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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Design Under the Influence: The Rattan Hanging Chair

Hotze Eisma

Hello! It's Erika from small shop, with another edition of "Design Under the Influence" featuring, the rattan hanging chair. I've been seeing them everywhere lately, yet I have always secretly planned to hang one in a future home. I can no longer deny its prominence in eclectic chic interiors!

As many times as I've visited the Parker Palm Springs designed by Jonathan Adler and sat in the hanging chairs suspended in the lobby's firepit lounge (below), I honestly didn't even think that I was sitting in a piece of furniture design history. The designer? Nanna Ditzel. In 1957, she created this wicker-esque version:

The Nanna Ditzel chair in the Parker Palm Springs


They come in various styles, but my favorite would have to be the more open, bamboo style version, inspired by the 1958 "Eureka" chair designed by Giovanni Travasa and seen in the suites of the Parker Palm Springs hotel:

Parker Palm Springs by Jonathan Adler


Can we attribute its recent popularity to Jonathan Adler himself? I'd say so. Take a look at these gorgeous rooms featuring this edition's star:

Christina Rottman via Savvy Home


The home of fashion designer Carlos Miele, Elle Decor



the home of fashion designer Hans Ubbink


via the style files


Lee Kleinhelter in Lonny


Jonathan Adler (a.k.a. "the influencer")


Marc & Melissa Palazzo


Ilse Crawford


home of fashion designer Liz Lange, by Jonathan Adler


Serena & Lily


Gant, via solid frog


In the market for one? I've seen it on Amazon for $380 and on Serena & Lily for $450 (above), but even better... on Fran's Wicker for $195.

Would you do the hanging chair?


Unknown said...

I would DEFINITELY do a hanging chair! I think they are so fun and would love to incorporate one into our home!! Perfect for adding a relaxed vibe to any living space!

Lindsay @ Lovely Life Styling said...

Love these hanging chairs! I def would love to bring them back! They look so comfy! Perfect for reading!

court said...

Just hung one this weekend in Newport! It was found in a dumpster....can't beat free, right??

I'm loving the simple yellow pillows.

homestilo said...

Given the chance, I think I would do it. It's such a fun element in any space. Great round up.

Dawna Jones Design said...

I have to admit everytime I see one my heart skips a beat! I love them.

Unknown said...

Hanging chairs have been on my radar for quite awhile now - I'd love to incorporate one on my deck

Anonymous said...

Pier One has them on sale at $249.99 and they are really nice. Your pictures are beautiful! Makes me want to take advantage of their sale!

Annie said...

These are cute. Although it can look tacky if not done right.

Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

we had a rattan hanging chair in our home in Hawaii. Loved it while growing up. I'm glad it's back!

Unknown said...

Those hanging chairs are simply amazing and your blog is so inspiring! Love it!


Anonymous said...

Those chairs look so relaxing. I'd love on hanging in my living room!


diane said...

I certainly like the look but not sure about the comfort chose lots of examples, though. Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

I have the perfect tree for one of these chairs! It's a huge oak in my front yard. I would LOVE to have one!

Breanne @ Porter Design Company said...

I have always been obsessed with hanging chairs and have wanted one of my own. I think it is the kid inside me, bringing back the fond memories of swinging from the tree in my backyard, that has always had a soft spot for the playful hanging chair. I love the thought of them either outdoor or indoor to add a fun element to a space.