Tuesday, May 4, 2010

10 Things I Can’t Live Without: April of Kaars Koker

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The super-talented April Pride Allison, interior designer and founder of KaarsKoker (a line of fabulous candle sleeve covers) will be sharing her “10 Things” list with us today. She was very diligent and sent her list to me a while ago since she just recently had welcomed her second son into the world. I love that her list is composed of guilty pleasures and things that make life a little more manageable. After all, that is what living la dolce vita is all about!

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As I write this, I am 4 short weeks from welcoming my second child- another son- to our crazy life. This has me hyper aware of the imminent loss of all the guilty pleasures I lost and regained since the birth of my first son, James, 3 years ago. So this list is really all about me- meaning we should all assume the importance of family, friends, ice cream and laptop in my personal and professional life, which are very much blurred.


1) Kombucha is the true nectar of the gods. This tea created by a fermented mushroom is known for its liver detoxification qualities. Out here in Seattle, many people make their own rather than spend $3+ a bottle. I think the raw taste is ‘challenging’ so I go for the CK’s Citrus-flavored PREMADE. I have not been able to drink Kombucha during pregnancy and I can tell a difference in my skin, energy, etc. Yes, I miss champagne and loads of coffee but I REALLY miss (the results of) my daily Kombucha fix.

2. my kitchen blue[1]

2) The color blue. I live in the land of taupe, mushroom, squirrel and olive. My house could be mistaken for an underwater cave compared to the Seattle palette starting with the blue front door (Ralph Lauren Polo Blue in stain). My kitchen cabinets and library built-in is Benjamin Moore Narragansett Green (paints out a dirty teal). In my living room, I have a teal sofa and in the kitchen a camelback sofa upholstered in navy leather. Turns out in a house of boys, a girl with a thing for blue works.


3) Hip hop (1993-present). If you’ve seen the movie The Wackness, the soundtrack (most of it) chronicles my first memories of hip hop (Notorious B.I.G., Tribe Called Quest – or simply Tribe) with the addition of Dr. Dre’s The Chronic (college tour 1993). Then I moved into Jay-Z (my son is not a fan) and I totally admit I now listen to Top 40, which is not as meaty but has its place. At nearly 34, I don’t see this guilty pleasure going anywhere even if I have to find time to listen out of the range of small ears.

4. celeb rehab[1] 

4) Addiction TV. My husbands jokes that I am addicted to addiction. It started with Intervention years ago and my current time suck is Celebrity Rehab.

5. beauty products[1]

5) Skin products. This is my true addiction when in reality I should probably just drink more water. I love the brief moment when I buy a new lotion, serum or mask and I can virtually feel myself looking 26 again. I joke that this is the Year of the Needle but when the baby comes I can start back on topical Vitamin A so maybe I can delay another year. Did you see my skin get better for a second just at the thought of it?!?!?

6. apa SV[1]

6) Ketchum ID. This is being geographically precise as most folks know the area as Sun Valley. When at home in Seattle, I am not a weekend warrior always choosing to stay in the city but when we are in Ketchum it is all about hiking, (car) camping, skiing and the apres lifestyle. I feel most relaxed here.

7) Stumptown coffee is not my neighborhood and taking the time to drive, find parking and wait in line is what makes this a guilty pleasure although it is on the long way to my studio. Originally from Portland, OR, Stumptown opened its first Seattle locations less than 2 years ago and has moved into NYC most recently.

8. google maps[1]

8) Google map application on iphone. I hate being late and I can plan my route before I leave the house. When I am in a new city I can check public transit routes or the best walking options. Would have solved many of Clark Griswald’s traveling mishaps…

9. sleep mask[1]

9) The DREAMessentials sleep mask. This is my security blanket and I am not afraid to wear it on an airplane.

10. women entrepreneurs[1]

10) My network of other small business owners. I have somehow stumbled into a group of women who all own their own deal: day spa, online clothing boutique, bars/restaurants, clothing designer, jewelry designer, make-up manufacturer. As an entrepreneur who works alone, the challenges of managing your own IT, taxes, marketing and schlepping among many other very unglamorous tasks can be isolating and overwhelming. It just takes one phone call to any of these ladies to be reminded of the others while in various stages of business development are all passionately committed. Many of us like to joke, “What have we started?”


Mariska Meijers said...

What A clever idea. April's product drew my attantion also because of its name which is Dutch!

Bailey@ peppermintbliss said...

Her list is HILLARIOUS and so honest, I love it. I remember hearing Tina Fey talking about Kambucha on David Letterman one night, if you havent seen it, see if it is on YouTube because like most things TinaFey, its awesome

Haven and Home said...

This is the best list! Hilarious but I really loved the last one because I know exactly how you feel.

The Girl and the Cupcake said...

She sounds hilarious. I'll be adding to my Reader. :)

Dagny @ Scandinavian Chic said...

LOVE this list!! Couldn't have written it better myself ;)

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

Nothing better that google maps on iphone, best application! Great list!

Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

Such a fun list. Particularly love the photo of Charlie's Angels and the idea of having a network to inspire you.


Anonymous said...

Love this list! And now I'm dying to try Kambucha ...