Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Lindsay Cowles

La Dolce Vita is pleased to welcome talented artist, Lindsay Cowles to our roster of sponsors. Lindsay's abstract paintings draw inspiration from Lindsay's Southern heritage and her experiences living in New York and California. Lindsay is a self-taught artist, turning to oils and acrylics as her main mediums. Lindsay worked in the fashion industry in both New York and Los Angeles-- experiences which no doubt have contributed to Lindsay's mastery of color and texture.

Lindsay Cowles


According to Lindsay, her art is “inspired by raw texture, movement and colors found in nature blended with many of the similar elements recreated through interior design. The fundamental elements of my paintings are founded in the layering and texturing of each work. The composition of each painting develops as the work moves through each layer and stage, until it is complete. The phenomena of color, layered space, movement and organic simplicity are central themes of my work.”

{Fuchsia Stripe}

Lindsay’s studio is located in Richmond, Virginia, though she has sold paintings to collectors the world over and continues to ship internationally. When asked about commissioned-work and availability of her paintings, Lindsay had this to say: “I do hold a small amount of stock in my paintings, but work on a commission basis as well. If you are in my area, I am happy to come and see your space and develop a plan in person. Also, I have worked on many commissions that are not within my area—working with many private collectors in New York, DC, Dallas, Los Angeles, Richmond, Boston, Philadelphia, etc.-- by viewing images of the space and developing a plan for the painting over the phone. Should you be interested in commissioned work, please email me at or call me at 917.232.3183.”

Lindsay Cowles

{Asteroid – This may be my favorite of Lindsay’s paintings. The depth of color is amazing.}

Lindsay Cowles

{Independence – I also love this painting. The palette is at once bold, yet restrained.}

For more information and examples from Linday's portfolio, please visit Lindsay Cowles Art.


Bethany said...

i love how bold those are


Gwen Driscoll said...

Ooh, so pretty! Great color & composition. Hope you're doing well!

Vanessa Stern said...

I love her work! Small world, my co-worker is one of her best friends!!!!

Carla said...

I enjoyed reading the description of how her paintings evolve and also how her colour schemes are so varied I am with you my favourite is Asteroid.
Carla x

betina luna said...

Lovely designs! So nice to look at and see each design that they have!

Janet Saucedo @StudioBlueJewelry said...

I really love these. Such great colors.


Anonymous said...

these are beautiful!