Friday, February 15, 2013

Fabulous Room Friday 02.15.13

For several years now, I have felt that Atlanta has a lot of really great things going on in terms of design. I have kept up to date with the Atlanta design scene thanks to the lovely Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. Editor in Chief, Clint Smith does a brilliant job of culling the best of the best from the Atlanta design community each month. I love that there seems to be a great mix of styles in Atlanta, which isn’t always the case in the South where some of us decide we love a certain look, embrace it, and then cling to it for dear life. There is no better example of Atlanta’s fresh, talented design scene than the wonderful showhouses held there every year.

At this year’s Christmas Showhouse, designer Amy D. Morrris created a tailored and elegant master suite that marries masculine and feminine so perfectly. You’ll notice the master bedroom features a great mix of layers. You have multiple types of textiles and textures from the tufted velvet bed to the saddle leather settee to the linen slipcovered chair on the far left. There is also a great mix of styles. You have staunchly traditional pieces like the Louis style settee and the classic silhouettes of the table lamps mixed with more modern items like the oversized lantern, bed, and swept arm chair. The result is a beautifully layered space that feels collected over time.
The bathroom features so many beautiful, classic pieces like the soaking tub, carrera marble for days, a fabulous oversized lantern and stylish sconce along with a fun Mongolian lambswool bench. I love black interior doors, don’t you?
Do you like the mix of styles in this master suite? I find a soft grey palette in the bedroom to be very soothing and chic. How about you? Do you prefer more color? Have a wonderful weekend!


Brooke Shemwell said...

Very cool. Soothing and romantic!

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Totally agree! It is one of my favorite magazines to catch up with each month! Great call!
Best, Jamie Herzlinger

Whitney Jones said...

I usually prefer more color, but I love, love, love both of these rooms. The bench in the bathroom is seriously to die for. Do you know where to get it from??


Wendy Rosman said...

Where can I purchase this bed?

Wendy Rosman said...

Where can I purchase this bed? thx