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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Global Architecture: Chic Chateau Style
Hello La Dolce Vita Readers! Brendan here of (BAD) Blog About Design...(1st Castle) Hluboká nad Vltavou is a town located in the Czech Republic and home to the Hluboká nad Vltavou Windsor style castle. The castle is known for its Neo-Gothic architecture. (ABOVE) As you make your way towards the castle its grandeur grabs you. I love the long walkway as it causes you to admire its beauty slowly as you approach its front archway. (BELOW 1) The side of the castle has impressive balconies. The flowers and ivy are a great touch. The windows are remarkable, I would love to own this place! (2nd Castle) The Château de Chambord in Loire-et-Cher, France is a magnificent site. Chambord is the largest château in the Loire Valley, it was built to serve as a hunting lodge for King François I. Chambord was built in the 16th century, and is well known for its French Renaissance architecture. (BELOW 2) I love this photograph of the castle. The way the sun hits the castle as well as the castle's reflection on the water is breathtaking. I like how both sides of the castle mirror each other. (BELOW 3) A close up of the roof, reveals its magnificent details. I find the roof to be the focal point of the castle. The roof looks like the skyline of a beautiful city or town. What do you think of the Hluboká nad Vltavou and Château de Chambord? 1 2 3
The Fashion: For the looks above, I was inspired by modern-classic "Royal" inspired pieces. The Hakaan Peplum dress has a touch of 17th century England with its "Basque" type design. Pair the dress with the Vanessa Arizaga necklace and you have a great modern inspired look with a nod to classic glamour. The Miu Miu shirt is absolutely fabulous. The sequined color is very "in" for fall, and has a classic "Royal" flair to it. Pair the shirt with the Anya Hindmarch clutch and you've got the perfect look! Which piece is your favorite?


Sam said...

What a fantastic post! Brendan, your chateau and fashion picks are gorgeous! Thanks for another great Global Architecture post :)

Unknown said...

Wow! I am loving the Peplum Dress!~It's lovely! :)

Lindsey Hutter Style Client Page said...

That Kahaan peplum dress is to die for!!!!!!