Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chic Combinations: Lavender + Cream

Hi everyone! Arianna here, with a new installment of 'Chic Combinations.' Today I'm spotlighting spaces that combine lavender (and it's variations like lilac and mauve) with creamy whites and beiges. As you'll see in the inspiration images below, this combo exudes grown-up femininity and feels very graceful and serene.
Chic Combinations: Lavender + Cream //  by Arianna Belle for La Dolce Vita Blog

Below, a few pieces for creating a similar look in your own home:

Chic Combinations: Lavender + Cream (Get the Look) //  by Arianna Belle for La Dolce Vita Blog
1- sheets, 2- wallpaper, 3- bed, 4- pillow, 5- throw, 6- ottoman, 7-lamp

image sources: 1- unknown, 2- design by meredith heron | photography by Stacey Brandford via style at home, 3- jed root, 4- vanessa jackman blog, 5- coco cozy, 6- studio annetta blog, 7- atlanta homes mag


Meredith said...

Thank you for sharing our work - which is the second picture down! It was in the December 2012 issue of Style at Home and was photographed by Stacey Brandford. Super talented guy!


Meredith Heron Design Inc.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the details on your lovely room, Meredith! I just added the additional credits you provided.

Greer McDonald said...

Lavender! Favorite color and the color of my salon! love!

Lala ♥ Our Kind of Beautiful ♥ said...

Always refreshing to read your posts.

lesapeamusings.blogspot said...

Thanks for the inspiration Meredith. I think I will start with accent pieces in my decor, before I commit to a wall.
Take care.

Lisa @ Girl at the Beach. x

Unknown said...

Where is the best from?? I have been looking for an upholstered bed like that for a long time. Thanks!