Monday, January 13, 2014

Red Carpet Recap: 2014 Golden Globes

It's official-- awards season is underway! It's an exciting time of year for those of us who love television, film, and of course, fashion. I don't pretend to be a true authority on fashion, but I know what I love and what looks good, so it's always fun to have a glass of wine and see what all of the beautiful actresses turn up in. First of all, co-host Amy Poehler made my "Best Dressed" list, but she and Tina Fey really killed it last night. They looked beautiful and were hilarious and endearing. They had me in stitches the entire night! As an added bonus in last night's awards, Woody Allen received the Cecil B. Demilel Lifetime Achievement Award. I adore Woody's sense of humor and all of his films that I've ever watched, both old and new. It's just too bad he wasn't there to accept the award. Overall, I thought the awards were really entertaining. What did you think? Did you enjoy the broadcast? How about the fashion? Whose looks were your favorite?

{I've been going back and forth about who would be my top choice for "Best Dressed". Lupita Nyong'o looked absolutely stunning in her red Ralph Lauren gown complete with a chic cape. She looks flawless, but I keep thinking back to Gwyneth Paltrow's Tom Ford cape moment a couple of years ago, so I have to deduct a point for originality. 

{Cate Blanchett looked beautiful in her black lace Armani gown. Her performance in Blue Jasmine was amazing. I really enjoyed the film and I always love how regal she looks in just about anything. The woman would look like royalty in a potato sack!}

{Speaking of regal elegance, Michelle Dockery looked so chic in her Oscar de la Renta gown. The fit is absolutely perfect and the color looks gorgeous on her alabaster skin when it would have likely washed anyone else out a bit too much.}

{Newcomer Margot Robbie from The Wolf of Wall Street looked stunning in her white, jewel-encrusted Gucci gown. The look is chic and sexy-- perfect for someone who is new on the scene!}

{I don't think I would have ever picked out this dress myself, but Zoe Saldana looked so fabulous in this gown created by Prabal Gurung with her in mind. She looks incredibly chic and I love that she kept the accessories simple.}
{I adore Amy Adams and am glad that she won the Golden Globe for American Hustle. I actually enjoyed her performance more than Jennifer Lawrence's. Don't get me wrong, I love J.Law and think she's fiercely talented, but I thought her performance in American Hustle was a little overrated, especially after her power house performance in Silver Linings Playbook. Back to the dress-- Amy wore a color blocked Maison Valentino gown that looked fantastic on her silhouette. I only wish that she had worn her hair down and added a few bracelets to turn up the volume on the look a bit.}
{Elisabeth Moss is another one of the best actresses of our generation. She looked better than she ever has in her art deco-inspired J.Mendel gown. The simple, strappy sandals are the perfect addition to the look.}

{Leslie Mann looked so pretty in her black Dolce & Gabbana gown with peplum detail. Her hair, make-up, and accessories are perfect with the gown.}

{Kerry Washington is so gorgeous and she looks amazing in neutrals in her role as Olivia Pope on Scandal, so I was happy to see her in a neutral colored Balenciaga gown, which just so happens to accentuate her sweet baby bump.}
{Amy Poehler looked so amazing in this Stella McCartney gown. I could not love her more! Eat your heart out, Will Arnett.}
{Lady Edith sure looked incredible at the Golden Globes! Downton Abbey's Laura Carmichael looked stunning in a black and white Viktor + Rolf gown.}

{Sadly, Juliana Marguelies' Andrew Jin gown looked much better on screen than in photos (so did Cate Blanchett's). However, it looked gorgeous onscreen. The fit is beautiful.}
{Naomi Watts looked radiant in a shimmery Tom Ford gown. Her sleek hair and minimal accessories are the perfect complement.}
{I have to admit, I had to Google Emilia Clarke because I don't watch Game of Thrones, but she looked fabulous in her Proenza Schouler gown-- both pretty and edgy.}

{Allison Williams has proven to be tres chic lately. She's had several wonderful red carpet moments recently. Her Alexander McQueen gown at the Golden Globes is unique, daring, and above all, quite chic.}
{Girls creator and star, Lena Dunham opted for a beautiful canary yellow gown by Zac Posen. The color looks fantastic on the red carpet and the silhouette plays up her curves beautifully. I just wish she didn't have that awful tattoo on her arm. It's so distracting. Aside from that, she looks beautiful.}

{Emma Watson has such a striking, beautiful face. She's young and hip, so I loved that she decided to take a big risk by wearing a Raf Simons gown over a pair of cropped black pants. It looks especially fabulous from the back. I'm guessing that people will be divided on whether this look was a hit or a miss, but I loved it because she didn't play it safe.}
{While a black ball gown and a a turquoise necklace may not be anything new that we haven't already seen before, it would be hard to deny how radiant Sofia Vergara looked at the Golden Globes.  She's feminine and embraces red carpet looks that are pretty, which I love. Let's get back to PRETTY this year, pretty please!}

{Images via Harper's BAZAAR}


Heidi said...

I practically jumped out of my chair and screamed something mean at Will Arnett when Amy won her award :)

Rue Le Chat said...

Great recap, Paloma. Margot Robbie was my #1 best dressed. I also LOVED Michelle Dockery, Cate Blanchett and Juliana Marguelies -- all on my best dressed list too. Zoe Saldana is beyond beautiful, but sadly I did not like her dress at all.