Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Recent Design Work

It has almost been a month since I announced the launch of my interior design and consulting firm and so far, it’s been a whirlwind! I have never felt happier or more fulfilled in my career. I wake up everyday excited to get to work again. I owe a lot of this to you guys and La Dolce Vita. My career has shaped the way that it has in great deal to your support and the opportunities and experiences that I’ve had as a result of LDV. Anyhow, I thought you might like to see some of the stuff I’ve been working on. I have a couple of design projects in the beginning stages, a collaboration with Stanley Furniture in the works, and I’m consulting for my favorite boutique—A Bientot! I’ll share more about each project along the way, but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of some of the stuff I’ve been working on recently.

Paloma Contreras Design {This is a living room concept for a very chic remote client who has exquisite taste, but lives in a rental apartment which is why we avoided doing any hardwired fixtures. We are going to end up using different convex mirrors on either side of the sofa, but these do a great job of illustrating the concept. The blue cabinet is actually a vintage bar. Isn’t it fun? I always like to use at least one unexpected piece in a room. I am so obsessed with this space—I want it for myself!}

Paloma Contreras Design {This board was for another Design Concierge client who wanted to revamp her formal living room and make it into a really glamorous, feminine sitting room. I think we accomplished just that! As a blogger, it’s been slightly more challenging to pinpoint my style because I like so many things, but as a designer, I am finding that my aesthetic is more defined—tailored, rooted in tradition with a modern twist and a touch of glamour. If you are not in the Houston area, Design Concierge is a fabulous option that gives you a custom, professionally designed room that you can implement at your leisure in accordance with your timetable and budget, all for a reasonable flat fee.}


{We went a little more relaxed and eclectic for this entryway design concept for a local client. It’s colorful features pattern, color, and accomplishes exactly what an entryway should—it makes you want to step inside and see more!}

Because my clients have paid for this design work, I cannot share links to sources. If you’re interested in having me design a custom space for you, please contact me at

For more information on my Full Service Interior Design and Design Concierge services, please visit my website.


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Love this!! I am crazy about print rugs right now..brings such life to a room!