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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lust List: July 2013

This month is all about accessories and wishful thinking.  Summer has really kicked into high gear here in Houston and it is H-O-T. Sure, it is to be expected, but it seems like every summer is hotter than the last. Summer really seems to lose a lot of its charm once you’re a working adult! I keep daydreaming about cooler destinations and fall clothes. September can’t get here soon enough! In the meantime, I am loving chambray shirts in new washes, sleek shoes, chic bags, and statement-making jewelry. Shocking right? Are you anxiously awaiting fall or are you relishing every minute of summer?
 image image
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Do any of these items make your “lust list”?


Danielle {Envision Pretty} said...

The minute I saw that Cwonder clutch I died! DEFINITELY on my lust list as well!


Squeak said...

Fall has always been my favourite time of year. I must admit that I dislike summer. Even though I live in a much more temperate climate, I still find it too hot. And with a full-time job plus two houses and gardens (mine and my elderly mother's) to maintain, I have no time for myself and am constantly exhausted. I can hardly wait for fall. At least I won't have all the yard work to do in the fall.

Anonymous said...

I love that blue and black shoe! it's like the perfect melding of my two favorite styles- classic peep toe pumps with a bow, and super minimalist strappy sandals.