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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dream Home: Shelter

Today’s gorgeous “Dream Home” comes courtesy of the talented Boston-based interior designer and author of one of my favorite blogs, Julie Richard of Shelter. She’s a girl after my own heart. I would literally move right into this house because I love every last room. Enjoy!



My dream home? Where do I start? I have a million ideas and tear sheets to match but overall my dream home would be a welcoming, warm, light-filled, graphically chic abode. I would love to live near or possibly on the beach in a classic sprawling cottage style house. My home wouldn't be huge but it would be beautiful. I never want to take care of a super-sized home. My dream home would be tucked into the landscape and would welcome my children and I at the end of the day.  I enjoy gardening so I would do most of the planting myself. {I would leave the lawn cutting to someone else}. My home would have large windows so that the interior would be flooded with natural light. I wasn't able to find an image that looked exactly like what I envision but the home above from Cottage Living has visually stuck with me over the years.
My back yard would have a beautifully manicured lawn, a gorgeous pool and a covered cabana for entertaining. {I would host cocktail parties all summer long}. To me, this image is perfection.
It would also have a glamourous patio with an outdoor seating area a la Kelly Wearstler! I know the outdoor rug isn't very practical, especially in Boston but a girl can dream right?
Upon entering my home there would be a built out mudroom to hang your coats and neatly drop your keys, bags, boots! At this point I know what would make my life so much easier!! Organization is key!
FAMILY ROOM: Layered spaces are key to my designs and my home. I love to mix vintage with new, rustic with glamorous, high with low, texture and pattern, light and dark, you get the picture. I love color but balance it with neutrals. The family room wouldn't be as neutral as the second one pictured but it would have super comfortable sofas, a large fireplace, and new + vintage pieces!! My home would also incorporate an array of artwork from my travels, and again, I love naturally lit interiors....
DINING ROOM: The dining room would have comfortable seating, I always want my guests to feel at ease. I adore found objects and oversized vintage lighting. This dining room is gorgeous, it's a great blend of old and new but it's also a bit sexy...a  must in the dining room.
I would use some fun lucite bar stools with a graphic pattern around the custom island. I also love asian details and fretwork so I may do something similar on the island to what Ruthie Sommers did in her home.
KITCHEN: All six of these images have the feel of my dream kitchen. I love to cook and am drawn to crisp, clean, detailed kitchens. My kitchen would have gorgeous fixtures, ann sacks tiles, and an amazing seating area with pops of bright yellow, navy and turquoise. A casual, built in banquette but also a free seating area surrounded by windows would be included. I enjoy homes that feel special but casual; I want a home where kids and adults would comfortably run around barefoot! Picture walls would also be a DEFINITE.
These citrus trees are gorgeous and would cheer me up during the dreary days of February.
The table would be set with fresh cut flowers and vintage silver and stemware.  I think it's important to make everyday feel special. {not that I have time to do this, but again a girl can dream right?}
Vintage rugs, tufted velvet benches, comfy cashmere blankets, oversized lighting and gallery walls are all favorites of mine. There would be moments like this in my home!!
My home would have a glamorous little powder room covered in a fabulous wall paper. The vanity would be custom designed my moi.
I like to work in a slightly dramatic space, my office would be cozy but funky. It would also have a huge inspiration board for all my tear sheets and sketches!! I love mixing old weathered rugs in with new items. The one pictured above would work!
I would include an amazing play room for my children. It would have loads........of storage for all the clutter, toys and books!! This is a space they could grow into. It would also include a wall with a map of the world papered onto it! The graphic quality of the tented ceiling is so fun, I also love how the drapes encompass the room.
The bedroom would be a cozy haven, with lots of layers, drapes on the windows, an upholstered headboard.  Lastly it would have a gorgeous dressing table with lots of storage for my scarves and chunky baubles. These images are really speaking to me!!
A closet should be large enough to house all your goodies. This one would suit me just fine. I would also incorporate seating and a glamourous light fixture into the design. 
The bathroom would be light filled, and crisp with a huge soaking tub, and a chaise lounge. I would most likely paint or simply tile the floors in a large herringbone, much like Mary McDonalds' bathroom featured in Domino. {all my design friends will know exactly what I am referring to}
Back to the kid friendly mention. My son and daughter would have their own bathroom with a large shower, that way I could hose them down after a long sandy day at the beach!! I would absolutely paper it in Albert Hadley's fireworks wallcovering. I've been dying to use this for YEARS!! Again, it's fun and graphic! LOVE IT.
My son's room would include his current bed {which was mine} plus a day bed. Wouldn't this be a great place to cozy up and read a book?? I love graphic cornices so my home would incorporate interesting window treatments as well!
Somehow I feel my daughter's room would be ever changing space, especially as she grows older. I envision a graphic, creative and a peaceful escape!
On the other hand the guest room would be a quiet refuge. I figure everyone staying with me would have varying tastes so the design would have a spa like quality. I may even retreat there myself from time to time.
And lastly, I don't need to explain to any of you with small children the volume of laundry and the time spent washing and folding that happens on a daily basis. I would LOVE to have a beautiful laundry room on the same floor as the bedrooms. It would contain a ton of winter storage, a folding table and laundry baskets galore. Thanks for joining me on my "dream home" tour. I enjoyed sharing my ideas with you!! Also, thanks for including me in your series Paloma!! Designers LOVE to imagine building and designing their dream home!!! - Julie
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Design Elements said...

lovely images. My favs are the dining rooms.

Elizabeth said...

Stunning! I love every room you chose, Julie!
-e (

meenal @ maison marigold said...

I love Julie's dream home...the outdoor areas are all gorgeous...once inside..there's a lot that i love..the kitchen island for gorgeous..and those ikat upholsterd lucite bar stools!! I love the master bedroom, mainly because I have the same headboard in mine! the meurice chandelier in the it!! finally...the of my favourites...incidentally it is featured in my post slated for tomorrow!! thanks for sharing, drop by my blog sometime!! xx meenal said...

Shelter happens to be one of my fav reads...and I think by this spread its obvious why!!! Such a great spread here with so many personal touches. The backsplash with that range in the kitchen made me swoon...the ranunculus on that vanity helped too! So much life in the house. Love it!!! Thanks so much~

Unknown said...

Love Julie's blog and love love this house. I particularly adored the fretwork island kitchen, the office space and that lovely little bench/rug shot- so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Some of these images are exactly ones from my tear out sheets. I love everything you picked. Thanks for sharing. It made my day of dreaming even more fun.

Kelly Krugh said...

I love these picks, and I love this series!!!

Karena said...

Paloma thanks so much for featuring Julie! So fun to see how another blog friend puts together their dream home!

Something luscious for your face..

Come and enter..

Art by Karena

A Casa da Vá said...

What a dream home! Love all the details, so lovely!

Unknown said...

ah! That was so good it hurt!!! SO good!
- The Zhush

Unknown said...

^^^Oops! I accidentally hit delete rather than publish while moderating a comment from The Zhush (see above comment).

Isn't Julie's "house" AMAZING! I'm dying over it!

Haley @ Cardigan Junkie said...

Wow, I love those images. That pink throw and graphic backsplash tile are so fun and unlike everyone else's (beige) house. Must shop now.

designchic said...

fabulous rooms and such a great it!

Kimberly Grigg said...

How original! Love this post! I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on layering and mixing the old with new. It gives a home such warmth and character.

Rachael @ Roco Rennie said...

I love these images - the dinning room is gorgeous and a mud room is a must for anyone with kids - lovely inspiration!!! Thanks

Susie @ Maddie G Designs said...

Love the thought that went into what is not only beautiful but practical for a young family! We moved to Dallas from DC a couple of months ago and we're remodeling our home. But, the Hinson Fireworks paper is slated for my almost 3 year old's room. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Do you know who makes that pink and white blanket? Would love to find one!

Jasmine Sinclair said...

I am in love with all of this!!! I can't wait to get a place so I can put all this inspiration to use!!!

Jasmine Sinclair