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Monday, January 27, 2014

Jet Set: J.K. Place Roma

{As a blogger, decorator, and general design addict, I appreciate a lot of design styles, but Michele Bonan's work resonates with me on a a very different level. At my core, this is the style I love most, what speaks to me more than anything else-- a mix of classic and modern, a refined palette with a touch of bold patterns and a pop of color. I just can't get enough.} 

I have been a big fan of Italian architect and interior designer, Michele Bonan's work for several years now, so naturally, I am always thrilled to learn about one of his new projects. Most recently, Bonan worked with Ori Kafri, owner of the ultra-chic J.K. Place Florence and J.K. Place Capri hotels to open the brand's latest outpost in the Eternal City of Rome, the J.K. Place Roma. Situated in a 19th century building that previously housed the University of Rome's school of architecture in a prime location near the Spanish Steps, this new hotel follows in the footsteps of the other J.K. hotels, combining spectacular, historic architecture with modern interiors and an unparalleled level of bespoke luxury. 

Featuring just 30 rooms in various sizes and levels of decadence, this stunning property is also home to a restaurant, the J.K. Cafe, and an expertly-curated library filled with stylish tomes on a variety of subjects. Proprietor Kafri recently told Travel + Leisure, "I love to combine the familiarity of staying with friends and the efficiency of staying in a large, five star hotel." The formula seems to be working rather well at all of the J.K. Hotels. I know where I want to stay the next time I visit Italy! 

{The Spectacular Lobby at the J.K. Place Roma}

{How amazing are the marble door frames? The architecture of the room itself is beautiful, but the chic furnishings take the space to a whole new level.}

{I love the sleek lines of the furniture and lighting juxtaposed against the quintessentially Roman statues.}

{So many chic contrasts-- notice the amazing sconces, too.}

{Rosewood-lined walls in the bar at the J.K. Cafe create a warm, mid-century inspired vibe.}

{Couldn't you picture Don Draper and Roger Sterling of Mad Men chatting up some pretty young things in this bar?}

{As a designer, I learn so much from studying the rooms created by the designers I most admire. Bonan's work is a study in contrasts filled with beautiful details everywhere you turn while Kafri is a master at creating an intimate, personal experience at his hotel properties.}

{It's interesting to me that the more formal areas of the hotel seem to have a more restrained color palette while the more casual areas are done in vibrant colors. There is nothing shy about this room. Notice the saffron yellow taffeta silk wall covering in the background.}

{I love the Italian sputnik-style chandelier in the lounge. It really makes the room.}

{The library is another favorite space of mine. I love the mix of mid-century inspired furniture with the Moroccan Beni Ourain rug and the richness of the wood-lined walls.}

{Another View of the Library}

{More taffeta silk walls, this time in peacock blue in a corridor. The look is divine!}

{An Elegant Suite at the J.K. Place Roma}

{A Well-Appointed Room at the J.K. Place Roma}

{I am in love with the fixtures and fittings in the gorgeous bathrooms! How insane is the striped marble tile in the shower and water closet?}

{A Closer Look at the Striped-Marble Walls-- SO good!}


Rue Le Chat said...

Paloma, our design style is similar. I LOVE a happy marriage of modern and classic. It's the perfect world without committing too much to one era. I love the Mad Men-esque bar and the peacock blue silk walls are to die for. The marble striped tile in the bathroom has me speechless. Definitely one to add to my list the next time I'm in Rome.

Victoria said...

This place is insane in the best way possible. Every room is beautiful.

Colette (Coco) said...

So luxurious. I love mixing old & new together. It gives character to a home and makes it personal. We're fortunate to have beautiful antique pieces given to us by my parents.
I also like changing the decor, table settings. It draws attention to the items, otherwise your eye gets used to them and you don't notice them as much.