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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Color Crush: Peacock Blue

peacock southern accents

{Image via Southern Accents}

Peacock Blue is the it color of the season for me. Sure, people have been using it for a while now, but it has been standing out to me so much lately. It’s funny how when you have something on your mind, you see it everywhere. I don’t think it has been overdone by any means. On the other hand, I’d love to see people use more of this gorgeous blue hue! I normally gravitate more towards warm colors than cool ones, but the depth of this color keeps it from reading too cool for me. It doesn’t hurt that it can easily act as a neutral (I know that sounds crazy!) since it pairs so beautifully with other rich shades, like in the picture above.

pecock serena Peacock Blue is so hot right now that it was even the color of choice for Serena Van der Woodsen’s office.

{The CW}peacock domino3

It pairs beautifully with muted colors…


peacock hb

or equally bold ones.

{House Beautiful}

peacock domino


suzanne kasler It works as the main focus of a room, like in this gorgeous, traditional dining room by Suzanne Kasler

peacock tory burch or in Tory Burch’s modern and whimsical Arbre de Matisse covered dining room.

{Elle September 2009 }

peacock domino2

It looks lovely in a flat finish paint…


peacock desire to inspire

{Melissa Rufty}

peacock rob southern

… and glamorous in a high gloss finish.

{Rob Southern}

peacock canadian h and h

For those who would prefer not to commit to an entire room swathed in peacock blue, it makes for a gorgeous accent color.

{Canadian House and Home}

peacock nate berkus sis

How lovely is this console in Nate Berkus’ sister Marni’s apartment? I love the deep blue against the bright pink flowers and black and white accents.

{Glamour Magazine}

painted shelves2

Painting the back of this bookshelf a rich, peacock blue adds an entire new dimension to the room.

{Canadian House and Home}


This room by Miles Redd is filled with peacock blue accents (wall color, chair, pillows, lamp shade) which add to the overall richness and glamour factor of the room.

{Miles Redd}

peacock green notebook brimfield

And if that is still too much for you, simply choosing one item in this gorgeous hue, like this antique setee, is sure to enhance the beauty of any room.

{Little Green Notebook}

peacock apt therapy2

You could paint your nightstand peacock blue…

{Apartment Therapy}

peacock massuco warner miller

or install a gorgeous chandelier in this lovely shade.

{Massuco, Warner, Miller}

peacock ruthie sommers

Pillows and drapes work, too.

{Ruthie Sommers}

thom filicia hb2

The peacock blue cashmere throw used by Thom Filica in the gorgeous bedroom he recently designed for the Designer Visions Showhouse adds an element of lightness to the grey room.

d jimenex palm3

David Jimenez chose an insanely beautiful peacock blue leather chair for this bright Palm Springs bedroom.

domino miles redd bed

This bedroom, a perennial favorite by Miles Redd wouldn’t have the same charm withouth the peacock blue gourd lamps and tables.

flair home 3

Peacock Blue looks just gorgeous in dark, moody rooms…

{Flair Home}

frank roop back bay

and in cool, airy rooms brimming with natural light.

{Frank Roop uses peacock blue in a lot of his projects.}

lindsey harper4

It’s the ideal color for a little dresser vignette whether you choose a peacock blue lamp and white dresser…

{Lindsey Coral Harper}

moises esquenazi

or a white lamp and peacock blue dresser.

{Moises Esquenazi}

steven gambrel2

It looks beautiful when mixed with similar shades of blue…

{Steven Gambrel}

outdoors eos

but stands perfectly on its own.



Sheri said...

Oh YES! I have LOVED this color for years. That is our bedding color. Your post is inspiring me to leave the bedroom with it.

Averill said...

I'm obsessed with peacock blue myself right now and many of these pictures are in my own inspiration files (and I may be snagging the rest as well). In fact, we just painted Dave's office a gorgeous peacock blue (BM's Slate Teal) and I'm loving it.

Jennifer said...

my front door is sort of peacock blue. Ralph Lauren's Cafe on the Rivieria -- love it!

escapade said...

You had me at the first photo! This is a beautiful, beautiful round up of one of my favourite colours of all!
I had my wedding just in August, and all the bridesmaids wore their choice of dress in this beautiful shade.

Hope your week's going well so far x

Anonymous said...

This is a gorgeous color. I especially like it in some of the photos that used it as an accent color with the grays, blacks, whites, or that green. Fun!

Bailey@ said...

Thanks for the post, I am currently tip toeing into the idea of painting the entire first floor of my house (it is very open floorplan) peacock blue and I am sceerrreeed, thanks for the inspiratioN!!


The psychology behind the color "Teal" is a theme of "Possessive".

We can be possessive over our family, our treasures, our shelter, our ideas.

Teal was the back drop for all my Grandmother's antiques, that we passed on through generations to me.

Unknown said...

Teri, that is quite fascinating! I am actually a Scorpio, so I may have a bit of a possessive streak. ;)

Annie said...

Paloma! You have captured one of my favorite colors -- and one that we decided to use in our very own home! This shade of blue/green has always been attractive to me and I've tried incorporating it throughout my home. But this summer we took the plunge and covered one whole wall in our front room with it! It's actually called Oatlands Shutter Green (Valspar), but reads blue in the morning light, more green in the afternoon and a deep soothing peacock blue in the evenings.
Here's what we did:

Glad to see that we're on the cutting edge!! :0)

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Gorgeous color- love peacock blue and you chose great rooms for inspiration!

Tracy Watier said...

So many beautiful examples I don't know which to comment on... but I do love that setee I've seen before at Little Green Notebook and the Miles Redd room. Peacock is big in fashion right now too it seems. I had to pass on the blue coat I really wanted because it didn't fit quite right but I'm on the lookout for another.

LindsB said...

We are totally on the same page today!! I am loving this color more and more all the time. Not only because I just painted my bookshelves this color, but I also planned a wedding inspiration after this color too- loves it!!

Great collection of photos!

Anonymous said...

Celerie Kimble mentioned peacock in her book too. I have been captivated by it as well. But on the real, lets talk about that Nanette Lapore dress Blake Lively has on! Fabulous! Its on my Nordstroms wishlist, but for $378 I am just not sold yet.

MFAMB said...

yep! big fan. i am painting my buffet farrow and ball's hague blue as we speak. well...technically i am still in the priming phase but the paint is on deck.

KatieBabie said...

GREAT GREAT post! I love that chandelier!! so beautiful!! WOW!!

amy said...

I'm with you- I LOVE this color! One of our dining room walls is peacock blue (with a bit of teal in it... if that makes sense!). It's my favorite color in my house! said...

thanks for sharing, what fresh :-)


Brittany Simmons said...

I totally agree with you on it being the IT color- and I see it everywhere. I don't think there isn't a place it wouldn't look bad! walls, furniture, rugs, accents....but i love it in a bold way- rugs or something glossy like a big piece of furniture.

alison giese Interiors said...

I think the back-of-the-bookshelf look is my favorite application.

Freckles Chick said...

Be still my heart!! I'm having palpitations from all the eye candy you just packed into this post. Whew, gotta sit down.....

I ADORE peacock blue, esp. that magnificent blue chandelier. BREATHTAKING. I just recently bought a camisole in this shade to layer w/ a grey cardigan. Perfection!

{ I just voted for you in the DC contest!! }

Kammy Kenman said...

Great Post! Love, Love this much so I am wearing it today!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

LOVE it!! One of my favorite colors and you so pulled it all together so well. Thanks for the great post!

Sophy said...

Wow - Just stumbled accross your blog and right-click-saved almost every pic in this post for my renovation-house folder! An axcellent array, now will have to convince the hubby on 'our new bold colour choice'

Thanks xxx keep up the chic work!


Fargerike Dagny said...

Fabulous post!! I completely agree with you, I'm also on a peacock blue roll these days :D

Great selection of images!!

Sarah Greenman said...

Love this post. One of my fave colors.

eve said...

Wow, what a difference a peacock blue makes! It's so bold and can really make a huge change. I think I'm gonna start with pillows, and maybe try to paint one of my bedroom walls like that. It's really a nice shade, great inspiration

Matters of Style said...

Fantastic color and fantastic post!

Haven and Home said...

Yes! I am loving this color too! It is the color of my island!

Victoria said...

I LOVE the color in the Domino pic...does anyone know of a shade that is similar (or even better the exact color) An low/no VOC brand would be great if possible.


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

great photos to illustrate the point and how many things does this color work with! I hope this color doesn't take too much. It should be a well kept secret. la

Kate said...

If you get Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, there's a gorgeous room Courtney and Randy from Bungalow Classic did for our Christmas House as photographed for the March issue. Let me know if you can't get your hands on a copy and I will send one!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to get 3 mobile file cabinets painted peacock blue for the new office. Paired with fire engine red drum pendants and the rest neutral.