Monday, March 4, 2013

Designer Profile: Thomas Urquijo

thomas urquijo

There is a special breed of eclectic elegance that European decorators and designers seem to have mastered. Spanish designers, specifically those based in Madrid such as Pablo Paniagua, Luis Bustamante, Lorenzo Castillo, and Thomas Urquijo whose work is profiled in this post, are especially gifted at achieving this style. Perhaps it stems from their rich heritage and the proximity to top-notch antiques dealers and one-of-a-kind finds. They design spaces that are filled with magnificent antiques juxtaposed with modern furnishings and abstract art. Each piece seems to tell a story, setting the stage for the characters that surely live in such divine homes. The look is thoughtful and deliberate, yet each space resonates with an effortless nature. These are layered spaces filled with eclectic pieces, bold patterns, rich colors, and art from a cross-section of periods, all composed with brilliant panache. Thomas Urquijo’s work is a beautiful blend of classic pieces composed with modern verve. The rooms he designs are a bit more modern and streamlined than that of his contemporaries in the Spanish design scene, but they are no less dramatic. Each space is comprised of memorable moments with a feeling of luxury throughout.

thomas urquijo23

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thomas urquijo living

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{Image Source: Thomas Urquijo Arquitectura Interior}

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Beth Pearlman said...

Wow, these images are fantastic! I love the simply fabulous piece of abstract art in the 2nd image. The set of screens are really cool on either side of the sofa in that image as well. Wouldn't think to ever hang something like the cool metal/iron twisted piece over the fireplace but it looks really fabulous. Thanks for sharing!