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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Anatomy of a Home: The Laundry Room


Hello again from Lauren with The Semi-Designed Life! I'm back with Anatomy of a Home. Today is all about the nitty, gritty laundry room. This is actually apropos since my man friend called me last night and told me that his dryer broke. (cue evil laugh and me rubbing my hands together) Fortunately, we will be replacing the 1970s pea green appliances with sparkly, new front-loaders. I'm hoping this will encourage me to actually do laundry since it is the number one hated activity by my soul. And when my soul speaks, I listen.

Since my actual laundry space is the size of half of a Fiat, I'm dreaming of this lush expanse of laundry goodness. What makes this room even better is the baller gift wrapping station. Now, gift wrapping is something my soul adores. If the corners aren't nearly impossible to open, it's just not wrapped right! Funny how that translates over into folding clothes...BUT if I had this laundry room, I would fold, fold, fold all the live long day.

Anatomy Lesson #1: If you have the space, make your laundry room multipurpose. Everyone should have a gift wrapping station.
I'm confident you have that much real estate in New York...right?

Elle Decor

I can't begin to tell you how much I stared at this picture in Elle Decor. What is that genius contraption on the right?! Well, it's a stand up, hanging dryer. Hang your clothes, then they'll dry. What the what?! I don't ever have to line dry anything again? Shuuum OK! I know this a little excessive but I had to share.

Anatomy Lesson #2: If you can't afford the whatsamajig hanging dryer contraption, then at least make space for a bar for you to hang dry your delicates like a cave woman. Then ask for the whatsamajig for the Christmas/Hanukkah gift-giving December holidays.

We're scaling things back a bit now. This is probably the most realistic laundry situation for most of you folks. Open the closet, close the closet, clean clothes appear magically. This laundry closet isn't really quite a closet though! It's prettiful and still allows for hang drying space. 

Anatomy Lesson #3: Invest in a little prettiness for your laundry. It's such an itty bitty space and won't take much to spruce up! 


Just another example of pretties. Serious pretties.


And we're finally rounding things up with my ideal TV room, I mean, laundry room. Is this real life?! I would legitimately do my laundry. And fold it. And hang it up. And probably put it away. How could you not be productive while watching Real Housewives of New Jersey?!

Anatomy Lesson #4: A TV in any room makes sense. Especially the laundry room.


preppylove said...

Wow those are amazing! I love the one with the TV!


celine [starbies and sangrias] said...

Great post!!! Hilarious!! and love the ideas. One can dream!!

Squeak said...

I live in a small house, so I have a laundry "closet" rather than a laundry room. Other than painting the walls a pretty colour and switching the builder-grade light fixture for something attractive, there isn't any room to decorate. However, I do cover the washer and dryer doors with notes, cards, pictures, etc., and fridge magnets. I figure if you can put magnets on a fridge, why not on a washer and dryer?

Les said...

Okay, I'm obsessed with these laundry rooms. Hubs and I are probably going to buy our first house next year, and I can't wait to decorate everything how I want to! :)

gigi said...

ooo dreamy! these laundry rooms are sick!

Unknown said...

Ooo the wrapping station!

Claudia Fabiana said...

I recognize the first laundry room! It's my friend Heidi's and was featured on the Newport Harbor Home Tour last year! Here is the website with more of her house :