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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Favorite Room: Rock Paper Scissors


Hi LDV readers! It’s Lauren from Rock Paper Scissors and I am so excited to share my favorite room with you. Not only am I excited because it is such an honor to be amongst all the other fabulous contributors to Paloma’s new series, but also because I get to share with you a space that I hold dear to my heart… my daughter, Piper’s nursery.

The moment I found out we had a wee one on the way, I began to obsess over the nursery. I wanted to create a room that was peaceful and serene… a room where my new little one could lay their head and dream sweet dreams… a room to rock and sing her to sleep… a place to take a deep breath, close my eyes and snuggle with my new miracle and dream of her future. And much to the shock and amazement of those around me, I 100% did not want pink. What I began to imagine was a room of grays and white… a soft color palette without a commitment to a color that I would eventually tire of.


What I discovered as I began to search for fabrics was the look I would get from the shopkeepers when I said I wanted gray. For one, they assumed I was having a boy and secondly, they imagined a harsh and dark color that would be depressing and dreary. Nevermind the fact, I felt as if they were thinking I was denying my daughter the joy of color.


When I would tell them I wanted the room to be mainly white, the rolling of eyes and snickers that I “would eventually see the error of my ways”, that white was a mistake for a baby and “clearly this was my first child” began to ride my nerves. And when I would mention that I was purchasing a cowhide rug… the look on their faces was priceless as they would say, “ohhhh, that’s different.” Time after time, I was shown ginghams and toile and my frustration began to grow. I began to doubt myself—was  I making a mistake? Was the room truly going to be a sad and depressing environment that I would regret?


In the end, I went with my gut and I am beyond thrilled. I chose what was best for both myself and my husband and the home we wanted to surround our little girl in. The end result was just as I had imagined… a peaceful and dreamy room filled with light and animal imagery and touches of gold.


With a crib and changer custom designed from the New Traditionalists, a chandelier from Horchow that cast fabulous light rather than a mobile, artwork form The Animal Print Shop, a glider from Restoration Baby, bedding from Pom Pom Home, a bookshelf from Serena and Lily ( that I hand-painted to the perfect shade of white), and Standard Gray by Benjamin Moore for the walls, my daughter’s room is just what we wanted for her.


As the morning sun filters through her windows and I look down upon my miracle waking from her evening slumber in her ALL WHITE crib, change her on her ALL WHITE changing pad, rock her in my ALL WHITE glider, tickle her sweet little toes on her COWHIDE rug, watch her in amazement at the light dancing from the chandelier as the soft gray walls warm our day—I know I made the right decisions for us and our sweet baby girl!



P.S. For all those moms dreaming of a white nursery, I don’t regret my decision one bit. Sure babies cab make a mess, but a little Shout and Oxiclean can do wonders and bring everything right back to bright white.


Anonymous said...

I love this nursery!! I've begun looking at nursery options as well, and I am adamant about not using gender related colors. The closest I will come to that is using a very pale gray/lavender for a girl. I've seen a few grey/taupe/white combo nurseries online, and I love them. They look so peaceful and dreamy. Plus, babies are stimulated by high contrast, bright colors, and I feel like the nursery should be the least stimulating, most restful place they can be.
Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

now THAT'S a nursery i would LOVE to have! - STUNNING details!!!!!

*Much Bliss*
Erika~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Dawna Jones Design said...

I think you made the right decision and it completely shows,it doesn't have to be just right for baby,but for all that have to spend time in there with her,it has be the chicest nursery I have ever seen,great job!And Piper is a stunning addition to the room as well.

Kristen said...

OMG this nursery is beyond glamorous! I absolutely love a white baby room, and one that does not scream BABY with pink polka dots all over. What a sweetie she is.

Soltantouno said...

So so nice and chic this nursery, beautifull!!!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love your daughters nursery...I am a true fan of lots of white in a nursery. I use it often for my clients. Great job!

Elizzy said...

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I am especially obsessed with the crib and light fixtures. And your baby girl looks like a princess. Thanks so much for sharing!


What a sweet yet sophisticated nursery! Love that!


Unknown said...

Such a beautiful space; love the calming and elegant space for her daughter to actually grow into!

Anonymous said...

Can we have a source for the giraffe bust if we say pretty please? Love it!

arre said...

This is so chic and serene! I am currently planning a gender neutral nursery for my first baby. Would you want to share the source for your bassinet? It's darling!