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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dream Home: Savvy Home

It’s back! The “Dream Home” series is back by popular demand—at least for today. So many of you sent in nice comments and e-mails saying how much you’ve enjoyed this series. We’ve had an amazing line-up of participants in this series who have provided so much inspiration to the rest of us who have loved every last square inch that they’ve dreamed up for these “homes”! If you haven’t gotten enough of the “Dream Home” series, please let me know who you’d like to see participate. I’m certainly open to bringing it back if you guys are still enjoying it.
Today’s special encore “Dream Home” comes from the stylish, Gabrielle of Savvy Home. Enjoy!
Savvy Home
Hi all, Gabrielle from Savvy Home here, thrilled to be sharing my dream home with you today! I've been refining my Dream Home for as long as I can remember in my head, but to materialize it in images was so much harder!
Even though I'm a city girl, I want a home with lots of space both indoors and outdoors. The house is a bit unassuming from the outside but don't let that fool you, it always makes for a greater impact once indoors!
Let's start with the front porch, shall we? Beautiful, classic and surrounded with greenery. With obligatory red door above and a few brass accents.
The foyer is warm and inviting but not over the top. I love lived-in family homes and I hope my home reflects that. This particular foyer reminds me of my godmother's house. She's always had impeccable taste and was the inspiration for this room.
I love an older house with loads of character. Our living room has loads of architectural features without being too formal. It has lots of space to sit, gather, and read. This room was inspired by a beautiful villa once we stayed at in the South of France.
Next stop is the dining room. It's often used as more of a library than a dining room, but a quick clearing of the table and rearrangement of chairs and it's back to the perfect spacious dining room for entertaining!
We have a powder room on the ground floor if you need. Since it's only an occasional space, I went bold and covered the walls in my favorite wallpaper, Scalamandre zebra.
The kitchen is at the back and features lots of windows and bench space. I love to sit in the kitchen in the morning and take time to sip on a coffee and read morning news (or blogs)!
Breakfast is served off the kitchen in this perfect little breakfast nook. Today we're serving the classic: eggs scrambled with goat's cheese and spinach or french style crepes. What would you prefer?
The TV room is a favorite for everyone. Ample seating and thick walls is required! When we entertain, we're only a quick sliding panel away from hiding all the electronics!
I personally prefer curling up to a book next door in this little nook that leads into the garden.
Speaking of the garden, have you seen it yet? The pool is at ideal temperature and the flowers are in bloom. My favorite part is the beautiful reclaimed bricks herringbone paving.
We've even recently added a cabana at the back. It's the perfect addition for all our entertaining!
But let's go back inside and I'll show you the upstairs. Family portraits and artwork cover the walls. The sisal carpet is soft and carries on throughout the upstairs.
The kids rooms are colourful and feature grasscloth walls, plush carpet, and a collection of stuffed animals. ( M and I are not planning for kids at the moment but that doesn't mean to leave them out of the dream house right?)
The family bathroom is big, bright and clean!
We also have a playroom for the kids filled with all the essential... Comfy couches, storage (for toys and art supplies), and lots of books. It's also a great place to do home work!
I wanted to make the kid's space colourful so I painted the doors a stunning cobalt blue!
Down the other side of the upstairs hallway is a more toned-down grown up space. The glass door gives us a bit of privacy and tranquillity.
It of course leads to the master bedroom! It my not be perfectly tidy but it feels lived in.
Separate from the rest of the house, the master bedroom is spacious and filled with windows. And it's the perfect space to unwind.
Because we wanted a clutter free bedroom, we of course had to make space for a couple of walk-in robes...
One for me, and for for M!  There's a ladder in mine for hard to reach items and a built-in dressing table which makes getting ready a breeze. M was never a fan of the idea of having two rooms dedicated to dressing, but he secretly really enjoys the shower in his dressing room.
As for me, I'm perfectly contempt with the master ensuite's double shower! Or, when I have time, the divinely relaxing soak tub...

Not far from the bedroom, I also have a little office. I work from home so I need a peaceful and organised space! It's perfectly me!
I even have my own litte private balcony overlooking M's office...
When I say M's office, it's really more of a man-cave to watch sports and what not. He loves it there. And I don't have to put up with football, Cheetos stains and beer!

We have a couple of guestrooms for our friends and family. They're everything you would want from a guest room and more: serene, relaxing, clean, and fresh flowers always make them smell wonderful!

Of course, every guest needs a perfectly appointed guest bathroom and I think this one fits the bill.
Thanks for visiting! I hope you've enjoyed the tour.


Gabrielle | Savvy Home said...

Thank you for having me Paloma! Had so much fun putting it all together! Have a great trip in Spain! X

victoria | vmac+cheese said...

I am SO happy to see Gab here. Her blog is one of my faves. She has amazing taste! I pretty much love every part of her dream home!

Claudia Fabiana said...

It's perfect!

I think I'm in love with your dream home. can I come visit? lol


Marcus Design said...

Very beautiful! I'd personally love to see this series stick around Paloma :)
Nancy xo

Barbara@HausDesign said...

You did such a beautiful job Gabrielle! I already loved your style but your dream home is beyond FABULOUS! You picked so many of my favorite spaces and the flow is just incredible...I love it! I'd love to see more of this series Paloma - in fact I'd love to participate if you'd have me! :)

Kellie Collis said...

What a lovely home! I'm loving those walk-in closets and that divine kitchen. Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

stive martin said...

Its really beautiful home. Everybody has dream to make this type of sweet and nice home.


Unknown said...

Paloma I am so happy you brought it back for Gabrielle! Every photo is so gorgeous (as per usual for you Gabby) and can stand on its own. But together they create a sophistication and beauty that do truly make a dream come true home! The zebra wallpapered powdered room, bright blue doors and outdoor sitting area are knockin my socks off!!

Bubble and Squeak said...

Wonderful post! Beth Webb's work is so beautiful. Thank you for the great inspiration!

Ashley Noelle Read said...

I absolutely L-O-V-E the dream home series!! It's been the highlight of my week this past year and has made for a number of wonderful "pins" on my ever-expanding pinterest board! If you decide to keep it around I'd love to see Kara Smith's (from sfa design)Dream Home - great designer and is just getting her feet wet in the blogging world... love her style!

Tobe | BIA said...

i definitely vote for keeping the series, Paloma!! imagine never seeing this post?!?! i cannot. it's perfection!

Vanessa Stern said...

Simply stunning!

AlexBrunkhorst said...

Always love the Dream Homes posts and so glad they're back! Thanks, Gabrielle and Paloma, for great inspiration.