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Friday, April 30, 2010

Fabulous Room Friday 04.30.10

bedroom nuevoestilo

I am loving this bedroom from Nuevo Estilo. Maybe it’s the fact that I have a million things on my to-do list and I would love nothing more than to lounge in a room like this all day. The soft grey tones of the beautiful headboard, drapes, and exposed beams, paired with the gorgeous peacock blue hue of the sofa and the bright colors in the rug is perfection. It looks like an ideal place to rest and recharge one’s batteries or spend a leisurely day reading a stack of magazines and books. Despite all of the furniture, the room still feels rather spacious. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a terrace like this off one’s bedroom? It would be even lovelier if said terrace was in Spain just like this!

Thank you all so much for your support and well wishes on my new gig as Houston Contributor on PinkMemo. It means so much! I am signing off for today. Fabian’s birthday is on Sunday and I still have a million things to do for it. Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Did you get the memo?


The PinkMemo that is! I am thrilled and honored to have been asked to be the Houston Contributor for PinkMemo, a fabulous online fashion magazine “dedicated to reporting international fashion, style, and luxury and lifestyle news, yet also offers detail-oriented, city-based micro sites for both New York and Dallas. Trend reports, runway reviews, fashion news, shopping scoop, event coverage and exclusive interviews with emerging and leading fashion designers make PinkMemo an essential destination for all fashion, shopping and style devotees.”

PinkMemo is launching microsites in Los Angeles and London this year with several cities to follow in 2011. The magazine is led by founder and glamorous British expat, Maxine Trowbridge formerly of Ocean Drive Magazine and Editor-in-Chief, Katrina Szish who has worked at publications such as Vogue, InStyle, GQ, and Us Weekly. I couldn’t be more excited to work alongside such talented women.

I just started contributing to PinkMemo last week, but you can read my article from last week here and today’s article on Tiny Boxwoods here. My official bio should be up soon, so be sure to visit often!


P.S. You can sign up to have PinkMemo delivered to your inbox. Membership is free and comes with perks like shopping discounts and invitations to exclusive events. Plus, registered members have the ability to make themselves heard by leaving comments on all features and blog posts!

BoBo Intriguing Objects

Have you all seen BoBo Intriguing Objects’ showroom at High Point? It was housed in the old High Point jail, which is quite fitting for the eclectic brand. I love that they chose an historic local site for their showroom. While I am not one to decorate solely with vintage industrial pieces, I certainly think it is fun to incorporate a few things here and there. My husband loves this look and is naturally intrigued by the provenance of such finds.

{Isn’t this mirror amazing? I have been on the hunt for something like this, but am yet to find something that isn’t outrageously expensive.}

{Another Fabulous Mirror: I’ve never seen a frame quite like this one.}

{How fun are those big Champagne bottles?}

{These pieces have a softer quality to them. I wonder if the clock is just resting on top of the secretary or if it is all one piece.}


Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This or That Follow-Up: Home No. 2’s Interior

tupper lake11

I know I have said before that I love the fact that blogging has allowed me to establish connections that would not have been possible otherwise. Yesterday, I posted a little game called “This or That?: Home Elevations”. Well, it certainly is a small world because I received an e-mail from the owner of House No.2 (The Coastal House) last night and I received another e-mail from the owner of House No. 1 (The Spanish-Style House). Both homeowners were extremely gracious and gave me some great  background information on their beautiful homes.

I was elated when Virginia, the owner of the Coastal home told me the name of her architect and shared some photos of the home’s interior with me. It is even better inside! I could just picture this home on the New England Coast or even in the California Wine Country. It is classic and elegant, but maintains an inviting level of comfort, which is only natural seeing as how it is home to a family of six. This unique home was designed by architect Dillon Kyle and built by Black Diamond Builders. The interiors were designed by the homeowner, a self-professed “design-junkie”.

tupper lake9

{The homeowners wanted a home with a “contemporary Southern” feel.}

tupper lake10{Virginia and her family love watching the light change throughout the day. An abundance of windows and French doors allow natural light to flood through the house all day long.}

tupper lake8

{I love the paint color in the library. Like the rest of the house, it feels elegant, but relaxed. I love the lucite tables and X-benches. The family dog, LuLu is darling!}

tupper lake7

{Virginia describes her home as “a happy house”. I would certainly agree!} How amazing are those big, grey doors?}tupper lake6 {View from the Fabulous Kitchen into the Family Room}

tupper lake5 {Is this not the most amazing space? I could spend hours in that kitchen. Not only does it seem like a great house for entertaining, it seems like such a great place to live. The house seems to flow so well and while there is a somewhat formal element, everything is so functional and inviting.}

tupper lake4 {I love the oversized chandelier in the study. In fact, the entire home features beautiful lighting.}

tupper lake2 {The Beautiful Master Bedroom}

tupper lake

{The color palette from the rest of the home was carried into the master bathroom.}

tupper lake3 {The bedroom above the garage features Bermuda shutters.}


Image Credit: Casey Dunn via Dillon Kyle Architects

10 Things I Can’t Live Without: This is Glamorous

{this is glamorous}

Today’s “10 Things” guest blogger doesn’t need an introduction as she seems to be a favorite of most blog readers. Roseline Lohr of This is Glamorous creates some of the most thoughtful and visually stunning posts in the blogosphere. The press has definitely taken notice of this blogger’s enormous talent as she was recently featured in Lucky Magazine.

ldv-gp-cupcakes3[2] {celebrations}
. . . whether a new pair of shoes or a new career, a lovely blog comment or a magazine feature, life is short and sweet and every moment -- however small or grand-scale -- is worth celebrating.

ldv-gp-romantic[1] {pretty, girly things}
. . . smokey eyes and upswept hair, diamonds, pearls, and fluttering eyelashes, pink and lace and ruffles -- have always adored these and all wonderfully feminine and perfectly romantic things . . .

ldv-gp-memories[2] {memories}
. . . film tickets from late-summer nights, champagne corks and boarding passes, hazy photographs and beautiful love letters -- always keep small remembrances and nearly always a camera on hand to capture life's many beautiful moments . . .

ldv-gp-ocean[1] {seaside dreams}
. . . there is nothing quite like the intoxicating lull of crashing, crashing waves and soft, sandy shores on sunlit afternoons to fill the world with endless possibilities . . .

ldv-gp-paris[1] {traveling}
. . . whether a weekend away or a week in paris, beautiful adventures in far-off places is one of life's loveliest things . . .

ldv-gp-dresser[1] {everyday luxuries}
. . . a weekly bouquet of fresh flowers or a glass of vintage champagne, a perfectly scented candle or a new pair of heels — everyday luxuries add a little elegance to busy, busy days . . .

ldv-gp-sparklingthings[1]{glittering things}
. . . sequins and lucite, gold and glass, mirrors and chandeliers -- glittering things have the wonderful affect of transforming anything into pure glamour . . .

. . . adore all the seasons, but a summer girl at heart -- butterflies and fireflies, and late afternoon gardens, picnics and sultry evening breezes -- there's nothing quite like summertime . . .

ldv-gp-chandeliers[2] {hopes & dreams}
. . . fairytales and daydreams, and most of all, happily ever after are the things that make the world go round . . .

ldv-gp-love[1] {love, love, love}
. . . because there is nothing quite like coming home at the end of a hectic day to the warmth and wonder of love

{images: one; two; three; four; five; six; seven; eight; nine; ten}

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Don’t forget! The Hills and The City Return Tonight

{Heidi Montag 3.0, Audrina Patridge, and Kristen Cavallari toast to putting the series to bed.}

Don’t forget to tune in for all of the drama as The Hills wraps things up in its sixth and final season. I must admit, last season wasn’t nearly as good without Lauren Conrad and things just seem more and more fabricated each season. However, I still plan to watch! Speaking of fabricated, Heidi reveals her new face and body to her mom tonight. I watched a good part of the marathon on MTV this weekend and it made me so sad to see what she used to look like in earlier seasons. Why, Heidi?

the city

{The Girls of The City: Erin Andrews, Roxy Olin, Whitney Port, and Olivia Palermo}

I am very excited to get my fashion fix from the new season of The City. Olivia always sports the most inspiring ensembles, but from the previews, it seems that she really lets her mean streak show this season. It should make for good television, at least. I am also looking forward to seeing the gorgeous Whitney officially launch her clothing line while receiving advice from her mentor, the fabulous Kelly Cutrone along the way. Who do you guys think will leave ELLE? Surely Erin and Olivia can’t carry on the way the have been!

The fun starts tonight at 9:00 pm CST. Be sure to come back and let me know what you thought!

This or That?: Home Elevations

this or that

I often like to play a little game with my husband or even on my own, where you are faced with two options and must choose the one that appeals to you the most. For example: Paris or Barcelona? Chanel or Dior? The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? You get the drift. I thought it would be fun to do “This or That?” features on La Dolce Vita from time to time because I love hearing your opinions and learning more about my readers.

Today’s “This or That?” is a toughie. It presented itself to me when I was driving through one of Houston’s most exclusive neighborhoods, Tanglewood last week. I turned onto this particular street and didn’t know whether to look to my left or my right! On the right, there was a gorgeous Spanish Mediterranean house and on the left another beauty in more of a Coastal style. I asked myself, “Paloma, if you could have either of these houses, which one would you choose?”. It really was a nearly impossible decision because they are both so gorgeous, but as you can see, they are completely different.this or that home1

April 2010 005I have long admired this home and even included it in my post on Tanglewood a couple of years ago. There are many “Mediterranean-Inspired” homes in Houston, but a lot of them are a bit on the tacky side. This has so many gorgeous details and is reminiscent of a 1920’s California Spanish-style home. Isn’t a beauty?

 April 2010 007 {The Lovely Entrance}


April 2010 006

{More Details}

this or that home

April 2010 002

{I have to say that pictures do not do this house justice. While it is undoubtedly an attractive house, it is even more stunning in person. Notice all of the French doors. They are on the backside of the house as well. Just imagine all of the gorgeous light that must flood in. Outside, in front of each set of doors, hang the most beautiful turquoise lanterns.}

April 2010 004

{Another Lantern in the Port Cochere}

April 2010 001

{This house reminds me so much of Erika of Urban Grace. If you are familiar with her work, then you know that is a very good thing!}

this or that2

So, it’s definitely a tough choice. Both homes are gorgeous, but are obviously very different in style. I wish I could see the interiors! Did you have a visceral response to either one or did you go back and forth like I did? Which would you choose?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Small Wonders

ron marvin2

Apartment Therapy’s Small, Cool 2010 design contest is well under way. It is always such an inspiration to see how much style people can fit into spaces as small as less than 400 square feet. A couple of years ago, I first learned of talented New York-based interior designer, Ron Marvin when his teeny tiny apartment (pictured above) was a finalist in the contest. This year, there are so many lovely spaces! Here are a few of my personal favorites.

{This chic space in Hamilton Heights, NYC belongs to fellow blogger, Nicole of So Haute.}

{Adam of Houston, TX (Go Houston!)}

{Usheen of Kips Bay, NYC}

{Beth of Sausalito, CA}

{Holy shizzle! Natalie’s San Francisco studio apartment is only 285 square feet.}

{I love Anu’s Clayton Missouri apartment. With all of those fabulous patterns, she is definitely a girl after my own heart!}

{Madelene’s apartment in Eskilstuna, Sweden}

{I love the moody palette Jeremy used in his tiny 415 square foot Chicago apartment.}


Which of these spaces caught your eye? The finalists were announced on Apartment Therapy today and voting will continue in various rounds until May 10th.