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Monday, August 27, 2012

Shopping in New York: FLAIR Home


{I love the desk and lamp in this vignette.}

During my trip to New York, I was finally able to visit a store I have been dying to see in person for quite some time—FLAIR Home in SoHo. The store is as stunning as I imagined and I left feeling completely inspired. The store done in the signature FLAIR style—a dark, sexy palette layered with interesting new and vintage items with a touch of glamour. This is my favorite type of décor and is tied so closely to my own aesthetic. As much as I love “pretty” interiors, my favorite spaces are always those that are fundamentally masculine, layered, and well-traveled with the perfect dose of glamour to make it balance for both sexes. FLAIR originated in Italy and that fact can certainly be felt in the space. It is chic to the core. FLAIR is like a little piece of heaven for me. I’m seriously wanting to redecorate my entire house now!


{Sorry about the blurry photo. I was so excited, that I must not have taken the time to focus!}


{There are so many fabulous vintage pieces in the store.}


{I don’t love the sofa in this vignette, but I love everything else—especially the glamorous accessories on the glass and brass coffee table.}


{Fabulous Accessories. Notice the black paint with white trim on the walls—the combination makes everything pop and looks sophisticated and sexy.}


{Lovely Details}


{Every space needs a bit of drama.}


{I love every last piece in this photo. I would like it all, please! Notice the finish on the beautiful chest.}


{Naturally, I love the Lucite and brass bookshelf.}


{The Front of this Beautifully-Curated, Inspiring Shop}

Is the FLAIR style in line with your own?

{All Photos by Paloma Contreras}


Preciously Me said...

I agree with you the desk is very beautiful! But the chest is really STUNNING ♥♥♥

Jennifer Eastman said...

So many great pieces! This is right in my neighborhood so I'll have to check it out one day!

Dawna Jones Design said...

what makes it all stunning is the black walls! Gorgeous!!!!!