Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Luxe Report: Leather Accents

Hello, fabulous LDV readers! It's Rebecca from the fashion blog Young Sophisticates, and The Luxe Report today is all about the leather accent trend. In my opinion, there is nothing more luxurious than quality leather goods. I think most every woman appreciates a fine leather handbag, but few women embrace wearing leather on the body. Perhaps the hesitation lies in not wanting to look like a biker chick or rocker.
If you're hesitant about trying this trend, let me assure you that leather accents are wearable, relatable, sophisticated and cool. And, you can try the leather accent trend without looking the least bit biker. So why don't you own any leather accented pieces yet?
Leather accents are on trend, and you can wear leather accented pieces with confidence. Leather accented pieces are sophisticated and surprisingly wearable - a tweed skirt with leather trim, a wool dress with leather pockets, and more - you'll be able to shop this look below. I've also included a few fabulous leather finds for your home. You can also try the trend in your decor!
So, let's get started on finding some styling inspiration for this trend...
Mustard top, black leather skirt, and brown leather handbag.
A leather-accented trench is the perfect mix of classic and on trend.
Black leather shorts with same-color opaque tights - a superb styling trick.
SHOP THE LOOK (for your closet):
Wondering what this trend looks like in your living space... It's all about a tiny bit of leather in the mix, never overwhelming or dominant. Never boring or outdated, and always fresh, cool and modern.
This interior space is from Bottega Veneta's home line on display at Bergdorf Goodman. The rich brown woven leather on the piece on the left makes the space!
SHOP THE LOOK (for your home):
With so many stylish options, you're sure to find something you'll love.
Do you already own any leather accents? Will you be trying this trend?
{Image Credits: via ManRepeller; via Harper's Bazaar; via regentblogs}


quintessence said...

Major love for this trend in fashion and at home!! I bought a leather top from The Row last year and my price per wear quotient is now in the cents - it goes with everything!!

LiveLoveLuxe said...

I am dying over this season's leather look! Lately, I've been searching for black leather frames to do a gallery wall, but leather anywhere is super chic. Great post!

Neda said...

Love incorporating leather into my wardrobe. I have Ralph Lauren leather pants from years ago and they are still so chic and perfect in the winter.

Jesse said...

Dying over that pleated leather and gold sweater!