Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Anatomy of a Home: The Powder Bath

Elle Decor
So, at this point, you've welcomed your guests into your house and wined and dined them. Chances are they're wanting to use your facilities at this juncture. The powder bath is kind of like the wild card of the home. It's a little jewel box that you can do whatever the H E double hockey sticks you want with it and people won't think you've completely lost your marbles.
Elle Decor
This PB is While the powder bath is the most funnest (yeah, I said it) room in the house, it's also the itty bittiest.

Anatomy lesson #1: Maximize your real estate and mirror the living daylights out of your PB. Because really, everyone wants to watch themself as they use the loo.
Not done with this WC yet, lassies. I also adore the brass etagere snug in the corner. Too often is the powder bath void of accessories. Like that awkward glass of orange juice on the second shelf.

Anatomy lesson #2: Don't accessorize your powder with orange juice. Accessorize with monogrammed hand towels, live plants and loveliness.
Elle Decor
Remember when I said the powder bath was a wild card that you could do whatever the H you wanted? Exhibit A.

Anatomy lesson #3: Really do something you love that you don't have enough guts to do anywhere else in your home. If you end up completely despising it, you didn't put that much of an investment into the space because of its itty bittiness. So, go wild and put up that magical dancing zebra Scalamandre wallpaper or in this case, anatomy and sea creature prints.
My photo, Ashley Putman
Yes, I'm going to be that girl and post a picture from a previously discussed home. Why? Because it's beautiful, and I can, and you're going to read about it anyway. So, there. When you add lacquer and a crazy collection of art, you've basically got yourself a winner winner chicken dinner in my heart valves.

Anatomy lesson #4: Put up so much artwork in your powder bath so you can snicker and make up elaborate stories about why your guest is taking so long in the bathroom and act like a catty witch on RHOBH even though you know they're just admiring your eclectic bizness.
New Ravenna
Why, New Ravenna? WHY would you do such a thing to tile? How dare you make something to wretchedly gorgeous that everyone is going to want you? Cruelty.

Anatomy lesson #5: Invest in gorgeous tile so that your property value increases exponentially and you're able to rent out your powder bath to a worthy tenant. Just throw a hot plate and a pillow in there and you're cool. Totally up to code.


The Peak of Tres Chic said...

These photos are just so beautiful. I love the anatomy of a home posts! I especially love the idea of a gallery wall in the bathroom- to die for!!!


victoria | vmac+cheese said...

OMG, THAT TILE. New Ravenna killed it. That is just beyond gorgeous. Then the sconces, the mirror? Over the top!

Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

I've been DYING to use the Ravenna mosaics since I discovered it...finally I have a client with a big ol' budget and these babies will be the first thing I spec! Can't excited!!

Peace. Love. LOL!

bevy said...

the gallery art wall in the bathroom is my favorite with the bright color behind! great inspiration yet again!

Claudia Juestel said...

I love designing powder rooms because you can have so much fun with them. Like you said, they are like small jewel boxes and the perfect place to go wild. It is the room where you can even convince the most conservative of clients to let us step outside the box a little.

Great photo selections and tips. I am also curious about that glass of orange juice. Intentional or did the photo editor miss it?

Happy Thanksgiving Paloma!



Anonymous said...

It's not orange juice. It's a candle whose wax has burned unevenly. Look at the top "orange" line(more like honey-colored it is uneven; liquids would be entirely flat at the top line in the glass. This is a candle.

W E L C O M E said...

The tile in the powder room is my favorite.. Great color combination...