Monday, January 20, 2014

Laying the Foundation: Layered Rugs

{A Vibrant Pink Kilim Layered over Wall to Wall Seagrass at Ann Mashburn in Houston | Image by Paloma Contreras for La Dolce Vita}

I've always liked the look of layered rugs, but lately, I have been obsessed with them. I think my recent visit to the new Mashburn shop in Houston cemented my love of antique kilims layered atop seagrass. Throughout this post, you'll see examples of just how fabulous layered rugs can look in almost any setting whether it's traditional, modern, or even coastal. You'll find that a pair of layered rugs will immediately add an eclectic vibe to a room, lending a chic and sort of collected feel, like the room was curated over time. It's also a wonderful way to infuse color and pattern into your space. I just presented a living room design and bedroom design to my clients last week in which I specified antique kilim rugs layered over seagrass and they loved it as much as I do, so I am super excited to execute the look for them! While I tend to love antique and vintage kilim layered over seagrass, dhurries and modern flat-weave rugs are also great options.

{Another Beautiful Kilim over Seagrass at Sid Mashburn in Houston | Image by Paloma Contreras for La Dolce Vita}

{The antique kilim rug in this beautiful dining room is the perfect touch for the otherwise neutral space. | Image via Milk and Honey Home}

{A Beautiful Blue and Cream Persian Rug over Seagrass from the same Atlanta Home Tour as the Dining Room Pictured Above | Image via Milk and Honey Home}

{L.A. designer, Betsy Burnham chose a bold red and black lilim rug layered over a plain seagrass rug for this project featured in Lonny a few years ago.}

{Amber Lewis opted for a pretty pink and orange kilim rug over a seagrass rug without a border in this fresh, colorful space.}

{This is a perfect example of "laying the foundation" with your rugs. The beautiful colors in this antique rug seem to have inspired the colors used throughout the space. The colors and patterns work beautifully together. | Image via Apartment 34}

{Los Angeles interior designer, Tia Zoldan dared to mix several patterns and her beautiful abstract paintings with her vintage kilim rug, layered over seagrass, of course. | Image by Grey Crawford for High Gloss Magazine}

{Interior Designer and LDV Contributor, Capella Kincheloe proves that even a tiny antique rug can add a colorful touch to a space. Because there is a larger seagrass rug underneath and the antique rug is just slightly bigger than the coffee table, it totally works.}

{Further proof of the power of layering rugs-- you don't necessarily have to lay the foundation with seagrass. As long as the bottom rug is neutral, such as this one that is likely wool, you can certainly use it for layering. The Persian rug on top really brings the entire room together. Picture the space without it and the entire dynamic would change completely. | Image via ELLE DECOR}

{Interior Designer, Andrew Howard opted for more muted colors in his rug combination, but the result is still rich and beautiful, adding visual interest to this living room.}

{Mary McDonald also used a tiny antique rug in this particular living room. The reds, greens, and blues in the rug work perfectly with the color palette throughout the rest of the room.}

{Lauren Buxbaum of Nate Berkus Associates layered a brown and white striped dhurrie over the seagrass rug in her Chicago living room. I love this chic room! | Image via Lonny}

{My dear friend, Mark Sikes layered a beautiful striped cotton rug over a larger seagrass rug in his guest bedroom in Los Angeles. This room, like the rest of Mark's house has been very popular in the blogosphere, but if you follow him on Instagram, then you know he is planning a transformation of his home. Exciting!}

{Jeffrey Alan Marks used a striped cotton rug from West Elm over a larger seagrass rug in the living room of his client's summer home in Nantucket. You may remember this house as his infamous "catalog only" project from season 2 of Million Dollar Decorators. Catalog or custom, the results are beautiful and proof that it's all about your eye and talent as a curator and editor.}

{In the same house, JAM layered a cotton zig zag rug from West Elm over a natural fiber rug in the master bedroom. Because the walls are covered in a natural colored grasscloth, the layered rugs really anchor the space and tie the color palette together.


preppylove said...

Beautiful! I can't wait to have a house/apartment of my own so I can decorate like this!

High Cotton Style said...

I love layered rugs! I was just explaining to my boyfriend why I needed two for a room...we're about to move and he just doesn't get it. I told him it was like wearing a fleece vest over a t-shirt...he was sold:)

Amanda said...

I love them!! Not only does it bring in lots of texture and color in a room, but seagrass rugs are generally cheaper then kiln rugs, so you can buy a smaller sized kiln since you are layering it over a larger one and save money!

Anonymous said...

Love it! I have been looking here and there for an antique kiln rug. Any advice on where to look and what to avoid (I.e. condition of rug, etc.)?

Sandra said...

I just bought a striped dhurrie rug for my daughter's room, but it's not layered (her room is tiny) and WorldMarket only has an 5x8, but I love it! Great post!

Anonymous said...

Love this post. Do you have any idea where the white slipcovered sofa is from in the JAM Nantucket house? I a, looking for that exact sofa! Thanks for an help!

joseph benjamin said...

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