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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dream Home: Jessica Amento of The Zoe Report

Today’s bohemian chic “Dream Home” comes to us from Jessica Amento, the Editorial Director of Rachel Zoe’s wildly popular, The Zoe Report. Jessica’s fabulous style is definitely reflected in her dream home. Enjoy!

Hi La Dolce Vita readers! As a daily devotee of Paloma’s blog for over a year now (I was a late bloomer!), it is beyond a pleasure to partake in the Dream Home series. I will say that it was much more challenging than I anticipated, but in the best possible way…a crash course on what I would love to do for real some day! Without further adieu, please take a tour of my humble abode. Being that I am a West Coast girl through and through (disclaimer: I am truly a Midwest transplant), my ideal residence would definitely be nestled somewhere in East LA or the Hollywood Hills. Something Spanish style with plenty of greenery and a palm tree or two.



I am always drawn to bold entryways in the homes that I visit—I think it is such a great opportunity to make a memorable first impression. I envision my foyer to look a little something like this (how cool is the giant sunburst mirror?), though with a console table instead of built-in drawers, and an added fresh vase of peonies, please!



Next, we will step into the living room, which is the prime spot for reading, lounging, and hosting game night with friends. I love the variety of prints and textures in this space from the floral print pillows to the horizontal striped rug and wood coffee table piled high with inspiring tomes, just how I like it.


Photo: Domino

Of course, game nights inevitably turn into movie nights (cue the popcorn!), so my home theater would be just a few steps away…this is also where I’d watch all episodes of Mad Men and Lakers Games. While my guests are getting cozy, I would right away conjure up some delicious eats for them to devour, which brings us to my favorite room of all, the kitchen!


The pièce de résistance in any home, the kitchen is where the magic happens. While I am still a very beginner cook, I think a workspace like this would be all the motivation I needed to get into my apron. It reminds me of a Nancy Meyers set—and that woman knows her kitchens! I love every last thing about it, including the giant island, marble countertops, subway tile detailing, long wood table with varied seating, and splash of chalk paint.


Photo: Commune Design

And the only thing better than dinner with friends is an outdoor dinner with friends! Living in beautiful California, this is something to take advantage of year-round, so an open-air setup is a must! Al fresco dining, coming right up….


Once the sun goes down, getting toasty by the outdoor fire and roasting marshmallows seems like the perfect dessert plan. You’re never too old for S’mores, right?


Photo: Domino

Post-mallows, I would invite my guests back inside to check out the bedrooms. Follow me upstairs, but please take your time to admire the cool photo gallery full of snapshots from my travels.



Now, let’s take a peek into my room…how bohemian chic is it? I love the minimalist feel with thoughtfully placed details, like the canopy over the bed, statement yellow wall and single multicolored artwork. Pretty close to perfect!



If you’re sleeping over, you’re of course allowed to borrow whatever you want (I hope you wear a size 9!)—mi closet es su closet! I think closets are a perfect place to make some bold choices, especially if you are weary about doing so in other areas. The one shown here demonstrates this concept beautifully with a patterned rug, sheeny curtains and metallic trunks, which I am obsessed with.



Now, my dream bathroom truly has only three requirements: 1. A free standing tub. 2. A waterfall shower. And 3. Plenty of counter space to hold the cornucopia of beauty products I hoard. This bathroom meets all of those things and then some with cool tile flooring and lots of natural light.



On the way to the guest room, we’ll pass by my office space, which you can make yourself right at home in too. Clearly, every nook of the Amento residence is wi-fi friendly! Notable mentions in this room are the bulletin backdrop and printed seat cushions—I could definitely see myself spending focused hours writing in here.



Finally, we have arrived at the guest bedroom. I chose this one because it felt cohesive with the rest of the house and equally cozy with the added bonus of a fireplace.


The guest bathroom of course connects and also comes complete with its own free standing tub. I love the natural wood shelving and striking chandelier, but think this room would benefit from a little color, so I’d add a vibrant printed rug or hand towels to the mix.


Before you go, there is one more room I want to show you on your way out…a sound studio! Surprised? I have been learning to play piano and would love to practice in a sound-proof spot like this. Plus, I have plenty of musician friends who would take total advantage of a backup rehearsal space. Rock on!

Well, that is all for now! Thank you very much, Paloma for having me—the La Dolce Vita community is truly a special one to be a part of. Next time, I’ll showcase my Venice beachfront digs…and New York City townhome…and Midwest farm haven. Sigh, a girl can dream!


Ashley Turner said...

Gorgeous! Love the outdoor fireplace and the closet is amazing!

My Notting Hill said...

Great dream home! Especially love those bathrooms.

{The Design Daredevil} Jessie D. Miller said...

What a treat to see things through the eyes of the woman at the Zoe Report! I also love that foyer, but I dig the floating shelves. Also love the fab outdoor areas!

Emily said...

Oh my! This is yummy.....

Amanda said...

LOVE the bed with the canopy without all the posts!!



designchic said...

Oh, I want the bathroom...gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

DREAM home! this is sooo santa barabra and i love it! Hugs form California! xx,
The Golden Girls

How2home said...

We definitely have the same view for the perfect bathroom, free standing tub, shower and tons of more thing for me is a must is tiles on the floor. Beautiful inspiration photos. Can't wait to have my own dream house!

Jo said...

I'll sleep in that gorgeous closet! Thanks for the lovely post.

How2home said...

im wondering which contractor would be the best to do bathroom reno in Toronto...any recommendations?

Lakisha Zimmerer said...

I’ve been quite fascinated with bathrooms painted completely with white. I just find it very neat and stylish. That photo of your dream bathroom is particularly beautiful! It’s simple, but every space is well-utilized and very functional.