Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dream Home: Veranda Interior

Today’s thoughtfully composed “Dream Home” comes from the fabulous Melissa of Veranda Interiors. I love the grand scale—it’s exactly as a Dream Home should be!
veranda interiors
Welcome to my dream home everyone.
I will admit that this was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be...I have big dreams and I dream a lot, so trying to get it all squished together into one short & sweet post was challenging. Since I am constantly helping people create the homes of their dreams it was fun to put the focus back on what I would want. I know it will be my turn again soon, that is the life of a builder...so until then this little day dream will do.
For the exterior and main design of the home I would love a sprawling bungalow. Where I live the land is hard to come by, so typically we are building up. For detailing the first item on my dream list is a cedar roof, something so simple that also something that can make the exterior of the home. I love how the home below blends into the landscape and that is key as well, using native materials where the home is constructed helps give it the feel that it has been there for ages.
 via backen, gillam, & kroeger
While I would modernize the lighting and furniture in this room I do find it splendid. The barrel ceiling design with beams following along, the two tone windows, & calm tones. This is definitely a space that I would be more than happy to relax in with the family.
via msn
The heart of the home, the kitchen. One detail I have longed for is a vaulted ceiling in a kitchen, similar to the one below. And since it is a 'dream' kitchen I will gladly accept those stylish open shelves flanking each side of the hood...in my dream they would always be clean and stylized perfectly.
 via backen, gillam, & kroeger
I love drama in the dining room, that is where a lot of the entertainment takes place, and this dining room is packed to the brim with it. From the vaulted ceilings, to the beams, to the massive amount of windows, this room has it all.
via coastal living
With 2 little boys a mud room is a necessity so of course my dream home had to have one. A key design element for me when designing a home is natural light, and that is why I am drawn to the room below. That skylight is ridiculous, amazing, for a mud room?!?! Yes please!
 via g.p. shafer architect
Also with boys a large bath would be fantastic and this one below is perfection. The doors leading to the shower are perfect for when they think it is a great idea to wrestle in the mud and the tiled wall, easy to clean...but in my dream home I would have cleaner, right?
 via my home ideas
Little man M. is my outdoor boy, he loves nature and elements that reflect it. I could imagine putting him to sleep every-night in a wonderful huge tee-pee, complete with the Hudson Bay blanket like the image below...
 via we heart it
W, my 5 year old would be at home in this room. He has a love for the water, boats, and an imagination that would flourish in a space like this!!
 via steve kuhl
I would love nothing more than to wake up to the sun beaming on my face everyday. While this room is not overly large is has a dramatic ceiling, sliding patio doors leading to the outside, and windows galore...to me this is pretty much perfection.
via backen, gillam, & kroeger
OK, so I might have a slight addiction to vaulted ceilings...but what about this bathroom below with the tile taken to the next level, literally? It has all of my favorite components, natural light, height, and it is just pretty.
 via alisberg parker
Now how could I not have an incredible out door room in my dream home? It all starts with the outdoor fireplace, this is something that we incorporated into our newest home and from the use it has gotten I know it is now a staple in our future ones...but how about one like this?
via backen, gillam, & kroeger
Thank you so much Paloma for including me in this series, and thank you to your readers for taking the time to explore one of my dreams as well. It has been fun and now I am itching to build again!! Mel xo


HRH The Duchess of State said...

Very dramatic dahhling! particularly enjoyed the "mud room"...

Karla said...

oh, this is a beautiful home! great taste, a rustic-spanish vibe with its own sense of glamour... loved it!

Tiffany @ Savor Home said...

LOVE Mel! She has lovely taste. I adore the dining room and the mud room. I think her real mudroom looks even better!

Mom of 2 Cuties @ Sprinkles of Joy and Laughter said...

Melissa has great style!Love the barrel ceilings and the dark framed windows. Grand but yet a sense of warmth in all the rooms.
Look forward to checking out your blog.

Dylan Drake said...

This is a beautiful house. Every photo that I scrolled to I kept saying "oh my gosh". This is amazing and a place that I would want to live in, for sure. Great post!


Hello Lover... said...

I really love how sometimes we can look at these dream homes and totally see how it goes with that particular bloggers style to a T - I love this feature!

lisaroyhandbags said...

That is one stunning dream home! yes please!

Tobe | Because It's Awesome said...

i'll be sure to make it white vino when i invite myself over to your GORGEOUS dream home! ox

Heather at Satisfying Spaces said...

I love these "Dream Home" posts.


The enchanted home said...

Gorgeous! Anything that puts me in a Napa frame of mind is a winner in my book...absolutely fabulous!

designchic said...

Love the beautiful dream home...great boys rooms and perfect mudroom!!

Haus and Home said...

Wow what incredible childrens rooms and that mudroom...everything hidden away which I love!

Gwen Driscoll said...

Love it all! Order it up! So fun. Hope you're well.

Santo Caridine said...

Melissa's dream house is very stunning from both inside and out. She has a great taste when it comes to details, from the roof up to the rooms. What struck me the most is her dream master bedroom because I want also to see the early morning sunshine from my bed.

pve design said...

Wow - love how that lady dreams it all up so easily.
Heavenly spot.

Ronald Miller said...

It’s beautiful from both inside and out! The yard is so spacious! I bet it can fit a couple of swimming pools! I like that boys’ room. I’ve never seen a room like it.

Emma Phillips said...

Whoa! That is the dreamiest home I’ve ever seen. From the roof to the beautiful interiors, that house will leave spectators with mouths hanging wide open in amazement.