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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Design Destination: Public Chicago

PUBLIC CHICAGO LOBBY <a class='fancy_button_light sharebox-open' href='#' data-shareimage='07_27_V1a.jpg' data-leftoffset='-310'>share</a>

{The Beautiful Lobby at PUBLIC Chicago}

I’m not quite sure why, but I have never been to Chicago. I am always hearing about what a fabulous city it is from the shopping and dining to the art and architecture. It is definitely on my list of places to visit. Last night, I was browsing Jetsetter while looking for hotels in California for an upcoming trip when I stopped dead in my tracks upon spotting a fabulous deal at the gorgeous Ian Schraeger-conceived, PUBLIC hotel in Chicago. The interiors are absolutely stunning—chic and polished,with a sexy, inviting edge. As if that weren’t enticing enough, they are running a deal for $95 per night through Jetsetter. I could hardly believe it and then I was reminded of how cold Chicago is in February and March. So, I probably won’t be taking advantage of the unbelievable rate, but you can count on me staying at PUBLIC when I finally make it to Chicago! PUBLIC boasts 285 spacious rooms decorated in a minimal “no color” color palette, a Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant housed in Chicago’s famous Pump Room, and a broad range of customized guest services. All of that is icing on the cake for me as this is exactly the type of boutique hotel I love—chic interiors, attentive service, and luxurious details.

LIVING ROOM <a class='fancy_button_light sharebox-open' href='#' data-shareimage='11_17_V1a.jpg' data-leftoffset='-310'>share</a>

{The Lobby-Adjacent Living Room: The design reminds me of both a chic South African villa and a stylish Milanese apartment.}

LIBRARY <a class='fancy_button_light sharebox-open' href='#' data-shareimage='10_10_V1a.jpg' data-leftoffset='-310'>share</a>

{The cozy Library looks like a great place for sharing drinks and conversation.}

LIBRARY BAR <a class='fancy_button_light sharebox-open' href='#' data-shareimage='19_16_V1.jpg' data-leftoffset='-310'>share</a>

{Library Bar}

PUMP ROOM <a class='fancy_button_light sharebox-open' href='#' data-shareimage='13_08_V1a.jpg' data-leftoffset='-310'>share</a>

{Pump Room Restaurant—I mean, seriously. How amazing are these light fixtures? Talk about making a statement!}

PUMP ROOM BAR <a class='fancy_button_light sharebox-open' href='#' data-shareimage='21_14_V1a.jpg' data-leftoffset='-310'>share</a>

{I love the sleek minimalism of the Pump Room Bar.}

PUMP ROOM <a class='fancy_button_light sharebox-open' href='#' data-shareimage='03a_01_V1.jpg' data-leftoffset='-310'>share</a>

{A Close-up of the Amazing Orb Fixtures}

SUN ROOM <a class='fancy_button_light sharebox-open' href='#' data-shareimage='Sun-room_650x487.jpg' data-leftoffset='-310'>share</a>

{If you’d prefer not to take your breakfast in bed, the Sun Room looks like a chic place to start the day.}

GUEST ROOM <a class='fancy_button_light sharebox-open' href='#' data-shareimage='08_Night_RGB_HR2.jpg' data-leftoffset='-310'>share</a>

{Speaking of chic, how fabulous is this guestroom? I love the linens, minimal furnishings, and Serge Mouille-inspired sconces.}

GUEST ROOM <a class='fancy_button_light sharebox-open' href='#' data-shareimage='Rose-Full.jpg' data-leftoffset='-310'>share</a>

{Bedside Detail}

GUEST ROOM DESK <a class='fancy_button_light sharebox-open' href='#' data-shareimage='04_13_V2_RGB_HR1.jpg' data-leftoffset='-310'>share</a>

{While I am usually more of a maximalist, I must be having a major minimalist moment because these interiors are really resonating with me. I love every last detail. The wishbone chair, fur throw, and clean lines of the desk look fabulous together.}

GUEST ROOM <a class='fancy_button_light sharebox-open' href='#' data-shareimage='Double_650x487.jpg' data-leftoffset='-310'>share</a>

{Guestroom with Double Beds}

FRANK SINATRA SUITE <a class='fancy_button_light sharebox-open' href='#' data-shareimage='suite_650x487.jpg' data-leftoffset='-310'>share</a>

{The Frank Sinatra Suite is giving major Miami style. I’m sure that must be a welcome sight at the height of the Chicago winter.}

LIZ TAYLOR SUITE <a class='fancy_button_light sharebox-open' href='#' data-shareimage='Liz-Taylor-Suite_650x487.jpg' data-leftoffset='-310'>share</a>

{The romantic Liz Taylor Suite}

What element of PUBLIC is most appealing to you?

{All Images via PUBLIC Chicago}


Anonymous said...

I stayed at Public for NeoCon last year. The Pump Room, and its cocktails, are amazing. I would definitely recommend a visit!

Alex {Things That Sparkle} said...

Next time you come to Chicago you have to go to Pump Room, its one of my favorite dinners (and brunches) in the entire city!

ashley said...

This is absolutely one of my favorite spots in the city! I got married this past September and we stayed at the Public. The photos are amazing, especially our first look by the fireplace. You MUST stay here =)

mikky said...

Such great decor. And the flowers! Love those pink roses.


Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Stunning...... looks so luxurious..... Would love to spend an evening or two there! :)

Loretta said...

I'm a Windy City Chic, the Liz Taylor suite is adorable. You truly have to visit Chicago I promise that you will love it here.

Anonymous said...

So serene. A good reminder as we move forward on our bedroom reno that uncluttered is elegant and peaceful. Are those Mouille-ish sconces available for purchase anywhere?
lovemcm in RI

Anonymous said...

I had my wedding at the Public in September and the interiors of the hotel are indeed spectacular for the neutral palette lovers like me :)

Deb said...

What a beautiful layout! You captured the hotel perfectly. It is very chic AGAIN. My family and I celebrated Christmas Eve in the Pump Room.

Enjoyed this!