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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Personal Style, Defined: Bandelle


Kylie of Bandelle is one of the sweetest and kindest bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I felt an instant kinship to her when we first met and was both sad (for me) and thrilled for her when she and her husband recently decided to move to New York so that she could attend design school. I know that she will excel in her new endeavors because she takes great care in her work, whether it is her Bandelle jewelry line, her beautiful blog, or her graphic design business. Kylie has a rather discerning eye and a style that seamlessly blends dark and moody palettes with the most feminine and glamorous touches. Enjoy!

I feel lucky to call Paloma a dear friend after meeting and getting to know her over the past 18 months. She is just as lovely as you can imagine! It's truly an honor to participate in her Personal Style, Defined series but to be honest with you I found this to be a little tough. I think it's due to the fact that I don't have one clear cut style. Perhaps after I finish up my MFA degree then I'll have it all figured out. Until then, here is how I would build my dream house -- room by room...


I would say that I am attracted to two overall base colors: either fresh, clean, sophisticated white or moody, mysterious charcoal. I cannot decide between the two neutral bases so I thought I would show you a couple of inspiration photos of each room. Starting with the kitchen, the heart of the home, I could either go for the brightest white or even dark navy cabinets. But I do feel that the kitchen should be an extension of your living or dining room and that's why the farmhouse dining table in Windsor Smith's home just makes me smile! Relaxed and intimate conversation while Sunday dinner is baking right in the oven sounds like the perfect recipe.


But even if you do have a separate dining room, I love the idea of making it as cozy as possible. And that's where a banquette comes into play. How many times do you "call" the booth? Everyone I know loves sitting in them at restaurants so one day, just one day, we'll have one in our own home. (P.S. I have been dying to go to Bobo ever since we moved to New York).

styledefined_dining[1] The only must-have in the bedroom is crisp, white bedding. I'm always excited about jumping into bed after laundry day because there truly isn't anything better than the feel of clean sheets. Layers of luxurious textiles in your draperies, pillows, and upholstered pieces would be on the list too.



A clawfoot tub and chandelier in the bathroom...yes, please! Paloma actually did a wonderful post on bathrooms earlier this year, which features many of the same elements that I adore.


With the addition of wall moldings, Fiona Barratt's living room would be absolute perfection. She has the glamour-chic style down to a tee. In my opinion, she created this with a grey color scheme and many reflective surfaces, including the stunning mirrored sculpture above the traditional fireplace with chrome and silver furniture and accessories. All of these elements are grounded by the final color in the palette: black. After all, everything looks good in black!


Thanks for letting me share my inspiration with you. Perhaps you will all be able to help me to define my style!

Image Credits: House Beautiful, Vogue Living Australia, Sarah Richardson Design, Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, Stassi Design, Twig Hutchinson, New York Magazine


Mimi said...

Beautiful photos...some of which have also inspired my in the past..and a nice tribute to your friendship. Same thing happened to me twice...One friend moved to California and the other to Miami...We do keep in touch often though...great friendships never die..;) Thank goodness for technology!

###### said...

Kylie is one of the reasons I started to blog about design/decor. I am a huge fan!

vicki archer said...

There is lots of inspiration in these photographs chosen by Kylie...Another lovely interview Paloma, xv.

Averill said...

What a fun post! I love all the grays and high contrasts in the rooms Kylie selected -- just shows you that you don't need a lot of color to create drama and impact!

bandelle said...

You are all so sweet. Thank you so much for letting me share my dream rooms with you. And Paloma, I miss you!


Meg said...

Oh Kylie! I LOVE your style and the images you chose! I love this series! I'm so behind on my blog reading, but when I saw this I HAD to read about my fellow houston gals ;) xx M

Design Actually said...

Gorgeous rooms, I especially love both kitchens & the living room. I'm always a fan of black & white (& gray)!

Haven and Home said...

Oh I love Kylie's blog! I LOVE all these rooms, but I am not surprised since I love everything she puts on her blog!