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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Series: Closet Confidential

I am very excited to welcome La Dolce Vita’s newest contributor, Liz Schneider of Sequins & Stripes today! Liz is a Chicago-based fashion stylist and blogger and she will regularly be sharing her fashion insight with us here on LDV.


{Liz Schneider}
Hi there! It's Liz Schneider from the fashion and style blog, Sequins & Stripes, and I am thrilled to be a new contributor on LDV sharing my favorite fashion tips and trends in a new series called "Closet Confidential." I have so many exciting + stylish ideas for future posts but I thought what better way to dive into a new series than with a sense of style that all of us strive to obtain; effortless style.
Clearly, it doesn't take much to appear effortless. Start with one piece that makes a statement, whether it be a pair of patent pink shoes, adorable tortoise sunglasses, a mix of feminine + edgy elements, casual tennis shoes, or a metallic skirt. Build you outfit based on this piece and layer with a few basics from your closet, add a top knot on your head, and off you go! The less thought the better, here are a few statement pieces to get you started...
...add a little confidence and everyone on the streets will be turning their heads!
Until next time, have a stylish week!
{images via My Style Pinboard}


Brooke @ ShemmyShake said...

Great items, especially loving the cheetah print blazer. Effortless style is the best. :)

Bailey@peppermintbliss said...

Liz- Imma need you to make me over this summer. For reals!

Unknown said...

I love Liz- she has such great style! So glad I will be seeing her on LDV.

xoxo, Emily

Unknown said...

So excited about this new column, thanks Paloma!

{The Design Daredevil} Jessie D. Miller said...

Love Liz's blog and style...excited for this series. I need sooooooo much help with "Effortless Style" I am always in either sweat pants or all dressed up....I need to learn how to manage a comfortable everyday look that is fashionable, but unstuffy.

Unknown said...

I love all these tyles! Envying a polka dot chiffon dress, love the stripes with metallic, etc. Lovely inspiration.
Now I wanna go shopping!

Squeak said...

What a great idea for a column!

Don't forget your older readers. Please show some clothes suitable for 50+ women. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love me some Liz Schneider!!! Fabulous picks, lady!!! xox Elizabeth

Natalie said...

I'll take one of each, please! :) Love this!

gigi said...

love! thanks so much for sharing this...what an easy way to dress up every day.



food and beauty blogger

Victoria R. said...

Where is that blue bag from, darling? I must have it - please share! :)

Unknown said...

Love Liz and her effortless style!! I can't wait to follow this new series!!!


Dominique @