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Friday, January 31, 2014

Fabulous Room Friday 01.31.14

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 4.52.49 PM
This week’s “Fabulous Room” is an open living/dining space in an ultra-chic flat in the heart of Madrid. Designed by Luis Puerta, the rooms feature a stylish mix of antiquities and modern pieces. There is a special brand of chic eclecticism that the Spanish do better than almost anyone and this room exemplifies that. You have the relaxed comfort of a slipcovered within feet of occasional tables with polished chrome legs and a luxe silk velvet sofa. That very same space, housed in a 19th century building, features original herringbone floors and a reproduction of a Roman statue.
Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 4.55.42 PM
The juxtaposition of elements is precisely what makes this space so special and so very stylish. One of my favorite elements throughout this home is the way in which Puerta utilized mirrors and large scale art to play upon the scale of the flat which is most likely a lot smaller than it appears given the use of these very clever elements. Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 4.55.30 PM
{The custom, antiqued mirrors flanking the fireplace open up the room tremendously.}
Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 4.55.59 PM  
{The dining room is just a few feet behind the sofa. Puerta has again juxtaposed several elements like the clean-lined, modern dining table with the classical Louis XVI chairs upholstered in beautiful mink-colored linen. The large mirror, antique mirrored pedestal topped with a coral specimen, and the artfully arranged branches further play upon the scale of the space. I adore the elegant simplicity of the dining area. It is so beautiful.
Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 4.55.17 PM {Technically, the foyer is its own separate space, but I couldn’t resist sharing it with you. It is the epitome of chic.}
Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 5.11.03 PM
{I love the contrast of the sleek console table, striking, large-scaled photograph, and marble lamp against the cornices atop pedestals and the gilded mirror next to the front door. Upon researching Luis Puerta, I found out that his bachelors’ degree is in the study of Art and Antiquities. Needless to say, his passion shines through his work.

{Image Source: Nuevo Estilo Magazine}

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Currently Obsessed: January 2014

{Mary McDonald and Nathan Turner in her Kitchen-- I love these two!}

TV Show(s): I haven't watched any new shows since I binged on Scandal over the holidays. My husband is finally coming home today after being in Las Vegas for market for seven days, so I watched a marathon of Million Dollar Decorators over the weekend. I loved that show! I'm so sad that it didn't get picked up for a third season. Apparently, shows about high-end residential interior design only appeal to a very niche market.

Song: I cannot get enough of Ellie Goulding's "Explosions". It is hauntingly beautiful.

Instagrammer: Jamie Beck @AnnStreetStudio seems to have a new adventure every week and she captures it all with her amazing talent as a professional photographer. Her Instagram is full of eye candy!

{I recently repined this casual chic ensemble by Sincerely Jules via Kerri Rosenthal}

Pinterest: I just found artist, Kerri Rosenthal's Pinterest boards the other day and immediately got sucked in. She has amazing taste.

Fashion Muse: Miranda Kerr always looks flawless. She could wear a potato sack and look gorgeous.

Inspiring Designer: Tilton + Fenwick designers, Suysel de Pedro Cunningham and Anne Maxwell Foster have always inspired me through their penchant for color and their great knack for mixing prints and textures. Naturally, I am thrilled about their new line of fabrics for Duralee. I am planning to use a few of their patterns in a current client project.

{Rich Moss Green Walls at the Tory Burch Flagship Store on Madison Avenue}

Color: I'm still crushing on Moss Green. It is my current obsession and I am exited to be using it in a new client's house.

Inspiring Quote: "She who dares, wins."- Unknown

Drink du Jour: I'm super excited to visit Swanson Vineyards again when we go to Napa in a couple of weeks. Swanson's Creative Director, Alexis Swanson Traina is the creative genius behind Modern House Wines, which are now available at Target for under $13 a bottle. It's a smooth, delicious red blend with the best packaging which makes it perfect for a hostess gift. Read more about the partnership between Target and Modern House Wines in this great interview.

Triumph: I will be speaking on a panel about the business of blogging at the Design Bloggers Conference in March and am so thankful for the opportunity to share some of what I've learned over the past six and a half years as a blogger. I am also extremely honored to be nominated for "Best Overall Design Blog" in their Annual Hall of Fame Awards. Voting is still open and you can vote for your favorite blogs here.

Guilty Pleasure: Vanderpump Rules-- don't judge! It has gotten so juicy over the last couple of episodes. Stassi has to be the most manipulative person I've ever seen and somehow, she always gets away with it. Craziness! She has some pretty good one-liners, though.
Favorite Accessory: I recently added a black Cinco Powell tassel to my Annabel Ingall tote from A Bientot and I love the way it looks. It adds a fun touch of personality.

Trips being Planned: We're counting down the days until Napa and San Francisco! I cannot wait. If you have any last minute recommendations, I am all ears.
Speaking of being all ears-- let's hear it! What are you currently obsessed with?

Get the Look: Red Carpet Style for Daytime

Hello LDV readers, Valerie from chronicles of him & her back today with my second “Get the Look” post! If you remember, my post is about taking inspirational celebrity looks and providing us with ways to recreate them in our own closet.

Today’s post is all about award season. Whether it is the Grammys, Sag Awards, Golden Globes or Oscars, celebrities have been debuting amazing looks down the red carpets. While I don’t have many black-tie affairs on my calendar, I think we can still use the formal looks as inspiration for our daily lives...whether it is hair & make-up or the accessories & shoes. Here are a few of the looks on my radar…

Shop the Look:
PS: Thank you for having me, Paloma! I hope you will visit me at chronicles of him & her or via Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter!
{image source:}

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Two Styles, One Room: Masculine and Feminine Family Room

Hello La Dolce Vita readers, it is Rebecca and Paula from Sea Island Drive again with our second installment of Two Styles, One Room.  Today we are looking at a space that perfectly marries masculine and feminine.  The result is beyond gorgeous!

Those. Black. Walls.  

Lets just say it, they immediately grab our attention.  The color is so unexpected and brings a masculine edge to the room from the very first impression.  Without the soft and more feminine rug, and the vibrant colors of both the blanket and the bright floral centerpiece, the sleek lines of the accent chair and the rustic nature of the cocktail table could easily verge on 'bachelor pad.'  (Albeit a very chic bachelor pad.)  Yet, it all comes together so gracefully that we can really picture ourselves curled up on that plush sectional catching up on some good girl talk.

The masculine and feminine clearly juxtapose each other yet seamlessly come together. Why? Well the distinctly masculine point of this room is the black paint. The walls are the perfect backdrop - moody and strong - to set off the feminine, more traditional and timeless nature of the ornate rug. The clean-lined, yet soft, sectional, the timelessly minimal leather sling chair, and the nature inspired cocktail table all speak to both styles. In this room, the furniture is the median point, the bridge that joins the two styles.

Almost like how the love of handbags and salsa joined the two of us together.

Shop Masculine

Shop Feminine

The Marriage of the Two

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

LDV Gift Guide: Valentine's Day Edition

Can you believe February is just around the corner? Our upcoming trip to Napa and San Francisco happens to fall during Valentine's Day. We didn't really plan it that way, it just so happens that the dates worked for us, so it'll be a welcome opportunity for a romantic holiday. Needless to say, the trip is a big treat between flights, nice hotels, dinners, and wine tastings, so Fabian and I won't be exchanging any other gifts this year. As cheesy as Valentine's Day can be, I welcome any chance to revel in love and show those dearest to me how loved they are. Plus, I actually really love pink and red! Here are a few stylish gifts in a Valentine's Day-inspired pink and red palette that are sure to put a smile on your sweetie's face on February 14th.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Do you exchange gifts with your significant other or stick to Valentine's staples like flowers and chocolates?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Jet Set: J.K. Place Roma

{As a blogger, decorator, and general design addict, I appreciate a lot of design styles, but Michele Bonan's work resonates with me on a a very different level. At my core, this is the style I love most, what speaks to me more than anything else-- a mix of classic and modern, a refined palette with a touch of bold patterns and a pop of color. I just can't get enough.} 

I have been a big fan of Italian architect and interior designer, Michele Bonan's work for several years now, so naturally, I am always thrilled to learn about one of his new projects. Most recently, Bonan worked with Ori Kafri, owner of the ultra-chic J.K. Place Florence and J.K. Place Capri hotels to open the brand's latest outpost in the Eternal City of Rome, the J.K. Place Roma. Situated in a 19th century building that previously housed the University of Rome's school of architecture in a prime location near the Spanish Steps, this new hotel follows in the footsteps of the other J.K. hotels, combining spectacular, historic architecture with modern interiors and an unparalleled level of bespoke luxury. 

Featuring just 30 rooms in various sizes and levels of decadence, this stunning property is also home to a restaurant, the J.K. Cafe, and an expertly-curated library filled with stylish tomes on a variety of subjects. Proprietor Kafri recently told Travel + Leisure, "I love to combine the familiarity of staying with friends and the efficiency of staying in a large, five star hotel." The formula seems to be working rather well at all of the J.K. Hotels. I know where I want to stay the next time I visit Italy! 

{The Spectacular Lobby at the J.K. Place Roma}

{How amazing are the marble door frames? The architecture of the room itself is beautiful, but the chic furnishings take the space to a whole new level.}

{I love the sleek lines of the furniture and lighting juxtaposed against the quintessentially Roman statues.}

{So many chic contrasts-- notice the amazing sconces, too.}

{Rosewood-lined walls in the bar at the J.K. Cafe create a warm, mid-century inspired vibe.}

{Couldn't you picture Don Draper and Roger Sterling of Mad Men chatting up some pretty young things in this bar?}

{As a designer, I learn so much from studying the rooms created by the designers I most admire. Bonan's work is a study in contrasts filled with beautiful details everywhere you turn while Kafri is a master at creating an intimate, personal experience at his hotel properties.}

{It's interesting to me that the more formal areas of the hotel seem to have a more restrained color palette while the more casual areas are done in vibrant colors. There is nothing shy about this room. Notice the saffron yellow taffeta silk wall covering in the background.}

{I love the Italian sputnik-style chandelier in the lounge. It really makes the room.}

{The library is another favorite space of mine. I love the mix of mid-century inspired furniture with the Moroccan Beni Ourain rug and the richness of the wood-lined walls.}

{Another View of the Library}

{More taffeta silk walls, this time in peacock blue in a corridor. The look is divine!}

{An Elegant Suite at the J.K. Place Roma}

{A Well-Appointed Room at the J.K. Place Roma}

{I am in love with the fixtures and fittings in the gorgeous bathrooms! How insane is the striped marble tile in the shower and water closet?}

{A Closer Look at the Striped-Marble Walls-- SO good!}

This Week's Quote

Friday, January 24, 2014

Fabulous Room Friday 01.24.14

This week's fabulous room is a truly beautiful bedroom by one of my favorite designers, Steven Gambrel. Lately, I have been loving canopied beds, so I was immediately drawn to this room. This appears to be a custom upholstered bed paired with a custom canopy and hangings in Corelli cotton and Scalamandre trim. The canopy works with the exceptionally tall ceilings in the room while making it feel less cavernous. Aside from the bed, one of my favorite things about this bedroom is the chic contrasts found throughout. The custom black paint by Fine Paints of Europe provides a dramatic backdrop for the neutral light grey and ivory textiles throughout the space. In addition you'll notice the marble inlay on the fireplace mantle and beautiful brass, art deco-inspired Cornice Hanging Lanterns from Circa Lighting also provide chic, contrasting focal points. Overall, this bedroom feels refined and glamorous. The color palette and choice of furnishings makes it truly timeless in my book.

Are you loving canopied beds as much as I am? How do you feel about the black walls in this room? Would you ever dare to go that dark? Have a wonderful weekend!

{Image Source: Eric Piasecki for House Beautiful}