Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Style Files: Cortney Novogratz


{The Beautiful and Talented, Cortney Novogratz}

I am honored to debut the newest La Dolce Vita series, “The Style Files” with  a person as talented and gracious as Cortney Novogratz of SIXX Design and the Bravo Reality Show, 9 by Design. The new series will profile inspiring and enterprising people within the style industries. Cortney was the perfect person to kick things off as she embodies so many of the qualities that the series is all about.

Cortney and her husband, Robert are true visionaries. They can take the most run-down building and turn it into something magnificent. I admire them both so much for their fearlessness and ability to “pull the trigger” on even the most daunting projects.They have an innate ability to see the beauty in even things and places most people would disregard. Over the past decade, Cortney and Robert have built a flourishing design career in Manhattan and their family has grown to include seven beautiful children. Cortney and Robert released their first book, Downtown Chic last year. It is a wonderful tome filled with invaluable information and inspiring images for anyone who loves design.

image {The Novogratz Family}



Name: Cortney Novogratz

Occupation: Designer

Hometown: Columbus, Georgia

Current City: New York, New York

 image {A Space Designed by Cortney}


LDV: How did you go about beginning your career in design?

CN: I jumped feet first into it.

LDV: What do you love most about it? What is the most challenging aspect?

CN: I love that it is always changing, but it’s tough to keep being fresh.

LDV: Where do you find inspiration?

CN: Urban cities

LDV: Who are some of your personal style icons?

CN: Ralph Lauren, Prouve, Frank Gehry, and Billy Idol

LDV: How would you describe your style?

CN: Vintage / Modern

LDV: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

CN: Don’t take yourself too seriously!

LDV: What is your principal weakness?

CN: I love to eat!

LDV: What is your idea of living “la dolce vita”?

CN: Being healthy, happy, and counting your blessings everyday.



image {Flowers from Saipua}


Bloom: Fresh Cut Flowers

Food: Sushi

Drink: Water


image {Cortney and Her Family on Vacation in Brazil}


Thing to Wear: Vintage

Destination: Brazil


image {Autumn in New York}

Season: Fall

Musician: Nancy Griffith


image {A Piece by Ann Carrington in Cortney’s Former Home}


Artist: Ann Carrington

Film: Betty Blue


image {The Novogratz family stars in their own reality show, 9 by Design which airs Tuesday nights on Bravo at 9:00 pm CST.}


Television Show: 9 by Design

Book: The Fountainhead

image {Cortney’s Favorite Magazine}


Magazines: Vogue

Blogs: La Dolce Vita

Personality Trait: Happy

Texture: Silky


image{Floral patterns abound in this room designed by Cortney!}


Fabric or Pattern: Floral

Color: Yellow

Scent: Fresh Air

Meal: Take out, so I don’t have to cook!

Quote: “People think The Beatles know what’s going on. We don’t. We’re just doing it.” – John Lennon


Kathysue said...

OMG you interviewed Courtney, that is amazing. Love the show and I love their carefree attitude yet you can tell she is always at the head of the helm so to speak. This was great and she has a fan in me, that is for sure. Kathysue

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Great post and interview, such style this lady has, I swear! Looking forward to more of this series...

Kiki said...

Paloma, this was an awesome interview and great series debut! I am sure there will be much more great stuff to come...I love the show - it's quite interesting and never disappoints...

Can't wait for the next "Style Files" said...

I love this - it is so Proust and I love seeing what people's favorite books, artists, etc are -- I always find out about great new things that way! Cortney is so fun to watch and I love that she's a southern girl just like us

Ludmila {} said...

Great article, Paloma! Very good job! Cortney is definitely a woman who is worth admiration and a great example to follow! xo

Laura Trevey said...

A wonderful series, and what a wonderful post!! I love the natural shots of Cortney's family ~~

escapade said...

Congrats Paloma + Cortney thanks so much for a fantastic interview! Always so inspired by your fresh style
(yours too Paloma ;) )

katiedid said...

HUGE Fan! Love their lifestyle. They are probably the only reality TV family/people who I can truly admire.

Carpe Diem said...

I DVR 9 by Design every Tuesday, and I watch it at least twice because I never know if I missed an inspiring design detail. So here's what I love the most about Courtney and the entire design family...the thing that makes them great innovators, a fantastic family, and inspiring philanthropists is that they are propelled by one prominent factor: LOVE. Their simple but true LOVE for each other, their design, and their fellow man, I believe, is where all their greatness stems from.

Bailey@ peppermintbliss said...

I just love this family in all of their rambunctious glory. Although Cortney's cool cucumberness does make me feel bad for how easily frazzled I get! Maybe if I had 7 children I would chill out...haha love this series! Can't wait to see who is next!

Pink Frenchie said...

Thanks for sharing this fabulous interview. Cortney is a class act---and I was just blogging about their wonderful show earlier this week!

The Girl and the Cupcake said...

What an amazing interview! Thanks for sharing!

The Iconic said...

She is so talented and I love the show! Thanks for sharing.x

Averill said...

What a great way to kick off your new series, Paloma! I've been loving 9 by Design -- it's my favorite new show -- and your profile was a great way to learn a little bit more about Cortney.

Mimi said...

Great post! I have always admired SIXX Design and I'm lovin' their show.
Every time I drive by their building I get so excited. Their family is such an inspiration. I don't how in the world they do it all, but they are the most fascinating family i think. Thanks for the low down.

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Cool that Cortney calls Brazil her favorite destination, I'll have to offer our home to her the next time they're down!

Paige said...

I enjoy Cortney so much on 9 by Design. She seems so authentic and real. The way she approaches motherhood is refreshing and the way she and Robert joke around is so funny. You can tell they have a great relationship. I hope they get a second season.

Thanks for sharing, Paloma!

paula said...

love this. she is quite fabulous.

Marija said...

Hip is one thing but to be down to earth and smart, too? I'm a fan.

Haven and Home said...

Love this new series and what a way to start! I love Cortney and the show. They amaze me!

Chateau 809 said...

Great interview- thanks for sharing!

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

Loving the series already! Can't wait to hear everyone's answers!

Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

Great interview and just love that show. Looking forward to more interviews.

LiveLikeYou said...

Great post!! Just caught the show Tuesday and she is talented, beautiful and graceful. Love the John Lennon quote!!

Cupcake Interiors said...

I love this!!! I'm so excited you were able to speak to her, she is fabulous. I can't wait for the remainder of this series!

Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments, everyone. Isn't Cortney an inspiration?

I am so glad to hear that you like the new series. We have lots of amazing guests lined up!

Theresa said...

Thank you for such a smart post about Cortney and Six Design. At first glance I was sceptical about this new Reality Show however, being a design fan I had to watch and see what it was about.
It's hard enough to be creative and pull off innovative design but, they do it while juggling 7 kids and actually make it look deceptively easy. Their love of family and design is the key. They are a true inspiration that just goes to show "if you love what you do" the success will follow.
Kudos for such a great post about Cortney my new hero!

Karisha Solomon said...

Thanks for the post. It makes me miss NY.
Karisha Solomon

The Zhush said...

I adore this lady...a style visionary and a super star mom! She inspires me!

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

i can't believe you got to interview cortney! congratulations on an amazing feature — what a fantastic way to start your new series!

Iman said...

I love watching this show! What an amazing family. She inspires me every time I watch the show. Great interview can't wait to see who's next.

Hello Lover... said...

This is awesome! I adore her and her whole family (both in the design aspect and their whole attitude/way of life). The show is awesome - loved learning a little more about her - thanks!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

Wow. What a fun series and blog!
I just love this gal. She is real and authentic...and incredibly talented. Such an inspiration!