Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dissecting the Details: Brian Gluckstein

Hello lovely LDV readers! It's Nancy of Marcus Design, here again with another installment of 'Dissecting the Details.' Today we are looking at the unique use of library bookcases in Toronto-based designer Brian Gluckstein's fabulous spaces.

I adore the fact that he places over-the-top book displays in places you may not think to; the dining room, entryway, or even the bathroom! It's adds an incredible layer of texture and interest that I think only books can bring to a space. Here are 4 key elements in Brian's bookshelf designs.

I love the drama of a curved wall ... and that bathroom, seriously a dream space.

Bookshelves symmetrically flanking a sofa, fireplace, or a tub, is pleasing to the eye.

Take it to the top. I love that Brian removed the ceiling in this space so that books could be seen above!

There's nothing more charming and chic than a legit library ladder. On my wishlist for sure.

Have you noticed designs incoporating bookshelves in unique placements?


Safiya Jamila said...

The bookshelves near the bathtub is such a unique and fun idea! Love it.

Elizabeth // The Now said...

The curved bookshelves make such an impact. Ugh my dream is to have one of those ladders in our "library". One day.... xoxo

Anonymous said...

The two story library has to be the best ever!

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Fantastic images! Great ideas. Especially if the walls in the room are really just a box!

Sandra Carson said...

Really this bathroom looks like an dream looks so rich..:)

Hanna said...

The photograph of the two-storey library with ladder is hilarious.
There is enough books for maybe one shelving unit - the financial resources obviously stronger than intellectual pursuit....
Is in US?