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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Loving Leopard!

Hi, everyone! Today, we have a guest post from Laura Umansky, a Houston-based interior designer and shop owner with fabulous style.Laura U also publishes a magazine that I was recently featured in. Please join me in welcoming her as she shares her passion for the fabric that has her seeing spots! This is Laura U's inaugural guest post for La Dolce Vita and I am taking this very seriously because I know Paloma's readers are extremely fashion-forward. So, I only want to talk about what is making my Heart. Absolutely. Stop. Kristina, one of the super-talented designers at my Houston-based design firm, Laura U brought the most amazing fabric sample back from a recent shopping trip. Both of us are crazy for it (to the point of dreaming about it) so we immediately bought up every available yard! Needless to say, you will be seeing A LOT of fabulous vintage furniture upholstered in snow leopard fabric coming up on (Hello, my new love: fireplace fender in black and white spots). Now that we have this insane amount of this snow leopard fabric, I am noticing it everywhere! Clearly not a coincidence.
Diane von Furstenburg in Architectural Digest Diane von Furstenburg in Architectural Digest
1 / 2/ 3 Porter Teleo Wallpaper
There are many great pieces in the same print in other color ways (industry lingo for versions in other colors), but this goes to show that animal print is timeless. Mark my words, this never goes out of style. It just goes quiet and then comes back with a roar!    
Do you prefer snow leopard or classic leopard?


kristina said...

although i'm equal opportunity when it comes to animal prints, white leopard is fiercely topping my list right meow!


Deana said...

I love the snow leopard rugs. Snow Leopard is my absolute favorite animal print. I love the idea not just wearing the print but incorporating it into your decor.

Dawna Jones Design said...

Wow I love both,usually I am a black and white person but I love the classic version as well. Your right it just never seem s to go out of style and it goes with everything!!! Love!

mikky said...

I love animal prints too and agree they will never go out of style. I'm sure your bolts of fabric won't last long! Better put some aside for yourself so you don't end up having nightmares cause you sold it all and don't have any for yourself.


JWS Interiors Affordable Luxury Blog said...

Just found your blog and Love! The animal print transparent clutch is unbelievable! Fabulous!

JWS Interiors/Affordable Luxury blog

Can't Stop, Won't Stop. said...

What a great post! Since I was a young lad, I've been apprehensive to give the leopard look a-go thanks to the Disney Channel's 'Cheetah Girls' original movie --released umpteen years ago. It was devastating. But alas, Raven no longer inhabits my mind when I see this pleasant pattern, and I couldn't have picked a better color scheme than that of the snow leopard.