Friday, January 10, 2014

Fabulous Room Friday 01.09.14

Miles Redd has long been one of my favorite interior designers. His style is rooted in the classics infused with his own unique brand of bold gusto. He takes big risks which usually result in big payoffs and is a fan of the "more is more" philosophy. Miles applied his penchant for color and pattern to this beautiful living room in a Brooklyn townhouse. The entire house is featured in the new issue of House Beautiful and it is gorgeous. I went back and forth debating which of the rooms to feature today because they are all stunning. I decided on the living room because it makes the small space feel so grand. The beautiful wallpaper, Iksel's "Eastern Eden" sets the stage for everything else and nearly steals the show. The pale blue of the wallpaper is such a pretty backdrop for the bolder colors of the furniture and accessories-- the brown upholstery on the Lee Jofa sofa, red of the ticking stripe slipper chairs and artwork, the green of the Rose Sabu and Lee Jofa pillows-- rich colors you may not have thought to pair with the pastel hues of the wallpaper. Miles always manages to turn the volume up on everything he touches, even adding custom red shades to the Visual Comfort swing arm sconces and chandelier
I especially love this room because it is quintessentially Miles Redd and proof that his client trusted him to do what he does best bringing the vision to life. The room is in keeping with the designer's iconic style, but feels completely fresh and inspiring. What are your thoughts on the room? Do you like the "more is more" approach or do you prefer a more pared down look?
Have a wonderful weekend!
{Image by Frederic Lagrange for House Beautiful}


Heidi said...

I don't think I could make the commitment to the wallpaper, but there are plenty of other touches in the room that I love - that couch being the major one.

Thanks for sharing.

Brandyn | Southern Distinctions said...

I love that his design style takes most people out of their comfort zone and shows them a completely new aesthetic. It's proof that we all have room to imagine and grow when creating our living spaces.

Unknown said...

Wow, that is one fabulous room! I love the wallpaper!

MyFavoriteFrenchAntiques said...

When purchasing oil paintings, I love a splash of red. Love the splashes around the room!

Simply Modern Home said...

LOVE his work. He's so bold and daring...and always spot on. Gorgeous space.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paloma, I am a huge Miles fan for years but actually coming here to say thank you for your wonderful blog and Pinterest pages - I am constantly repinning from you! Discovered you via Mark D Sikes. I am a budding interior designer based in Dubai and just wanted to say thanks. Have a great year! Maura Kent

Unknown said...

Hi Maura,

Thank you for the kind words! I really appreciate your readership and support. I hope 2014 holds wonderful things for you and your career.