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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Awards, Awards, Awards!

Just yesterday, I received three blog awards! It is always flattering to get these, especially because they come from other bloggers. I'll admit that I don't always keep the awards going, but sometimes it's hard to find the time. If you have given me an award in the past, please know that I absolutely appreciate it. Now, my little Tater Tot (puppy) hardly allows me the time to sit at the computer. After about two minutes, he'll start chewing on something or finding some way to get into trouble, so I while I won't be able to play by the rules of each of the three awards, I thought I should at least consolidate them.

I was awarded the "One Lovely Blog" award by Frou Frou Fashionista, the "Splash" award by Julie of Shelter, and the "Keepsake Award" by Renée. Thank you so much! I kind of combined the rules of all three awards and am nominating ten blogs that frequently inspire me.

1. Pink Wallpaper always finds beautiful images and fresh, new topics to post about.

2. Scented Glossy Magazines keeps up with all of my favorite Bravo shows and never fails to make me laugh with her hilarious commentary.

3. Everything LEB is currently running a really fun "Blogger Favorites" series. Not only have these profiles been great reads, but it is a quick way to get to know your favorite bloggers a little better.

4. High-Heeled Foot in the Door's Camila has great taste which can be evidenced in the pictures she recently posted of her living room.

5. Coco + Kelley's uber-talented Cassandra is the consummate blogger and always features the most breathtaking images. She never fails to inspire!

6. Erin of Elements of Style hast the most fabulous taste and it is always on display on her beautiful blog. I love, love, love her style!

7. Franki Durbin of Life in a Venti Cup blows me away! Not only does she feature exciting content on her blog, she also updates Facebook and Twitter like nobody's business, manages to be a great wife and mother, and always looks fabulous doing it!

8. Little Green Notebook features a great design sensibility and the best DIY projects and before and after posts.

9. Lauren of Pure Style Home and her husband recently purchased a home and are in the midst of doing some incredible renovations including her kitchen which looks fantastic so far!

10. Under A Paper Moon is written by my sweet new friend, Courtney, who happens to live in Houston. Her taste is beautiful and she posts about many topics ranging from interior design to fashion to personal anecdotes.


Yoli said...

Very well deserved!!!

Yansy said...

Congratulations Paloma!! This is great news. I must say I love, love your blog. I'm new to blogging but I have been following your blog for a while and you deserve every single award you can receive. xoxo

SGM said...

Congrats and thank you, Paloma!

. said...

Yes, definitely well deserved. Congrats!!

LindsB said...

Paloma, you totally deserve these three awards and more, you are inspiring me as well as many others every day!

And thank you for listing my little old blog as one that inspires you too, you are beyond sweet!

My Galveston Cottage said...

What nice kudos you've given. I like all these, too! Superb. Love the little settee, the choc walls, the stool with color burst, the sweet DIY kitchen. cheers, -susan

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Congrats on the awards Paloma! It's always nice to know you are loved.

Thank you for the sweet words and for passing on the award to me. So sweet!

Maureen Stevens said...

fabulous list! i will certainly check out these wonderful blogs & kudos to u!

Rebecca Corvese said...

How nice that you received three awards in one week! That says something! (that everyone loves you!). Keep up the great posts!

Pink Wallpaper said...

Paloma, thanks so much for the sweet award!! i love checking out all of the interesting topics you post on as well. you have made my day!

franki durbin said...

You are so sweet! What a lovely way to be recognized! I will concede this though... my FB updates are automated from y Twitter feed. But I am indeed a twitter-holic. Guilty as charged!

Thank you so much for adding me to the glam list!

Courtney said...

Awww, Paloma, I am truly flattered to be included in this list! Thank you. And your blog is always an inspiration and filled with beautiful images as well! xo

Haven and Home said...

I love all these choices, great blogs! Congratulations on your awards!

The Upstart said...

Any future references to Tate must be accompanied by at least 2 pictures of him.

Thank you.

Jenny at LGN said...

Paloma, this was such a nice surprise to be mentioned with all these amazing bloggers! Thanks for the award. You've made my day!

Anonymous said...

love you blog! blogging my face off to make the cut some day ;)

Carey @ Corks and Caftans