Thursday, June 13, 2013

Styling Challenge: Six Bloggers, One Chic Tray

{The Port 68 Mizner Silver Tray on my Dining Table}

Five of my favorite bloggers and I recently participated in Joy and Revelry's White Box Challenge. The premise was simple-- I got to pick one of my favorite items from my shop and send it to five bloggers of my choice. They had no idea what item I would be sending when they agreed to participate, but I assured them that it would be fabulous!

 I selected the Port 68 Mizner Silver Tray. I was attracted to the Greek key handles, naturally! In addition, the silver leaf finish is beautiful. Eventhough I am typically a gold addict, the silver finish is really warm and looks super chic in any space, as you'll see here. The tray is a very substantial size, 28" W x 16" H, so it is ideal for so many purposes. Take a look at how we styled the tray and let me know which is your favorite!

{I used my tray as a centerpiece on my dining table, styling it with pewter candlesticks, my silver salt and pepper shakers, and some pretty arrangements of white hydrangeas and coral roses.}

{Erika of Small Shop Studio did a beautiful job of styling her tray-- no surprise there! I love that she went sort of monochromatic, using black and soft metallics to play up the colors of the tray. Styled this way, the tray would look fabulous on a coffee table or console. }

{I love that Arianna, of Arianna Belle, took a beautiful, but practical approach to styling her tray. She used it to keep all of her desk accessories contained. I am a firm believer in having a chic tray on one's desk. It makes a stylish statement and keeps you much more organized. Here, we see some fun Lucite accessories, fabric swatches for Arianna's gorgeous collection of custom pillows, and a stunning framed print of a Sevillana, or Spanish flamenco dancer.}

{Nancy, of Marcus Design, used her Port 68 Mizner Silver Tray on her coffee table, styling it with books, a candle, flowers, and a decorative object. I love the contrast between the round table and rectangular tray and the soft silver finish is the perfect backdrop for the vibrant hues of Nancy's books.}

{Lindsay, of The Pursuit of Style took a more unexpected approach to styling her tray. She decided to corral her not-so-neat boyfriend's toiletries and essentials that had taken over their shared bureau. The size of the tray and substantial Greek key handles keep the tray from being too feminine, so she knew it would be perfect for this purpose. I love the approach that she took!}

{Gabrielle of Savvy Home used her Port 68 Mizner Silver Tray on her coffee table. Using a tray to contain books, flowers, candles, and decorative objects keep things neat while creating a distinct focal point. The tray's handles work beautifully with the Greek key throw on Gabrielle's sofa.}

This was such a fun challenge and further cements my love of a good tray! They bring together the ideal balance of form and function and as you've seen here, they can be used in a variety of ways. For more information on the Port 68 Mizner Silver Tray, check it out in my Joy and Revelry Shop and don't forget to use the code LDV_WHITEBOX_10  to receive 10% off your purchase!


Jennifer@Marcali said...

I love this! It is so cool to see all of the different ways that each blogger chose to style the tray! They all look fab!

Tobe | BIA said...

they all look fab! no surprise there :)

Hannah said...

Would love a source for your candlesticks!

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Stephanie @ Two Zero One said...

I love Erika's tray.

Irene said...

No surprise these are all fabulous! They all have amazing style!

Unknown said...

As a interior designer, I love all the ideas that they used for this port. Good job
Mile ***

Carol maryott said...

I am torn between Erika and Nancy.

Great post! Wonderful idea!

Carolo :)

Miya @ Design Indulgences said...

Fun post. Like how your dog photobombed you. I would go with Erika or Nancy but I like the idea that Lindsey used. I think the tray would look nice right on top of a bathroom toilet if counter space isn't an option. I've blogged about that before, how you can style ready-to-use toiletries in a pretty fashion so they are within reach but doesn't look "product cluttered".

dervla @ The Curator said...

oooh love this challenge, using it to corral a partner's personal items was an exceptionally good idea. said...

They are all creative and wonderful. My favorite is Small Shop Studio. It first caught my eye on Pinterest before I read your post. Great idea.