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Thursday, October 22, 2009

High Point Recap No.1

{ Cassandra of coco + kelley and I attended a cocktail party at the Henredon / Maitland-Smith Showroom on our first night in High Point.}

My experience at High Point was amazing despite the fact that it was a fast and furious trip. I had the opportunity to meet so many interesting and talented people (Margaret Russell, Suzanne Kasler, Thomas O'Brien, and Alexa Hampton to name a few) and felt like a kid in a candy store with so many beautiful things to fawn over. As I planned out this post, I edited the 600 plus images I took over the course of two days down to about 100 images. However, I realized that most people probably wouldn't want to read a post with that many images, so I will be splitting my recap into three parts, so be sure to check back often. Believe me, there are more great things to come! And while we are on the topic of images, for some reason, Blogger took my large image files and made them appear minuscule, so please feel free to click on any of the images to see them in all their large glory.

Monday was our busiest day in High Point. We started our day bright and early by returning to the Henredon / Maitland Smith / Laneventure building to tour the various showrooms.

A Pretty Mirrored Screen at Henredon

Great Balance of Masculinity and Femininity

This chair was so cool in person. If you enlarge the image, you might be able to get a better feel for it. The upholstery looked like a linen that had been glazed over with a sort of metallic sheen. So hard to describe, but very pretty in person.

Trend Forecast: Menswear Details, Colors, and Patterns are here to stay.

Beautiful Showroom

Barbara Barry's Calm Space

Franki of Life in a Venti Cup, Me, Heather of Habitually Chic, and Cassandra of coco + kelley
It was so fun to meet bloggers from other parts of the country.

After lunch at Henredon, we ventured over to the IHFC building where we visited the fabulous Pearson showroom where we were given a tour by Jennifer McConnell, who has the coolest job. She travels the world searching for textiles and is also involved with styling and marketing for Pearson. We saw many modern / eclectic looks with bold colors and fun prints there.
I love this sofa. There is a great balance of masculine and feminine with the menswear-inspired fabric and nailhead trim paired with the feminine lines of the sofa.

More Bright Colors and Patterns at Pearson
A lot of the bright patterned fabrics are Sunbrella by Trina Turk.
I loved these little occasional tables.

French meets Regency

These gorgeous handwritten prints were a huge trend as well.

After Pearson, we had a little downtime, so I went to say hello to everyone at Visual Comfort.
These are some of Alexa Hampton's designs for Visual Comfort, available through Circa Lighting. Alexa told us that she designed a new series of flat lamps (on the right side of this image) so that they would fit better on consoles and buffets. So clever!

I love the new Derrick Tower Lamp! I think it is both funky and chic.
A Great New Design with a Nautical Vibe

Classic Designs by Thomas O'Brien for Visual Comfort
I have a Terri Lamp as well as the gorgeous Longacre Floor Lamp in my home.

Fabulous New Designs by Thomas O'Brien

These beautiful and versatile sconces would look gorgeous in any home.

Gorgeous Statement Piece

These sconces are amazing in person! Please be sure to enlarge this image.

After touring showrooms all day, we were treated to an ELLE DECOR cocktail party and book signing where I met Margaret Russell for the first time. She is even more beautiful in person. After the party, we had dinner at the String and Splinter Club with the top brass of Hickory Chair, all of whom are so personable and down to earth and Suzanne Kasler, Thomas O' Brien, and Alexa Hampton. It was such an amazing experience to be able to chat with such talented and accomplished designers.

Next up: Our tour of the incredible Hickory Chair showroom and more on Alexa Hampton and Suzanne Kasler.


brilliant asylum said...

It is so funny to see all of you bloggers together in one room. I bet you had a blast! It has been years since I have been to High Point, but what a great learning experience. Thanks for sharing your photos and trip.

beachbungalow8 said...

those Alexa Hampton designed sconces are stunning - As are those two chairs in the Patterson and Pearson showroom.
I've found that if you save the photos is a high res, go into your html and actually change the size of the photo, manually, it works.


Real life mutual bloggers and ...
Margaret Russell too!

Glad to see everyone ambitious about business as well.

And yes, those round sconces could live happily at my house.

Averill said...

Looks like you had such a fun time! I particularly love all the gorgeous lighting (I see my Kate lamp!)...the derrick lamp is great. I've been trying to convince my husband we need a pair because we both work in the energy industry but for some reason he thinks they're cheesy (of course he's wrong but boys are weird sometimes about design).

LindsB said...

Looks like such an incredible tour! And you look stunning next to Margaret in the last photo- love it!

###### said...

what state was this in?

Creategirl said...

so glad someone is creating "flat bases" for consoles and smaller end tables. FABULOUS!

alison giese Interiors said...

Looks like an amazing time - I could eat up just about all the showrooms with a spoon!
I also think it is very telling that such fab bloggers like yourself were invited - designers realize what kind of audience and influence you guys have - bringing design to the mass, and that's fantastic!

Shop Design Spark* said...

I love all these photos from High Point. Im so jealous, wish I was able to attend the show this year!

Great post Paloma

Yahnay said...
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Yahnay said...

Thanks so much for showing these pics! Its nice to be able to take a sneak peak. I live in Australia so I dont have access to shows like this (that I know of anyway.

Courtney said...

Oh, Paloma, how exciting! Looking through your whole recap, it looks like you had a truly amazing and unique experience at High Point!! I've only been to High Point once, a number of years ago, but I've been dying to go again ever since-- seeing all your photos only makes me want to get there even more. So many incredibly beautiful pieces to see! Glad you had such a wonderful trip. xo