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Thursday, October 15, 2009

NorCal Style: Erin Martin

In yesterday's recap of my trip to Northern California, I mentioned that I was able to visit Erin Martin's showroom in St. Helena. My friends and I were only there for a few minutes because we had to hurry to make it to our wine tasting appointment on time (priorities, people!). I snapped a couple of pictures of the showroom, which you can see here, but I was left wanting to explore Erin's style a bit more.

I loved the overall feeling of her showroom and her aesthetic in general. It isn't pretty in the traditional sense and I mean that as a compliment. Her style is provocative and a bit subversive. She often plays with scale and does so quite masterfully. There is a sense of humor in Erin's design work and I think it goes hand in hand with the scale of the objects she often uses. It is evident that she doesn't take herself too seriously as her work frequently features whimsical elements, like a playful use of lighting. I like that Erin's work feels unique and seems to embody the spirit of Napa: elegant, relaxed, and rustic in a refined way.

I love the chandelier and coffee table in this room. You'll notice that both are very large.

Fabulous Lighting

I love the idea of using wingback chairs in the dining room. Again, everything is very big. You would need a rather large living room to accommodate all of these chairs.

A Lovely Vignette

California Cool

A rustic kitchen with a few whimsical details such as the gorgeous mural work
Do you remember seeing this in House Beautiful?

Again, Erin plays with height and scale.

I love the use of banquette seating in a home. I think I dig the mural. The handwriting is rather pretty.

Who knew a barn could be so chic?

I love the muted palette used in this room.

Gorgeous Napa



LindsB said...

Beautiful lighting in every picture, and I think using all those wingback chairs in a dining room is perfection!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Erin's choice of lighting is incredible. I truly think lighting is the cherry on top of a great design cupcake! Thanks for sharing these fabulous photos.

Averill said...

Thanks for sharing. Erin's lighting choices are just so spot-on.

Trouvais said...

Hello...thank you! I've been meaning to get up to St. Helena this fall and always get thwarted. I did a post on Erin recently with lots of the HB photos, some of my very favorite torn-out pages. She usually does a much more modern take on design than the HB homes I showed, which all your great shots demonstrate. Love the articulating lamps, over bookcases and sink! Merci! Trish

alison giese Interiors said...

That bathroom with the telescopic lights! {swoon}

Pink Wallpaper said...

love......especially the bathroom w/ the reading lights coming down.

Jaime Rogers said...

Love, Love, Love...while not typically a fan of massive furniture, I think her lines being so clean and the materials so raw, it works beautifully...


Ooh, I am taking notes and making copies!

Jenna @ Mi Vida Bonita said...

Pretty much the most fabulous barn I ever did see!


Cathi said...

Fabulous photos!

Amanda said...

Very cool! I love the dining room with the wing chairs :)