Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Deep in the Heart of Texas

{The Dramatic Entry}

Texas often comes to people’s minds for many things, but it seems that when design is the topic at hand, people automatically associate Texas with French and Belgian inspired design. While those looks are lovely and they do tend to reign supreme in certain parts of my fair state, there is also a great modern design scene happening here. Take this amazing home in Austin, for example. Designed by Kimberely Renner, who also happens to be the homeowner, this formerly run-down duplex has been revived and transformed into a showcase of modern, original design.

{I love the contrast of the bright orange against the soft, grey walls. The space has a very organic, relaxed quality about it, much like Austin, the city the home is in.}

{Industrial accessories and furnishings work so well in the breakfast room. I love the Jielde lamp!}

{When Renner couldn’t find a fabric with stripes wide enough for her taste, she took matters into her own hands and created her own by piecing together strips of black and white Sunbrella fabric.}

{The glamorous brass lamp and black and white striped wingback chairs are the perfect counterpart to the chesterfield sofa.}

{The Circa Lighting chandelier lends a hint of glamour to the dining room.}

{I love the dramatic effect the series of Boston Functional Sconces gives the kitchen.}

{The master bathroom features another orange/grey combo including a custom-made vanity by Austin craftsman Frank Scaglione.}

{The designer’s sons’ room is covered in vintage maps. Naturally, this appeals to the traveler in me.}


{Image Credit: Martha Stewart Living}


Behind the Lashes said...

Sooo gorgeous! I love the maps covering the wall so perfectly.

meenal @ maison marigold said...

this is certainly not what came to my mind when i read'texas'...this is amazing...so modern with industrial touches...still retains a certain warmth...I've seen that kitchen before...what a statement those functional sconces make!! I love the custom orange vanity and how the color just softens the industrial element!! that striped winged chair is a genius idea...wht a lovely home..thanks for sharing, Paloma...hope to see you on my blog someday soon!! xx meenal

Unknown said...

I've admired so many of these rooms before and had no idea they all came from the same place! The sconces in the kitchen, black/white striped chairs and orange vanity blow me away- just gorgeous!

deborah said...

these are all from the same home? shut. the. front. door. i'm in love or lust or something. thanks for sharing. :)

ALR said...

The high gloss ceiling is really nice. This is a great space.

claudia b said...

I love the entryway with all the photos! And that custom vanity is gorgeous!

Julip Made said...

I love the gray/ orange combo in a bathroom. Also that entryway is unexpected, but stunning.
Great post!

~ Julie

Lauren@BaylorSays... said...

That orange vanity is killing me just a little bit right now. WOW, that is an amazing place and I love so many things about it (the lights in the kitchen are so so great!)...yet I always describe myself as traditional. I don't think I really am?

Unknown said...

this is not what comes to mind when thinking of Texas decor but it does when I think of Austin! It would surprise me if it were in Houston but Austin is always cool! I am copying those black and white stripe wing chairs for my next home! I must have them!

Ann Porter said...

All the photos are great but the vanity is a knock-out!

Unknown said...

I love that she took the strips of black and white fabric for the chair to make wider stripes. A great idea!

Arestia @ Hiker in Heels said...

Wow, so much inspiration! Thanks for posting!

Seminar tables said...

I love the grey interior of that one picture and then how the color elements are just dabbed here and there by the decorations. I don't think that many people use grey as the color of choice for interiors that much.

Judy said...

Love the grey/orange! I've been trying to talk my husband into the powder blue/orange for our bedroom and he just wouldn't budge. When he saw this grey/orange combo, he really liked it. Yay! Thanks for your most creative blog!