Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Chic Surprise

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Today, I am head over heels for this effortlessly chic summer look I spotted on Pinterest. The outfit is polished and luxe, so I was completely shocked and amazed when I clicked through to this stylish girl’s blog to learn that the entire look was purchased from high street stores like Zara, H&M, and Primark. Her look from head to toe cost 69 Euros! That’s $85 U.S. dollars, dear friends. Just as having money doesn’t buy good taste, I also know that it’s definitely possible to look pretty darn fabulous on a budget and Spanish blogger, By Kuka has really knocked that concept out of the park. Isn’t this look fabulous?

{Kuka takes Cheap + Chic to a New Level}image


{P.S. A huge, heartfelt thanks goes out to the team at Rue who featured me along with my friend and fellow Houstonian, Lauren Haskett of Material Girls in the “Blogger Side by Side” feature in the new Texas issue that just went live. Be sure to check it out. The issue is fantastic!}

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Aleksandra Ivanko-Deel said...

Love the bag!

Unknown said...

um so want that dress and heels!!!

Ann said...

Oh that is one chic dress,
love her cuff and purse too.

Arielle Wren said...

I just posted about this dress the other day! I LOVE it and it's fabulous to see an outfit that is so luxe and chic and doesn't break the bank.

Dawna Jones Design said...

That dress is really made incredible by the introduction of that orange! And OMG those shoes are killer!!!!!

Grace said...

Perfect example of how you can be stylish and thrifty!



gigi said...

love this look as well! gigi.

Squeak said...

The dress, shoes and purse cost $85? That's amazing! I can't even find shoes for $85!

Andrea said...

I love that dress and posted about it today as well!