Thursday, January 16, 2014

Chic Combinations: Leopard + Black + Neutrals

Hi everyone! Arianna here, back with a new series that will focus on spotlighting fabulous combinations of color, pattern, texture, and other elements that are noteworthy. First up I'm featuring one of my favorites: leopard + black + neutrals. You can never go wrong with black and white (or a variation of white) and leopard is a timeless pattern that adds personality and amps up the style factor. Together they make a combo that is ultra chic and classic. Let's look at some inspiration photos shall we?
Fabulous Combo: Leopard + Black + Neutrals // by Arianna Belle for LDV
Fabulous Combo: Leopard + Black + Neutrals // by Arianna Belle for LDV

Below are a few pieces for getting the look in your own home: Fabulous Combo: Leopard + Black + Neutrals // by Arianna Belle for LDV

photo sources: 1- the decorista, 2- original source unknown, 3- lonny magazine, 4- original source unknown, 5- made by girl, 6- original source unknown, 7- lonny, 8- michelle adams, 9- the glitter guide


High Cotton Style said...

Love leopard! I need that lumbar pillow!

Hannah said...

It's so timeless and chic. Love your roundup. Wish I could get the man on board with leopard. It's so gender neutral!

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

peggybraswell said...

Most of my clients love leopard + I always look at it as a neutral.

Unknown said...

Leopard print is my favorite color! ;) I've really been wanting some leopard booties lately.

xo Ashley

Stephanie @ Two Zero One said...

I love the leopard runner and the Marilyn Minter photograph.

Daily Cup of Couture said...

Love this! xx

Anonymous said...

Ah, pinning like crazy right now! Love leopard print. Incorporating leopard cushion on the white sofa – chic, chic, chic!
House Cleaner

Andrea Cole said...

Yes!! One of my most favorites posts yet!!

Unknown said...

thanks girls for featuring my NYC apartment

Unknown said...

So beautiful and such a classic combination. You can never go wrong with leopard! Loving that leopard lamp as well!

Angela E said...

I actually live in San Francisco and would SO appreciate knowing the photographer or source for the street image currently featured on your blog.
Thank you!

Unknown said...

@Angela E

I found the image here:
It links back to another website, but unfortunately, they didn't list the photographer's name. It is a beautiful image.