Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine’s Day Cards with Style

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! While I am not all that keen on “drugstore holidays”, the romantic in me can’t help but love Valentine’s Day. I used to love giving my friends Valentines in elementary school and I still can’t resist a cute Valentine’s Day Card. These are a few of my favorites this year:
{1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6}
Do you do anything to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Which of these sweet cards is your favorite?


Fabricotti luce said...

My favourite has to be the "Je t'aime card" Obviously because of the love of the language but also the happy,spring like colours too. Irisxx

April Sharman said...

The first one is my favourite. I have already made my valentines card. I hand stitched the font on the front.

Laurel said...

The last one is really pretty.

Alright, Paloma...I love you and I adore your blog but VD (apt term if there every was one) is a tough one for me. (and maybe some of your other readers, I dare say?) Love dies if one doesn't nurture it and I'm talking about you (married) gentlemen out there, who buy your wives half-dead super market flowers (begrudgingly) and then go and get on the internet to "chat," etc. (if you get my drift).

So, instead, I'll be happy to love me. Cupid may keep his/her stabbing arrows far, far away from my bleeding heart! I want the kind of love that doesn't hurt. (if its even possible)

My best,


PS: tomorrow's my b'day. Yesterday... I got a big box of these GORGEOUS long stemmed pale pink roses... could it be??? of course not. He's as cynical, unromantic and clueless as they come. (the cheatin' h) They were from my 90-yr-old mother and 66-yr-old sis. I'm very grateful for that much! That is LOVE, because it came directly from their hearts!