I LOVE the batches if framed pic and art that hang on one wall.

Scribbler said...

Since you asked...
Ditto to what Squeak said.
Also -- Burlap; Zebra fake and real; the pseudo-rustic Belgian look.

Meaghan [for a song] said...

I love trends, not for the style in itself but for the suggestion of new ideas. For example, maybe I don't love the neons that are sweeping fashion and decor, but I'm drawn to the idea of bringing more color in neutral spaces. You don't have to fully embrace a trend to take inspiration from it- trends are great because they keep things fresh and push your boundaries!

Sylvie said...

Things I'm completely tired of:
1. Gallery Walls. Yuck city. Most of them just look messy.
2. Ikat.
3. Chevron. It will never be anything but a gas station to me.

Things I will NEVER tire of:
1. White, light kitchens.

Anonymous said...

I'm not usually a trend follower, but for once, I love a lot of things that are in, both in fashion and in interior design.

I love bright colors, coral and tangerine, global prints, persian rugs, wallpaper, bronze, chevron and zebra, de gournay, and all the animals in design.

I feel like I need to buy them all up (as soon as I get some money lol) before they disappear again. I don't care if people are over them, I loved them before they were in and I'll still love them once everyone else goes back to beige and white.

That being said, I do hate those Keep Calm posters (and typography art in general) and I'm getting sick of star burst mirrors.

DD said...

It seems like a lot of your followers have the right idea when it comes to the collective/eclectic look. Now thats personal style!

As for trends, I've always been into color so I'm def. embracing the color blocking trend as well as the over-dye rugs that have been happening all over the place!

Nicole :D

Unknown said...

I'm over the chevron pattern unfortunately. Maybe if I wasn't in the blogosphere I wouldn't be so sick of it, but it's EVERYWHERE - curtains, dressers, pillows. I love traditional furniture with modern textiles and lamps to amp up a room. I love dark, dark bedrooms or bathrooms if there is ample natural lighting, but don't have the balls to pull the trigger on that one.

Nat said...

I think as a blogger it's easy to be over trends because you see them done over and over again but my friends who don't have blogs or read blogs have just starting loving trends like chevron or Keep calm posters that most bloggers are over. I personally will never tire of a white and black kitchen and lucite furniture!

Lori said...

I'm one of the guilty parties. I said that I was over the phrase "a pop of color" as well as some trendy design elements.

Most of the things thought of as "trends" are just cycling back around - lucite, starburst mirrors, graphic patterns, brass, tribal (Beni) rugs, ikats & suzanis, abstract art etc. These things are not new. They can all be used effectively in timeless interiors IF they are not used all together.

The most celebrated spaces use classic elements with some modern references. They don't use all the tricks in the same space. That works for fleeting fashion, but not in a home.

Unknown said...

There are some trends that I don't mind following, but when it comes to designing spaces, I want my homes to last. Would love to run into you at High Point. I'm already here. Are you going to be at the Decor Mentor party on Saturday?

sue smith said...

Very tired of:
1. chevron
2. horse photography
3. too polished nailhead (tone it down and it looks classic)
4. keep calm carry on (huge ditto)
5. CORAL-the plant (or is it an animal?), not the color. Love the color, always.
6. cm dragon

will forever love:
animal print, zebra rugs, contrasting piping, bright dhurries, colorful gourd lamps, asian influences, persian rugs, hammered metal, geodes.

Marianne Brown said...

I love these comments! I ditto so many of you - but yes, let's see less Chevron and framed quotes such as the "Be Calm.."

Personally I never get tired of clean lined furniture, White, Gold, Black + a good leather + Chrome. Everything else is an accent and can be changed with the evolving styles!

Anonymous said...

Seagrass, linen slipcovers, zebra rugs, Moira clocks, railroad clocks, over accessorized spaces, industrial lights hanging in kitchens, flatscreens hung over fireplaces, and blog authors who delete comments because of their own insecurities.