Monday, March 14, 2011

Going to the Dark Side

{Philip Gorrivan}

Lately, I’ve been increasingly drawn to dark walls, particularly in high gloss finishes. There is something rather glamorous and cozy about a room with bold, dark walls. It is as if the room is enveloping you. So, would you? Could you go the dark side? If so, in which room would you paint the walls a dark color?

In the Office:

office amy fine collins{Amy Fine Collins via ELLE DÉCOR}

office ashley edwarss


office monique lhuillier

{Monique L’huillier’s Home Office as seen in ELLE DÉCOR}

office todd romano

{Anthony Todd Romano}


{Lisa Epley as seen in Paper City}


In the Living Room:

{Philip Gorrivan}

miles redd habitually chic

{Miles Redd}

molly sims

{Molly Sims SoHo Apartment Decorated by Kishani Perera}

In the Bedroom:

bed ashley goforth luxe and lillies

{Ashley Goforth}

bed domino2

{Jenna Lyons’ Bedroom as seen in Domino}

bed marie claire maisonsarahlavoine2

{Marie Claire Maison}

bedroom courtney giles

{Courtney Giles}

bedroom mary mcdonald

{Mary McDonald}

In the Kitchen:

black kitchen windsor smith - Copy

{Windsor Smith}

kitchen matthew quinn

{Matthew Quin}


Unknown said...

I'm dying to paint my bedroom black. TOns of natural light floods this room so darker colors tend to be better. I think it will be fun!

Catherine said...

I think white rooms can be beautiful, but personally, I think nothing compares to the glamor and sexiness of a dark walled room. Your examples are gorgeous. My office will definitely have a deep, dark hue on the wall. And I'm really pushing for something dark in the kitchen. My husband wants lighter walls in the bedroom, so I think I'll have to compromise somewhere... (We've yet to buy a house, so this is all in my head right now.)

Greer said...

I am going through a dark room phase at the moment, but I'm not sure if I can convince the husband. He says 'But what if we try to sell the house?' and I say 'Are we moving then?' and then he says 'No.' This conversation goes round in circles! I want to challenge people's ideas that all rooms should be light bright and airy. What is a bedroom if not for sleeping and being cozy in? Toying with the idea of making my office dark too...

Karena said...

Oh I love the drama Paloma.

I have deep teal/blue in my entry and office/den. I am adding color with yellow & turquoise.

Art by Karena

Heather @ Satisfying Spaces said...

I love the dark side. Great images!

Have a great week!

mackenziepage said...

I'm REALLY wanting to do the black trellis wallpaper in a powder bath or my office. LOVE dark walls with bright white trim and light upholstered furniture!

Amber B (Simple Dwellings) said...

I definitely have a thing for dark walls! Our living room is painted "Mink" by benjamin moore, and we are going to paint our office "hale navy" also by bm. I am trying to go lighter in other rooms, but seem to always be drawn back to the dark, rich paint colors!

Viera said...

very dramatic, goes well with animal prints

wishful nals said...

as always, great inspiration!

wishful nals said...

as always, great inspiration!

bazaarofserendipity said...

I've been feeling the dark side too! Gotta love yourself some chic black!

Joanna said...

I love a mOody room. Great photos!

L said...

god, these interiors!!...i would've never thought black walls could look so

elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

Beautiful inspiration! My inspiration file is filled with glamourous, dark walled rooms. I love them. I think the next room I paint will be our living room.

Cat @PerpetualPerfection said...

Utterly obsessed with the idea!!

Barbara@HausDesign said...

I love dark rooms - favorites would have to be for an office, powder room or a cozy family room with a big fireplace!

The enchanted home said...

Some beautiful images indeed! I too have been drawn to dark walls...and since I am going with a charcoal butlers pantry and a mega sized black island in my kitchen..some of my "dark fantasies" (gotta be careful with that and how it are coming to the instant drama they provide and its a gorgeous backdrop to just about any color....well done!

Unknown said...

I love some dark gloss. The Miles Redd is my fave but all these are beautiful. I think glossy walls are a new trend.

Christine DeOrio said...

I've been dreaming about indigo walls with a lacquer finish for my home office. Although it could be great in a bedroom too -- perhaps without the lacquer.

Alicia said...

all those images are amazing! would anyone happen to know what month and year the Cottage Living magazine is from? I'd love to see the inside of this issue. thanks! love your blog - you're one classy lady, Paloma! Alicia :)